Dammit Santa didn't come.
Happy Christmas EVE.
750 Posts! Does High on "N" mean High on IamthebestNever?
Dim Sum and Pho, Yay
You can save lives with the piano.
Just look on the bright side, you're roughly six feet tall.
I will never see the grand canyon like Garcia Lopez de Cardenas..
Finals are scary.
I lost my 1400's Today in Monotypes and now in the 1300's
And the peddler never sold any of his caps and soon fainted to death with all his Gray, Yellow, Blue, and then Red Caps fall to the floor.
I would love to play Eels and Escalators someday.
Gyarados gets Crunch now :D
Murmaid Camp, Mur-Murmaid Camp.
I like living on the other side of the world.
I forgot to back up all my Pokemon Showdown Teams and now they're all gone ;-;
Essay writing begone!

In Kalos, I used Restaurant Le Wow Rotation to level up my Pokemon and also get some quick cash. So, is there a place like t

I feel like I forgotten everything in the past 4 days of break.

I planned on three different trades and tried to catch one myself :P I will offer any 2 legitimate hidden abilities, Any 1 o

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