im currently auctioning Chief and Colton! I would love for them both to go to permanent homes :) I will also be auctioning t

Julian is moving and I would love to auction him to a good home! Please keep in mind I'm also auctioning him on Instagra

Hello! I'm looking for cat villagers to complete my Cat-Town. I'm looking for: Kabuki••• Tangy***

Ill be auctioning Bianca the rare white peppy tiger here! If you happen to have Rudy, or Rosie ill consider a trade with you

hey guys :) Nana is moving out in 4 days and I would love for her to go to a good home :) BUYOUT PRICE: 25 million bells

Im looking for stitches!! willing to trade: Nana Ruby Daisy Roscoe Celia Victoria Agnes Wolfgang Joey Chadder -

Im auctioning Static and Cheri I have already started the bidding on other sites and networks so the current highest bids are

Hello would anyone want Canberra? she is in boxes today. :mario::luigi:

Hello everybody! I just purchased a second copy of animal crossing new leaf and I plan to use it for cycling until I get all

I have been setting up trades and auctions lately for my villagers and I just wanted to know how much exactly are my villager

Up for auctioning right now are: the totally cute and lazy: Papi the horse, the lovable cranky favourite: Wolfgang the w

Please help my find my dreamies! I will pay or trade. Price varies on villager. DREAMIES PLUS THEIR MAXIMUM PRICE RANGE:

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