Raikou376- he probably got me to join neo in the first place. Hes a good friend and is funny to.

Darth TJ- one of my best friends on neo. we met through ACWW and have been friends ever since.

GloriousTearz- almost the exact same as me in every way. It can be kinda creepy how much were alike...

Insane people:

Head_Cannon- Hes a total *bleep* and thinks hes all great and old but hes most likely 9

Wow, Im not updating this, but really, like 4 years old O.O



Well heres a list.

Sum 41, Weird Al, AAR, linkin park, The Clash(the clash are amazingly awesome)

Sports: soccer, swim team, running

Games: Guitar Hero 2, Metroid fusion, All Pokemon games, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, wii sports, Castelvania PoR, EBA, SSBM, Soul Caliber 2, Wario Ware Touched, Mph, super paper mario, wario ware smooth moves, super monkey ball bannana blitz, sonic3, sonic and knuckles, sonic heros, sonic battle 2, CoD3, Pikmin 2

Other: Being Random, Having fun, Eating, Talking on the phone

My FC for ACWW is 545546505396
and i dont remember my pokemon diamond fc
And thats all i can think of right now.

(All of this is really outdated, like a few years)
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