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Feb 2, 09 5:07am

During the week day,I wake up around 6 and 6:30 A.M take my puppy out and get ready for school, I get home do my homework and any chores. Mondays after school is my flute lesson. Tuesday is either Tae Kwin Do or 4-H shooting meeting. Wendesdays are shotgun practices. Thursday is 4-H dogs. Friday is actually Nothing wow Yea!! Saturday is Tae Kwon Do or a dog show. Sunday is my church club meeting sometimes. Then the cycle starts all over AGAIN!

In school I take Accelerated Algebra. I could probably be moved up a grade in every other class. In reading I have to write a 1000 word essay on a book. In English I have to write a 400-1000 word research paper. 4th hour is Math Bowl. 5th hour is completely boring I either sleep or work ahead.I used to text before we got a student teacher.I'm also in the Spelling Bee so many words, look so hard!

GO Cardnials! ( I think Steelers are going to win though *_*)

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