Hi! im Angel_tamer my real name is Sean, im 15 and im from Brooklyn Ny
~I love RPG and action games, my favorite RPG's are Final fantasy
Digimon,Disgea:Hour of darkness and Parasite Eve1+2
~The action games i like are Resident Evil, i played almost all of them and beat most of them and i love them ^^
~I play Final Fantasy XI
and i play Star Wars Glaxies


~I like video games,Digimon Season1
will remain my Favorite Anime Ever!
~I like RPG and action games, my favs are digimon,resident evil(all),and parasite eve1+2,
final fantasty (8,9,11)are also my favorites
~I love final fantasy a lot, I also play on Neopets
selphie and yuffie are my favorite character's and KOSMOS rules


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Review: Final Fantasy XI - Final Fantasy XI

Aug 12, 2004

Leveling up a character's job class is as simple as stepping outside a city or town's boundaries and engaging an enemy in combat. Early on, it is best for players to engage in solo combat to maximize the amount of experience they get. As time...

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