Dragon Quest 9 (working on alchemiracles & legacy bosses),Dragon Quest VI ds, Castle Crashers, Dungeon Defenders, Red Dead Redemption
Dragon Quest 9 (working on alchemiracles & legacy bosses), NBA 2K11 trophy completion, NBA JAM:OFE, Sacred 2, Super Stardust HD :D
I got a cheese helm. Weird? Fate PC
Dragon Quest Quest IX, Dragon Quest VI, Planet Mini Golf, NBA ( 2k11 ranked matches)
This and Chrono Trigger has the best graphics. music and were the most fun RPGs the SNES had to offer that made it to North America IMO. FinalFantasy6 PSX
The marriage of Square and Enix, if you really think about it. ChronoTrigger Wii
On of the best games of the PSone era, and of the series as a whole. They need to make a sequel for a platform console. 4.5/5 stars. FinalFantasyTactics PSX
Working on a file for Excalibur II FinalFantasy9 PS3
Wish it was a little more open like other tactics games. Otherwise just ok TheLordOfTheRingsTactics PSP
Good graphics, made by Level 5, not so original game play on the other hand. 3/5 stars. JeanneDArc PSP
Fun racing game for the price. Not a lot of variety but fun. SuperstarsV8Racing PC
Pretty fun shooter. Worth the price. Section8Prejudice PC
3 Well deserved Gold Trophies here. Otherwise a very simple game. FroggerReturns PS3
What in the world did they do to Final Fantasy!??? FinalFantasyXIII X360
Like the first stage of EVO to some degree. Fun game for kids to play FeedingFrenzy2ShipwreckShowdown PC
Picked this up cheap and while I am a fan of the Mana series, this is just ok... ChildrenOfMana DS
All 3 Zenithian games on DS are worth owning if you are a fan JRPGs, or Dragon Quest in general. 4.5/5 stars. DragonQuest4 PSX
Some things about this game are good, others not so much. The7thSaga SNES
Some things about are good, others not so much. The7thSaga SNES
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