I just wanted to say thank you so much Nii-nii ^^ Thank you for everything. For being there for me and giving me a reason to be on this site and to keep moving forward. I'm just so grateful to have you. I will try to come on more for you. ^^ Because I enjoy talking to you. You're a very important person to me and I don't want you to go away or forget that. Maybe I'll loose alot of people or friends just if I loose you, it's game over for me. I mean.. You're my Onii-san. And never forget that. You're one of the most important people for me. Just never forget it, promise? ^^

-Sam <3
Onii-sama... Do you even remeber me? You haven't even said a word to me... what's up? TT^TT
I love you onii-sama! I'll never leave u!!!(as friends or family) *hugs* I wish you much joy in ur life!!! Let's PM more! You can tell me anything and I'll help you as much as I can ;D
just stopped by to say your a really good friend,
keep on bieng cool,awesome,and a great guy,
well peace out ,
thanks for bieng a good friend