Anyone decided to restart their games for events or challenges like Monotypes and Lockes? If not, have you ever thought on re

Npcs are silly. Some of us avoid them, but some Npc Glare-Stare you to battle. Have any moments of how the Npc caught you

Grace and Trip really know how to treat their guest.

I'm pretty sure most of us spent hours trying to get on the top ladder of something or winning this achievement for the s

My Oras game survived the washing machine!

Poke lounge! If you can drive, at what age did someone teach you how to drive and what kind of vehicle to do you guys drive?

I've been breeding a lot of Kalos pokemon, so why not. Kalos, a place of wonderful restaurants, glorious travels, and ov

So Pokemon General, Out of all the games you played there's at least 1 or 2 Pokemon that absolutely love having all their

Burning joss Paper makes me feel rich.

Hi, I'm looking for a couple things. Lf: Female Dive Ball Clauncher Female Ha (Aroma Veil) Spritzee IVs, Nature, e

Really wants a quesadilla.

Heyo, I'm in need of two ability capsules. Ft: Impish, Low Iv, Sturdy/Keen Eye, Stealth Rock, Brave Bird, Whirlwind

Heyo, I have a few mons to finish my list. LF: Safari Ball #187 Hoppip Safari Ball #353 Shuppet Safari Ball #449 Hipp

525,600 Minutes, 525,000 Moments so dear!
Travel Hands, Rain Hands, JAZZ HANDS!
Wunwun was a racehorse and Tutu was one too. Wunwun won one race and Tutu won one too.

I want a Ha Blue Flabebe/evos in a Dive Ball. Ft this: 2 Breedjects from my section of the

Waldo is one stylish international spy.
Fish are friends, not food.

I would like to breed a Makuhita in a Level Ball. I can offer: Any 3 legit & breedable hidden abilites. 2 25%-100%

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