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debating on an inevitable return...
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Jul 29, 10 4:53pm


No more interviews, no more competitions, no more Neoseeker. You may still find me on MSN, if you have my address. But I'm not coming back.


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Feb 25, 10 8:10pm

Hello everyone! (Translation: Hello, 3 people reading this.)

The interviews have been on a small hiatus, only due to my presence in the current season of Big Brother: All Stars 1. I will kick the interviews back into gear once this season is over and even revisit some of the people I've already interviewed (i.e. Chelskiman and VulcanRaven).

There should be good times, strange gossip, and bad games I make up during the course of the interviews. :D

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Jan 19, 10 10:05am
should adapt better sleep patterns.
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Nov 4, 09 5:42am

So I sat down this weekend, or whenever, to do an interview with Eridor with Kazooieman. Going into the interview, I didn't know how it would go... Eridor seemed... quiet, to say the least. So I devised a plan to include Kazooieman, since he was quite the character in his interview (and in general) and it turned out that he knew the guy! Score.

Yeah, not so much.

Eridor was still very quiet, and I only managed to squeeze out a sentence from him per question. He only opened up once we strayed from the questions and I let Kazooieman conduct the mid-interview game. But he didn't open up by very much. This interview was more conversational. But eh, see for yourself.

Points of Interest: An Anti-Nightmare mentality, Kazooieman is a beast at FFR, and The Inability to Complete a Runescape Tutorial.

(Interview with Eridor - A week ago at 12:30something A.M. here)

Kazooieman: OI! Eridor's ON!
acevus: Oh... jebus. mkay. Bring him in!

Eridor was added to the conversation.

Kazooieman: =3!
acevus: hellooo... Eridor, yes?
Eridor: Yup.
acevus: Welcome! So, I PMed you a while back about interviewing you, and I wanted to slip you in
after Chelskiman... and yeah, nows the time!
Eridor: Okay.
acevus: I've got Kazooieman here to help, as you can see!
Kazooieman: =3

acevus: And though I'm not entirely prepared for this interview, we're going to wing it! So uh...
any questions before we start?
Kazooieman: When do we get payed?
acevus: Yeah, uh... I'll pay you in pixels. How's that? : D
Eridor: Sounds good. What's my motivation?
Kazooieman: Your a 13 year old american girl who likes anything disney
Eridor: Like, OMG, Jonas Brothers!!! Good?
Kazooieman: You forgot Hannah Montana =P Anyways go ahead Avenub
acevus: XD haven't heard that one before... Anyway, lets start general (while I do research on you in another window...)
Kazooieman: lol "research"
Eridor: "stalking" =P

acevus: Where could Kazooieman stalk you, if he were to choose to?/Where do you lurk on Neoseeker? (=P I'm reading your diaries about entries about you to find questions to ask, fyi.)
Eridor: I go to Loungin' a lot, the RFS forum, Writer's Lounge, PokéFiction, Soul Silver, Graphics
Requests, I think that's all.
Kazooieman: And I do actually stalk you in Soul Silver! =3
acevus: creepy.
Eridor: Well, those are the main ones, anyways.

acevus: Have you participated in any other competitions on Neoseeker?
Eridor: Erm, I don't think so, besides the current 'Johto Region' in Soul Silver.

acevus: What drew you to Neoseeker Big Brother? Kazooieman, jump in with questions whenever you wish.
Kazooieman: Oh I will Avenub
Eridor: I had followed the previous one, and wanted to participate myself, so I signed up.

acevus: So how was your time in the BB House? You were in the Big Brother Duplex, yes? Describe your alliance during the game.
Eridor: That means the hidden, right?
acevus: Yes
Eridor: I never really was in an 'alliance'.
Kazooieman: =O Liah!
Eridor: All of the older seekers pretty much took out the newer ones.

acevus: Really, because various diaries discussed that you were aligned with Nightmare, and
Distortion and such...
Eridor: There was the Distorion, Kat, Vector, etc one but that was pretty much just the older seekers, getting the newer ones. We never really stuck together as an alliance.

acevus: But weren't you the one who put them (Kat and Distortion) up for eviction at some point?
Atleast, according to GTA_Fanatic, atleast: "Eridor put both Nightmare and Distortion on the
chopping block."
Eridor: I know I put up Kat, because I didn't like her. I don't think I put Distortion up.
Kazooieman: =o Blasphemy
acevus: Kat seemed to be an interesting character... what about her didn't you like?
Eridor: She was just annoying I guess. Bossy, bit of a prick, I guess.
Kazooieman: =o I'm telling.

