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Jul 18, 07 10:22pm
want want want GranTurismo5
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  • "Was a huge relief to finally finish this game. Those last two 24 hour events are, as you would expect, a real grind. GranTurismo5"
    overthetop2 Jun 17, 13 10:49pm
  • "Stunning looking premium cars, and brilliant looking tracks. Loads to do, and challenging in places. Really fantastic game. GranTurismo5"
    Hurricarno Aug 20, 11 10:25am
  • "Its addictive!!!!!! GranTurismo5"
    Geeseventy6 Jun 12, 11 12:59am
  • "Collecor's and Signature edition GranTurismo5"
    solidfranz Nov 27, 10 12:01pm
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