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Interview with Neoseeker BB: LB Contestant - Tallulah (Renesmee)

This week I semi-sat down with Tallulah, now going by the user name "Renesmee", for an interview (in which she briefly explains the change). Now, I know her stay in the BB house was quite short, but her puzzling presence left enough of a mark on me to remember her. So here I am, interviewing her. Tallulah was a great sport, sitting through my ridiculous questions and I even put her ability to the test... a random, pointless test! Check it out below.

Oh and a quick side-note: we weren't able to sit for a good ol' MSN chat, so I had to settle with a PM interview. The following transcript is in the typical format as previous interviews, but anything in parenthesis has just been added. Here's your chance to get to know Talluluh/Renesmee a bit better!

(Interview with Tallulah: Completed 7/26/09)
acevus: So, care to tell us about your life on Neoseeker? Any forums you lurk in specific? Any people you dislike or have neo-married?
Tallulah: Hahaaa, I'm known to 'lurk in' the Loungin' Forum mainly. I love it there. It's just awesome. I'm actually neo-engaged to Dramon Knight - we've been together for 8 months now. And on the subject of Seekers I don't like... well, I don't dislike her, but me and Angy just don't get on. We never have, and never will. I guess it's just one of those things.

acevus: Is there any significance behind the name change?
Tallulah: Not particularly. I was called Tallulah because it was the name of a character from a movie I liked. I don't really like that movie anymore, so I changed it to a book character.

acevus: Have you accomplished anything huge on Neoseeker so far?
Tallulah: Not particularly. In fact, not at all. Unless being the leader of an ACWW gang counts, which it doesn't.

acevus: Do you see yourself still using Neoseeker 2 years from now? If so, what would you like to be doing? (Moderating Loungin? Some other forum? Administrating Neoseeker?)
Tallulah: Possibly, but I doubt it. I'll be at university, so I'll have less time.

acevus: So you didn't last very long on BB and even mentioned excusing yourself from the competition. Care to shed some light on the situation?
Tallulah: Something big happened in my life around the beginning of the competition, which meant I wouldn't be able to spend much time on Neoseeker for a while. I felt it pointless to remain involved in the competition. My mother fell ill with breast cancer (which, luckily, seems to be gone now) and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

acevus: I wanna go back to your application for BB. You called yourself a "dumb blonde who can sometimes be smart", used a Bratz doll as an avatar and then went on to call yourself emo? Now, I googled "emo" and then clicked on Images... --well, and then reset my SafeSearch options to Moderate-- and saw, well... ( ). Isn't it kind of... a contradiction? Then again, I could be stereotyping...
Tallulah: Hey, can't a girl be both? I am a dumb blonde... well, I was. I'm actually brunette now. I prefer my current color to blonde. I dress like an emo, self-admittedly. But believe me - I sure as hell don't cut myself or anything like that.

acevus: So reading over diaries, there are atleast two people who've mentioned coming to you to create an alliance, but you declined. In a competition that somewhat put emphasis on alliances, wouldn't it be smart to join them? Why'd you decline?
Tallulah: I declined because I am very much my own person. Too much, even. I was simply going to see how long I could last alone. It was probably a stupid idea, now I look back on it.

acevus: If you hadn't have excused yourself from the competition/been eliminated early, how well would you have seen yourself doing?
Tallulah: Not very well at all. I can get on people's bad sides very easily. I don't tolerate being seriously insulted by anyone - I'm a bit of a tough cookie when I need to be.

(acevus: Just because this was a PM interview, it doesn't mean there was no random pointless game. Though this one would definitely be the most random and the most pointless. I threw a multiple choice quiz at her, which I'm highly impressed of her answers)

1. In reality if VulcanRaven were neither Vulcan, nor a Raven, what would he be?
A. British
B. Scottish
C. Canadian
D. Albino

(acevus: Talluah chose C, which is absolutely correct. VulcanRaven loves his milk in pouches, and his sentences to end in "eh?")

2. I coined a nickname for bobbonew the other day. What is it?
A. bob
B. bobb
C. bobby
D. boobs

(acevus: Tallulah chose D, which again is absolutely correct! I hope she chose the most humourous name, rather than knowing I'd given him the nickname, because I literally just gave it to him and that would be creepy)

3. If klope62 were a fish, what side dish would he be served with?

A. Caviar
B. Chips
C. Cole Slaw
D. Anti-acid Pills

(acevus: Tallulah chose C, which is incorrect. Naturally, fish would be served with chips and it just so happens thats the way he loves it.)

4. It's analogy time! Emo : Razor Blades :: Blonde : __________?
A. Donuts
B. Dictionaries
C. The inability to do analogies
D. Bleach

(acevus: Tallulah chose C, which is not surprisingly correct. Though, maybe since she is/was a blonde this answer came naturally!)

Bonus Answer Question: How do you feel about eating cereal in the rain? What would be your cereal of choice?
Chocolate Shreaded Wheat. With tons of sugar on it. Otherwise it tastes of cardboard, and no one wants that. In the rain? Uh, I feel... OK about that?

(acevus: There was only wrong answer, not being willing to eat cereal in the rain! With 3 out of 4 questions correct and the bonus question answered correctly, Tallulah walks away from this quiz with a whopping 100%! I don't know, guys... maybe Tallulah would've scored well on the occassional random competition! Back to the interview!)

acevus: Overall, what did you think of the competition?
Tallulah: I'm glad I took part in it, even though it was only for a while. I read some of the final posts in the competition, and found them very entertaining. I think the housemates were a very amusing group of Seekers - they couldn't have been placed together more perfectly. I would recommend participating to anyone.

acevus: If given the chance to play Big Brother again, would you take it?
Tallulah: Yes, hopefully with no interruptions like last time.

acevus: So wait, one more thing I don't understand... You mentioned at one point that you're an all-american girl (or reject) and then you claimed that you go to "posh borarding school in the middle of London".
Tallulah: Reject... good one... I've just about had enough of explaining myself to people. But I'll do it one more time, I guess. I was an all-american girl until the age of 15 and a half. Then my godforsaken family decided to pick up and move to sunny England, because of my father's new choice of career path. And I was sent to boarding school where every teacher hated me because I liked answering back to them. I now live on the Isle Of Wight at the bottom of England, as of about 4 months ago. It sucks on this island. It's the most boring place in civilisation.

acevus: And another thing, what happened to not turning in a diary? You mentioned you did, but BB notified us all that you hadn't. Was it just a mistake on BB's part?
Tallulah: Uhh... did I say I had? Really? I can't remember turning in a diary. I must've been my mistake. Sorry again about that.

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