Ha-Ha! I win. Nah I'm just playin'. You still kinda rock! Even Though I still pwn all of everyone.
I'm signing your gb now, OK? Ya Happy?? lol have fun at neo, I haven't seen you around before. and Dill Pickle (all bow to the Dill!) is really good, so you can just keep your feeling to yourself!

ha! c ya around

***This has been another pointless ramblings post by cucumber.***
I don't want to suck I saw the link on your sig
so I dicided to sing your gest book and imortals MKW team rules

you lie... i dont suck... i lick! XD
well... i just signed cuz your sig told me to... see ya. seriously though... youre saying everyone sucks if they dont sign your guestbook... why does it matter?
I have no stamp...but you can have dancing ninjas!