Eridor: She started seeming better after the competition though. I got a lot of wrong impressions during the season.
acevus: Like what?/who?
Eridor: Some people just seemed worse than they really are, and after I got to know them a little
more throughout the season, things changed.

acevus: So how exactly did you get eliminated? I don't remember if you made it past the merge or
Eridor: Well, I was off at Summer Camp, so I gave access to my account to GTA_F, under the radar
of course. I got nominated that week, and he couldn't win the veto, and then I was voted
out. And no, I did not make it to the merge.

acevus: GTA_Fanatic had access to your account? So did you know him prior to the competition? Or did you meet him through BB? Seems like a lot of trust would go into giving someone access
to your account...
Kazooieman: =o You should have let me handle your account in your absence
acevus: no kidding!
Eridor: I mean just the BB account, not the Neo account. I knew him a little before, and we became
pretty good friends throughout the season. Kazooie, I barley knew you at that point.
Kazooieman: =o Oh yeah. Ally's group chat started after that.

acevus: ...wait.... is this the group chat you talked about before Kazooie?
Kazooieman: Umm. Depends. Several happened in a week.
acevus: describe them all : D
Kazooieman: The first one was the "gender confused *bleep* session".
acevus: yes, thats the one you mentioned.
Kazooieman: The other ones were just general talks meeting other people. And I think the last one had me, CoDaD and Byzantine moshing to Metal

acevus: So Eridor, you don't seem as animated or talkative as other people I've interviewed... or
maybe its just the fact that you don't know me. Is he always this quiet, Kazooie?
Kazooieman: Uhm... Hard to say. I don't talk to him in heaps but I reckon he's just nervous. Or still sad over the fact that Ally broke up with him last night
Eridor: Not really, I never do talk much, except for my closer Neofriends.

acevus: So who is the Ally person we keep speaking of?
Kazooieman: Altaura, better known as Spiritual now. But I refuse to call him that one word verb.
Eridor: I haven't talked to Altaura in a while.
Kazooieman: Course you haven't. He broke up with you last night.
Eridor: I still call him Altaura too.
Kazooieman: He's my bitch now! =3
Eridor: XD

acevus: Hmm... so I don't know, do we have to talk about Pokemenz for you to loosen up or
something, Eridor? Where did the name Eridor come from?
Eridor: No, I'm good.
Kazooieman: I'd rather talk about Pokefemz. Tbqh =3
Eridor: Well, I was thinking of a name for Runescape, and at the time I was reading Eragon, and
the name Eridor was mentioned, and my name became Eridor45. That's the name I also used for
Neoseeker, and the '45' was dropped later on.
Kazooieman: You liked Runescape? That would explain why Ally broke up with you =P
Eridor: Back in the day.

acevus: I played Runescape, but I didn't like it... but honestly, I couldn't stop.
Kazooieman: Tbqh, and don't laugh, I never passed the tutorial in Runescape.
acevus: XD
Kazooieman: I could never light a god damn fire for some reason
Eridor: I still play every now and again.
acevus: It wasn't very hard at all...
Kazooieman: Shut up. Meh.
Eridor: No, it was easy. (acev-edit: Which is what I said. =P)
Kazooieman: FFR is much betterer than Runescape anyway
acevus: You should go give it another try... =P atleast light the fire and then close the browser.

Kazooieman: lol Mmm... nah. Is there going to be a game like mine? =3 I like games.
acevus: Yeah... there's supposed to be... but I don't know what I can do for this one...
Kazooieman: But your lazy ain't you?
acevus: lol no...
acevus: Usually, through talking to the interviewee, I can think of something... but I mean... I haven't been getting enough to think of something... We could do a flash game showdown...

