Hiya! Just thought i'd sign your guest book. Just remember to sign mine and then go to the "Weird Al" Yankovic forum in music.
Now remember, an accordian is a terrible thing to waste!
Just singning your guestbook. So you could sign mine. And thanks for the help with my deck (I guess). I did take soe of your advice and removed slot machine and toon mermaid but the others are staying because they are still pretty powerful!
Hi! I just wanted to sign your guestbook! Please sign mine!!!What should I say, well I don't know!
I'll see ya in the forums!
I'm just signing to say hi. I hope you can get your deck good enough for a good duel. If you need any help ask me (I may be able to help, but I'm pretty useless at dueling, only good at theory. Sign my guestbook if you get the chance.Good Luck.
I liked making your banner. But what pissed me off was that it came out blurry the second time ! I can always fix it up, if you want . Aight. I'm out. ~1
Thanks for all the passwords. I found this site with all the passwords, except for the ones that don't, but thanks for helping me then.
It is good to see you interested in Dokapon Do some reviews it is fun on dokapon or just read mine iam just signing to say hi see you in the forums later dude
thanx 4 helpin me with blitzball u were a gr8 help i know who 2 come 4 help thanx

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neo is boring now i'm losing neo buds every second i've only got 2 main neobuds at the moment and Thats Spanky the great and Luigi Number 1.I need you to come back i'm getting bored as Spanky rarley come online but i'm making loads of neo buds i got about 30 at the moment why did you leave? well i became a mod in your absense it isn't that great a thing not as good as you'd expect but i'm happy and it's like on the matrix were the dude ask which you want to take take the red pill and you become a mod but can never erase the memoies take the blue pill and don't learn the secrets well i also got good at making banners and avatars i miss you pm me when you get the chance you probaly wont read this so i'll end now see you around my friend i wont forget you;(
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

It is nice to have someone to discuss Dokapon with. I hope more people will soon be visiting the GBA - Dokapon forum and sharing their information with us.
Hey, I've been looking at all your posts and they are really good. Keep up the good work. Nice Username. And great pic, I hope to see you sign my guestbook.
can't believe i didn't sign you're guest book first errr you're good to talk too see ya around man
I'm a Final Fantasy player too. My sister knows more about it tho...Where'd you get the Rikku picture? Please tell me! Sign my guestbook if you have the answer!
*Remembers Something*

Oh yeah!
*gets Graffiti*
*writes 'U EDEN WAS HERE!'*
I'd just thoight i'd sign your guestbook because I think you are a great member and help a lot to the ssbm forums. Keep it up. Please sign my guestbook. Thanks.
Hello fellow FFX player

Oh, 125 chars ...once upon a time there was a blue goat who could fly.

I just wanted to say hello, thats all.
I came to sign your guestbook because you signed mine. I think you are very good at riddles too. I have lots of riddles. Don't worry.
Seen you quite a bit in the trivia contest in the SSBM forum, so I decided to come by and sign your guestbook. Hope you enjoy yourself in the forums...

(FFX is pretty cool )
Thanks for signing my guestbook. The FFX forum is really great and I think its worth spending time around. So, of course I'll sign your guestbook. How are ya, and keep up the great work here on neo.
Dra Al Bhed Cbaygan
Hi, it's nice seeing you around the SSBM forum. What other forums are you usually in? How do you like the trivia contest so far? Hope to see you around Neoseeker!
Hey its great havin ya in ssbm chat and i hope to have your answers on and the odds are which is now located in rank a match
and nice havin ya in the quiz thing even if your cpu was too slow