It's summer... but nothing is happening. Ever. ._.
Why am I still able to breath....
Hard to hide so much from the people that tug at it...
No ones really on these days anymore... wonder where people went..
no idea what i just did..
i love how i can play online and get more appretiation from people who don't know me

I recommend that no one asks about this video... i got bored on youtube

okay, so, out of my 45 friends.... only 11 of them aren't on my nerves.
"And so the hound weaves this final story in this tale of life"
is it really so weird i'm sitting at home alone on the night of homecoming?
"A man whose gaze bends ever back cannot hope to find his way forward"
if you have something you wanna say to me, say it to my face. done with all the cowards
-.- ....... i hate it when i download something and it decides to screw with my internet browser
so, apperantly i'm supposed to be offended about the fact that she deleted me
well, the fact that a friend just pretty much PROVED i'm a worthless piece of crap helps so much...
no idea, but i feel angry enough to just cry.
and i'm a freaking moron. way to go me! *smashes face into desk*
if someone actually replies YES to the forum message, i'm gonna go AWAL
i'm gonna start listening to people. should have in the first place

one of my friends put me in her blog post, and when i read it, i kinda realized i may not tell all my friends what i think of them. so i decided why not do it now? why not put what i'm thankful for? at least the people i've talked to a bunch.

Angel of Death: despite the ass you can be on multiple occasions, nice conversations are also brought up, and also the countless help on video games

aylia: for being there for me like any good friend would.

DracoM4dawin: for helping me get back on my feet and being someone easy to talk to, to relate to.

Cerulean: for being there for me, no matter how freaking crazy i can be. always there to talk (most of the time) and to help with certain guidance. a true older sister figure.

Sam96 and Harpie Lady: for being the craziest and spazziest little sisters anyone could wish for. your craziness makes my day.

Scarlet of Evil: well, what can i say- we argue, we don't get along much, but, despite all that, your still a good friend of mine, no matter how much it may not seem

Evolution: for being there when me and Harpie Lady needed you the most with the hacker, and most importantly, being someone to have good conversation with. despite how little we have really talked


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