Kazooieman: Make him play FFR... AN TRY AND BEAT ME.
acevus: MONKEY DUDE!
Kazooieman: No. FFR! I want him to try Hardcore to the North
acevus: eh... I need to figure something out that I can judge... unless you're both willing to
Kazooieman: Screenshot
Eridor: What is FFR?
Eridor: and yeah, I can screen.
acevus: FlashFlashRevolution

Eridor: What do you do in FFR?
Kazooieman: Pretty much Dance Dance Revolution except with fingers and you must play on x175 speed
Eridor: No, screw that. XD I have no cooridination.
Kazooieman: Sure you don't
acevus: Hmm... yeah, and Kazooie would have the upperhand...
Kazooieman: I just want to see you try though =P
acevus: probably plays it constantly...
Kazooieman: Daily. I used to never be able to hit one.
Eridor: You want to see me squirm.
Kazooieman: Now I can play x175 speed with Hardcore to the North
acevus: FFR it is!
Eridor: Damnit. Lol.

acevus: So I don't know how this is going to work, so Kazooie... you'll have to facilitate this
Kazooieman: When that loads, go to settings and go to Speed as 175
Eridor: done.
Kazooieman: Then once that's done, go the the misc. category and double click the first one at the top left. 300 This is Sparta techno remix. Best overall score wins. And screenshot plox. You get 3 tries.

acevus: XD how long is this going to take?
Kazooieman: Not long. Trust me! =3
acevus: welp, have it at.
Kazooieman: I've done my turn. Screenshotting atm.
Eridor: I failed. XD
acevus: Screen it!

Kazooieman: 2 more tires lol
Eridor: I did.
Kazooieman: Could you hit any?
Eridor: I did all three.
Kazooieman: oh lol
acevus: XD
Eridor: not really.
Kazooieman: I've got an average score but I really just woke up. Still adjusting to the sun.
Eridor: I failed. Do I give the screen via MSN?

Kazooieman: I got 558 Perfect
Eridor: and I'm going to be getting off soon.
Kazooieman: I'm just publishing them online via MSN. Then I'll give you the link.
acevus: host it if possible, if not... then... eh. its all good...
Kazooieman: alright I'll host >_<
Eridor: mine is uploading.
Kazooieman: same
acevus: access denied...
Kazooieman: lawl... Use Imageshack like me

Kazooieman: Btw nice Firefox theme Eri
acevus: much better.
Kazooieman: LAWL AT SCORE!
Eridor: it says total was 9305. so, I failed? XD
Kazooieman: Yes. That's the best possible score you can get. You only got 10 perfects =P Mine

acevus: oh dear god...
Kazooieman: lawl OBLITERATED!
acevus: no *bleep*ing kidding.
Eridor: how the hell do you do that?
Kazooieman: I've jsut practised over 3 years. Trust me you get used to it after 3 years.

acevus: well yeah, I mean... generally there are a few more questions I should ask for the interview, but it won't matter... we can't salvage this one.
Kazooieman: lawl
acevus: So yeah, I guess I'll edit this to the best of my ability and then give you a link to your wiki page and also the blog post.
Kazooieman: I just wanna say it's an honour to pwn Eridor at FFR.

acevus: hahah Eridor, any last words/shoutouts?
Kazooieman: Looks at Eridor ... =3
Eridor: words, not really, shoutouts, uhh, all my peeps. XD
Kazooieman: Me mostly though. amirite?
Eridor: Of course (not). I kidz.
acevus: XD see, where was this earlier in the interview? that would've been nice. but yeah, like I
said... its all good. thanks for your time!

Kazooieman: That's it?
Eridor: Anytime.
Kazooieman: You made me wait 5 *bleep*ing years for that? FFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUUUUUU
acevus: XD
Eridor: Please, save it for another screen, not this one. XD
acevus: Kazooie, I'll make it up to you with a better interview.
Kazooieman: Okay =3 You don't have to say that in front of Eridor though. The poor thing =(
acevus: D: I didn't mean it like that. (acev-edit: I mean, I kind of did...) I meant, one that I'm prepared for, and such...
Kazooieman: Oh shaw
Eridor: XD
acevus: Sorry Eridor, I wasn't trying to diss you or anything XD
Eridor: =( it's all good.

