Character I relate to or really connect with~
Shirley from Code geass. The way she loves Lulouch. The sadness that she hs to feel. The way her story ends. The way Lelouch was to her. What he did to her... For her.
Kaede from Shuffle!The way she is so in love with Rin. The way she would do anything for him. The way her story ends. How messed up she is... How weak she is under her smile.
Tohru from fruits basket. The way Tohru acts and talks. Her personilty. How she will stay by Kyos side. The way she looks.
Mikuru from SOSB. The way she loves Kyon but can't be with him. Her personilty. the way she acts. A bit of what she looks like. The way Kyon feels for her.
I can relate to those characters... And their stories.

I seem to connect with orange haired airhead girlish cute characters best.

These are some videos that are important to me.

This video is from Code geass. This video is a big spoiler so I suggest you don't watch if your into Code geass.
Another of Shirley and Lelouch once again a spoiler.
Kaede from Shuffle and Rin. A sad but true video. Spoilers!
A video of Mikuru with the song a story of a girl. I just love Mikuru!
Another Mikuru video. This time with the song my happy ending. A more melancholy video. But I also have a connection with this video and this type of mikuru.
A voice video of mikuru from english and jap.
Voice video of Asakura.
A cute scene with Mikuru and Kyon.
This is chapter 120 of vol 21 in fruits basket. BIG spoilers. But on of my fav chapters of all time. Or at least the last 5 min of this video.
This video is so important to me... I found it a bit less than a year ago. I fell in love with this video. Danced to it at my neo wedding... And my husband would play it for me when I was feeling down. It has so much meaning to me. It also of tohru and Kyo.

The inner me. The me I wish to be...
Is storng. Brave. Outgoing. Able to get mad in a possitive way. Able to stand by her self. Doesn't fake a smile... Will so anything for those she cares about. Doesn't lie and wishes to never wrong. Able to look past what has happened and look forward. Is able to believe hope and dream. Never forgets. Doesn't blame anyone not evern her self. Is able to let go... Is able to let people in.

The me I am...
Shy and queit, almost never noticed. Weird and odd... Selfish and self centered. No confadense. Social awkward. Always stuck in the past. Always in haze... Can't ever remember. Blames her self or others. Never letting go... Dreaming of our snow... Breaking her bonds with those she wants to be close to. Never letting them touch her heart. Leaving her heart untouched.

I once let the me I wish to be free... I let people get to close... And not only did it caused pain for myself but for all of my dear friends as well. So for now I'm trying to go back to being my awful old self. I'm locking the me I found because of him and my many friends away and going back to the way I use to be. Once upon last spring... before I meant him.


I never want to hurt anyone ever again...
I should have never let anyone get close... Because when I do I cause nothing but pain to those I care about.
Sorry would never be enough and forgiveness is something I don't deserve.
All I ask is that you have a happy ending after all the pain.

" Life sucks then you die... Yeah I should be as lucky."~Jacob Breaking dawn

I'm a huge fan of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya~
SOSB Quotes~
Feelings of love are just a temporary lapse in judgement. Like a kind of mental illness. - Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi's incomprehensible words settled the matter. Oh, joy. Just do whatever you want. - Kyon
The pony tail you had back whenever was so good it was criminal. - Kyon
After all, the fate of the world rests on my pitching. The world sure isn't worth much these days. - Kyon
When you put it that way I can't say I don't get the feeling it doesn't or does it. But you can't say it wouldn't be difficult to assert that claim. Well then. How many negatives did I just string together? - Kyon
Leaving various mysteries and inconsistancies completely unaddressed the story has finally reached the midway point. Wait. It's only half over? - Kyon
This feels like extortion. - Kyon
Kyon: Do I have to live in this grey world all alone with Haruhi?
Koizumi: Adam and Eve. If you reproduce enough, it'll work out?
Kyon: I'll smack you. - Kyon and Koizumi
What is this? Where are we? Why did you bring me here? Why are you l-locking the door? What are you... - Asahina Mikuru
I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers, sliders, or espers here, come join me. That is all. - Suzumiya Haruhi
(Mikuru faints)
Kyon: (Narrating) Normally, one would call an ambulance or ask for help from one of the nearby residents, but this particular boy decided to carry the unconscious innocent girl and where the hell are you taking her, bastard? - Kyon*One of my personal fav
Kyon: (In his mind) Attention everyone. The name of this fledging club has just been decided.
Haruhi: SOS Brigade!
Kyon: (In his mind) The save the world by overloading it with fun Haruhi Suzumiya's Brigade. Or SOS Brigade for short. Feel free to laugh. - Kyon and Haruhi
That's classified - Asahina Mikuru
Sometimes I get the feeling that we're all just a bunch of clowns standing on our tiptoes at the edge of a great abyss. - Koizumi Itsuki

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