We all war masks, metaphorically speaking
I just wish it could somehow gwt into your head that i pulled my butt apart as Mike Honcho.
I feel........Gold.
i'm tellin ya man,every third blink is slower
I've got a pocket full of miracles,pocket full of miracles
You should take all your money out of banks and put it into Waffles!Hot Toasty Waffles!!
Flapjacks!!Tons of Flapjacks!!!!
We're all mad here O.o
War does not determine who is right, only who is left
A long haired man came to my door wearin roman sandals carryin a golden sword and said"come with me son and i'll take ya higher"
where the f*ck are my marshmallows??
do you think our lives are predetermined,or are they just like a random occurence of events?
Your words are as empty as your soul!!

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