Kazooieman: The next one better be with Redemption or someone similar or ottherwise you owe me a cherry coke
acevus: ew... soda
Kazooieman: lolwut?
Eridor: Propel is where it's at.
Kazooieman: Me no speak American. Cherry Coke is the bitch I can only get it at like two stores here in Australia, and only in cans.
acevus: =X I don't drink soda... and if I did it wouldn't be coke.
Eridor: XD
Kazooieman: Okay Mr. Pussy. Is it because the bubbles hurt your tongue? =3
Eridor: I drink soda, and juice, and propel, and milk, and water, and propel.
Kazooieman: And propel?
acevus: lol its just bad for you... and its not like you really need it.

Kazooieman: Will someone explain to me what propel is?
Eridor: vitamin enhanced water, pretty much.
Kazooieman: LOLWUT I just call that Vitamin Water
acevus: Its flavored water, basically. But yeah, its vitamin enhanced...
Kazooieman: You silly pizza eaters. Oh so it's a brand. I take back the eaters part. You silly Pizza's.
Eridor: WTF. XD Well, I'm gonna get off here now.
Kazooieman: lol This interview was supposed to end 10 mins ago.
acevus: It did...
Kazooieman: Shaw it did. Oh wait... DON'T EDIT THIS STUFF OUT! =O
Eridor: XD
acevus: I won't, I won't...

So what did I learn, boys and girls? Two simple things; 1) You can nudge a horse toward a magical pond of shit-talking water, but you can't make it drink and spew gossip like projectile diarrhea. Oh, and 2) Kazooieman is definitely welcome back for another interview.

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acevus blogged
Oct 23, 09 4:48am

I wasn't sure if this interview would actually ever happen. XD I guess I just have this mental image of people reading the PM I send them, and just clicking delete or forwarding it to their friends to lol away at me. I really thought Chelsk wouldn't give me the time of day for this interview.

But he did, obviously! It went really well! Chelsk is such a cool guy! Even his answers seemed very genuine, and his shout outs were so adorable... haha. Check it out! I'm really glad I had the chance to sit and do this interview.

Oh, and if that's not good enough to hook you, there's a LivesLikeBeth/Chelskiman showdown! Check it.

(Interview with Chelskiman - 10/16/2009)
acevus: So you ready for some interviewing awesomeness? VulcanRaven was just here a while ago, but he left unexpectedly... I guess we'll just have to do this anyway. There may or may not be a visitor popping in later though... :D
Chelskiman: Ahh, ok.

acevus: So let's start things off simple - Where exactly do you lurk in Neoseeker? Where could we find you?
Chelskiman: Well, I mod PES 2009 and PES 2010 so those are the two obvious places to find me. I also post in Oceania - actually I'm top poster there so I post there a lot. Other than that you will see me in Loungin' and occasionally Survival Horror Social.

acevus: Have you been involved with any other major Neoseeker events? Are you working on any major websites or projects on the interwubs?
Chelskiman: I was a running mate for Praetorian_Lord in the last Neo elections. But other than that and Big Brother I haven't been apart of anything else. Nope, none at all. The only real project is modding on Neo.

acevus: Are you looking forward to doing any other Neoseeker competitions? Or is Neoseeker BB going to be the extent of your competition
Chelskiman: I'm not really sure. Big Brother just seemed so interesting to me so as soon as I saw the thread I signed up for it. I guess it will be the same if I see another competition that takes my interest. I'll just play it by ear and see what eventuates.

acevus: I guess that leads us into the BB questions... So to my understanding, you weren't apart of the original crew? Which crew were you on, again? Big Brother House or Big Brother Duplex? How exactly did you enter the game? And how was it trying to form an alliance or join an already exisiting alliance?
Chelskiman: Nope, I wasn't an original. I was disappointed that I didn't get in because I thought my application letter was pretty good. But alas, I was not chosen. Then a week or so later bobbonew PMed me all happy because he had convinced Klope to let me be a replacement for Megacoolstar. So Klope then PMed me asking me if I wanted to join and of course I said yes. He told me I'd be in the secret house and that I was not to tell anyone. The forming of my original alliance with Origin, Vector and GTA_Fanatic was really quite simple as they invited me in pretty much right away. Origin being another Aussie helped a lot too as we were obviously in the same time zone.

