I am playing the supremeness of the ds! NintendoDSHardware DS
The ps1..the simspsons still dont have one. PlaystationHardware PSX
I used to have this but then i lost it :O GameboyAdvanceHardware GBA
I have this in my cuboard. Do you know why..Coz i just have. PlayStation2Hardware PS2
Is this for jewls. I SAID JEWLS Bejeweled2Deluxe PC
DING DING online time! YAY NintendoDSHardware DS
The console of EPICNESS. WiiHardware Wii
Right answer. Right answer Right answer, WTF!?! TVShowKing Wii
Strongbad is a fun game. And strange. Its worth the 1000 wii points StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeopleEpisode1HomestarRuiner Wii
ARR thats all it say. Seriously thts the only words (if they are words) i hear. PiratesTheKeyOfDreams Wii
I usd to shoot we from my hand but i lost my hands. Were to shoot web now? UltimateSpiderMan DS
I go on the non extreme one since you can build what you want and kill what you want!! StrongholdCrusaderExtreme PC
AAHH!! weres the grain of sand?!?!? MysteryCaseFilesMadameFate PC
im goo-ing straight home to play this right now. WorldOfGoo Wii
EPIC game, i still play this!!! :D :D :D StrongholdCrusader PC
TO easy man.. money money money. with the amount of money i got i cud build a new earth. ZooTycoonDS DS
This is easy but fun. WiiSports Wii
Quite good. Its fun taking over monsters minds then slowly killing them untill they dissapear and turn into exp. CrashBandicootMindOverMutant X360
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