The answer is you. In your schools, on your TV, on the news, in your paper, on your radio stations. Large corporations, whose c*cks are sucked by political parties seeking their funding for their campaigns, only to manipulate laws and minds of their sheep to gain these corporations more money, to give to the government to pay for nuclear explosives and other weapons of annihilation. For Oil. It's our destiney, as blood is to a mosquito, as flesh is to a disease, as we are to the earth.


My Beautiful. Understand the world in which you live is the human mind come manifest. We are nothing but the imagination of ourselves. weve been taught to use religion as the answer, to hide you from the unbearable truth. Truth that no government would want you to posess, truth that would see their sheep jump the fence of viscious televisions and chocolate bars.


~Jesus died for our sins. SO unless we sin, he died for nothing!

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Review: WWE WrestleMania 21 - Waste of money

Apr 24, 2005

If i go into details you will throw up. Especially if you planned on buying this. If you did buy it why did you can so much money? Why haven't i sent bad feedback to studio gigante? Why haven't you? Damn them bastards for ruining such a high...

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