acevus: lol you're the second contestant I've interviewed who was Aussie that mentioned having an Aussie alliance member helped... So I didn't know you'd already known boobs. Do you know any other fellow BBers not in your season? oh, and boobs = bobbonew. (I'm so pushing that nickname.)
Chelskiman: Yeah, bobbo and I are pretty good mates. I met him through U_Turn and we have been friends ever since. And nope, I don't personally know any other Big Brothers.

acevus: So how was the BB experience for you? You seemed to have played a very strong hand consistantly this season. Were you confident that you'd break into the top 2?
Chelskiman: It was a great experience, and one I'd gladly do again if given the chance. To begin with I just set little goals for myself. When I first joined the cast I just wanted to survive the first week tbh. After I did that I then set my sights on making the merge which, in the end, I did with ease. After the merge I then wanted to make it into the top four. It was very tough there for a while though because my alliance (Origin, Vector and Nightmare) were all evicted and I was the only one left so once they all left I wasn't very confident at all of making the top two. The inclusion of Rikku Chick was a breath of fresh air for me as she injected some life into me and that spurred me on to reach as far as I did.

acevus: How did you go about choosing RikkuChick of all your neofriends?
Chelskiman: To be honest, she was my last choice. xD I asked U_Turn first but he said he wouldn't be a very good partner, which was true, he wouldn't have done a thing to help me lol. I then asked Paper Fox but she said she was too busy. I did want to ask Marooned Chic because she applied for Big Brother too but didn't get in. She wasn't online though and Rikku was the only one left so I asked her and she said yes.

acevus: XD thats awesome. did playing together in BB bring you two closer together? were you happy to see how far she'd gotten?
Chelskiman: We've always been pretty good friends. I think I've known her for around two years now. Again, she's an Aussie, so that helped me out as I could contact her easier. I was very happy to see how far she got because it meant that I could get that far too. She burst onto the scene winning HOH in her first week. Looking back, she was the best partner I could have possibly chosen out of anyone I knew. It's just a shame that we both fell so agonsingly close to victory.

acevus: She played a pretty strong game as well... If the two of you were in teh competition from the beginning, I feel the top 4 would have been entirely different. Oh, so how did you feel about LivesLikeBeth winning? Do you feel she deserved it?
Chelskiman: Of course she deserved it. Saying that, though, if I had won it then I would have deserved it and if Rikku had won then she would have deserved it. Beth was an interesting character though. She was quiet, but got the job done. I recognised her as threat really early on, and I wish I could have evicted her earlier. Well, I did actually evict her, but BB decided to pull a twist on us when allowed her to not be evicted. >>

acevus: If given the chance, would you like to face-off against her in a duel for the number one spot?
Chelskiman: Of course I would! I would also feel very confident in winning given my dominance in all of the BB challenges I participated in throughout the season. Anyway, I'm number one in my own eyes.
acevus: :D how about now? would you like to face off in a multiple choice, random question test?
Chelskiman: Sure, why not? Multiple choice questions are always fun.

LivesLikeBeth has been added to the conversation.

acevus: Welcome LivesLikeBeth! So, I've been here interviewing Chelskiman, and I usually do mid-interview games at some point during interviews. They're mindless, pointless, and usually slightly fun. I didn't have anything planned for Chelsk, until the moment you, Beth, signed on. : D The name of the game is... well, it doesn't have a name. Its merely a multiple choice question quiz, and there are 5 questions. The person to get the best score, wins. The way the game will work is that I'll post a question and answer, you guys submit your answers, and I'll tell you the results at the end of the game. Beth, are you here?

