playing some dragon ball xenorverse and having the time of my life

to any of my friends out there can someone try to get on and tell me if its down or not i just want to be sure in case its just my wifi
to any bronies it may concern apparently tirek from G1 will be the new villain in the G4 special "Twilights Kingdom"
just beat final fantasy X hd now its time for x2
picking up final fantasy X/X-2 hd next week. cant wait >3
its been awhile since I've been here. hope all my friends are doing alright :)
playing borderlands 2, love the game but want to kill handsome jack... badly...
I'm going to try and set up a minecraft sever this week for all my friends, it will be private though to avoid trolls/griefers
wooo can't wait for christmas, getting a playstation vita and persona 4 the golden
dont know if my friends are still on here :c I miss you all. I have a broken leg so I wont be going anywhere for awhile
dear god I havent been here in forever -_- 'sigh' guess thats what college does to ya
if I'm not here I'm probably on this chat room.

Hello to all who are here this is a blog dedicated to furries and bronies sor feal free to talk about either one but since this is on a site with younger kids I ask that somethings be kept appropiet.

other tv and shows
I just moved out of my parents house and living at my aunts for awhile until I can afford an appartment
I can no longer get on anymore, its not letting me log in
ok now I'm furious (probly spelled that wrong) someone stole my girlfriends phone
"sigh" well one of my images was banned because someone was being made fun or something. so let me know be you report my stuff ok?
I graduate tomarrow so If I'm not on as much It's because I don't own a computer

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