LivesLikeBeth: yeah
Chelskiman: G'day Beth!
acevus: Everyone understand the rules/ready? : D
LivesLikeBeth: More like good night. And yeah, I'm ready.
Chelskiman: I'm ready too.

acevus: Nice! Question One: In season 2 of Big Brother, I stated that I enjoyed eating something in the rain. What item was this?
A. cucumbers
B. jellybeans
C. cereal
D. barbecue

Chelskiman: Haha, I have no idea. xD D?
acevus: Beth, your answer? XD
LivesLikeBeth: A

acevus: Question Two: Which of the following flavors of ice cream would I not consume?
A. salmon
B. coconut
C. green tea
D. vanilla

LivesLikeBeth: A
Chelskiman: C

acevus: Question Three: Klope62 absolutely loves which of the following foods?
A. fried chicken
B. fish
C. corn
D. horse radish

Chelskiman: A
LivesLikeBeth: I really don't wanna answer that
acevus: XD why not?
Chelskiman: Haha
LivesLikeBeth: I'd feel kinda bad
acevus: XD why? I mean, you don't have to I guess. Pass?
LivesLikeBeth: We can give the same answer, right?

acevus: I guess. Question Four: Which of the following names have I lovingly nicknamed bobbonew?
A. bobbs
B. boobs
C. booboo
D. bo'new

Chelskiman: A. I mean B. Haha
LivesLikeBeth: Oh hell I dunno B
Chelskiman: xD

acevus: and... Question Five: Which one of the following BB contestants are not Austrailian?
A. Chelskiman
B. Kazooieman
C. Origin
D. Tallulah

Chelskiman: D
LivesLikeBeth: D. I figured you'd know that better than me
Chelskiman: Cheat.

acevus: Oh, and Bonus Question: WHy do 2 out of the 3 Aussies there have names ending in "man".
LivesLikeBeth: Because they like men
Chelskiman: Because we are male?
acevus: I like men... but yeah... RESULTS!
LivesLikeBeth: Hey I do too

acevus: Question One's answer: C. cereal... hahah I'm vegetarian, so sorry... it wasn't barbecue...
Chelskiman: We have barbecues in the rain here in Australia though.

acevus: XD - Question Two's answer was B. coconut... I absolutely hate that stuff. (Ew, coconut.) Question Three's answer was: B. Fish. He *bleep*ing loves fish, for some reason... even some of his passwords involved fish....and chips --not his current Neo password, though. I tried. =\
Chelskiman: My last name is Fish
LivesLikeBeth: XD
Chelskiman: He loves me!

acevus: Question Four's answer was B - boobs... yaaay you both got that correct. Question Five's answer was Tallulah, and you both got that correct, as well. Meaning, you both tied!
Chelskiman: Damn, I still can't beat her.
LivesLikeBeth: :P

acevus: Thanks LivesLikeBeth for being a sport! I'll interview you after I finish with Chelsk

LivesLikeBeth has left the conversation.

acevus: XD I threw two questions in that you HAD to get right.
Chelskiman: I would have won if she didn't copy my answers.

acevus: No kidding.... so back to the interview: Megacoolstar. Did I ask about him yet? How'd you feel about his "special treatment". ALSO, did you notice anything between him and PinkyPink?
Chelskiman: Mega was definitely an interesting character to say the least. Although, you would think for somebody that kept getting evicted he would have learned from his mistakes and done something to prevent himself from getting booted again. I never really saw him as a threat though, even when I was without an alliance. As for him and Pinky, well I didn't notice anything at all, and the only reason I did end up knowing is because I read all the diaries.

acevus: What exactly did his diaries mention? I don't remember seeing anything. I forgot who tipped me off about it, but I heard there was something between the two. Of course, I asked during my interview with Pinky, but she only bashed him and such XD It was interesting. And yeah, its ridiculous that the ultimately, after being kicked out three times, just quit. Did he expect for there to be some twist that after quitting four times, he'd automatically win?
Chelskiman: Actually, I can't remember which diary I read it in, but I read that Pinky was to seduce Mega as a plan for the "Inner Circle". I'm not sure what he expected lol. Although, to be fair, without him I wouldn't have made top two because when he quit it meant Rikku was invited to stay.

acevus: That's very true... so I guess things all worked out for the best. So how did you feel about PinkyPink? I mean, you seemed upset at her elimination... or was that just you being surprised? Did you expect her to be in the Top3 instead of Beth?
Chelskiman: I wasn't upset at all. Well, I was upset for her because I knew how much she wanted to win, but I also knew she was the bigger threat out of her and Beth. Rikku was actually my puppet, I told her exactly what to do when she won that final HOH and it was me that told her to eliminate Pinky, so I always knew it was going to be Beth, Rikku and myself in the top three. I knew that either Beth and Pinky would win, but I thought I'd have a better shot at winning if Beth was there instead.

acevus: Wouldn't choosing Pinky have been a better idea, as she may have angered more people in the Jury? I mean, atleast that way it would've been more votes for you or Rikku. Then again, I don't remember who was even in the Jury. So anyway, all-in-all, it sounds like you had a great time during BB. If given the chance would you come and play again?
Chelskiman: The thing is, most of the jury were apart of the Inner Circle anyway, so it wouldn't have made much difference either way. The only person on my side that I knew would vote for me was Vector, so I had to rely on the extra few votes to get me through, but that didn't happen. I was also hoping that Silent Storm would vote for me as I tried to give him a lifeline late on in the game, but he opted to vote for Beth instead. Oh well, I'm proud of myself for coming second, as I didn't think I'd ever make it that far. I had a fantastic time. I met a few new people and became friends with Nightmare, so it all turned out well. If given the chance I'd play again for sure. I just love all the interaction, the challenges and all the little plans that alliances come up with. That's my idea of a fun game!

acevus: Sum up the experience with 5-7 words.
Chelskiman: A game of skill, determination and luck.
acevus: Very well done! So two things left to ask: Would you like to give out any shoutouts or make any plugs or things or that nature?
Chelskiman: Gotta give shout outs to my alliance; Vector, Nightmare and Origin, you guys were great and I couldn't have survived the merge without you.

To Pinky, I know we never really got on, and I don't think you liked me very much because I was mean to you a couple of times, but I did respect you a lot, and that's why you were my biggest threat.

To Rikku, you were my breath of fresh air, my new lease of Big Brother Life. I was all but doomed until you came along, so for I thank you for all the help you gave me that enabled me to come second.

And finally to Beth, you played the game better than anyone else, and you deserved the win. You just went about your business without causing any trouble and you always slipped under the radar. Your tactics were spot on, and I can't help but admire that.

acevus: awwhh... how sweet and heartfelt and such. : D
Chelskiman: (insert blush smiley here)

acevus: And finally, would you like to help me interview any of the other Season 3 castmembers?I've got tons of people to tackle, and I feel you'd be a great asset to my team!
Chelskiman: Well, if we can find the right time I may pop in as a guest every so often.
acevus: That would be great! It shouldn't be too difficult, as it seems we both are online quite frequently. It would be great to also have the perspective of someone who was there in the season... and I'm sure you have questions you'd like answered. : D

Chelskiman: For sure! Once we finally got our times all sorted it didn't take long. It's just a shame Vulcan couldn't make it though.
acevus: He's been sick lately, so we'll give him a free pass. But thanks a bunch for the interview! Chelskiman: Thanks for contacting me for the interview, I had fun answering the questions.
acevus: I'm glad you had fun! This was my first interview in a while and I was hoping it wouldn't turn sour.

So there you have it, kids. Next up will be LivesLikeBeth and Eridor... I think. There should be a guest helping me out with Eridor, but you'll have to wait and see who shows up. Oh, and I've been meaning to post an attempt at a klope interview from a while ago. It turned into a deliciously humorous klope vs. Vulcan... showdown? Not sure what to call it.

I'll let you guys decide: I'll post it up soon!

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acevus blogged
Oct 2, 09 6:18am

So shoot me now guys, as I did not deliver. I said both LivesLikeBeth and PinkyPink may be in the next interview, but 1 out of 2 isn't bad, right? :( Could've been 0 out of 2, tbph, so be happy. I probably shouldn't volunteer people to be interviewed. XD

Now, this being my first real interview of Season Three, I'm excited for what's to come... the flood gates o' gossip are starting to collapse and you can guarantee I can deliver them to you in a neatly edited blog post. :D But for now, this is all you get! Below we discuss the usual as well as PinkyPink in the Big Brother hotseat and the mentioning of a megacoolwedding. Surprisingly we only talk about LivesLikeBeth once, but spent a good chunk of time discussing MCS. In fact, we probably talk more about MCS than we will in his interview. See for yourself!

(Interview with PinkyPink - Completed a few days ago?)
acevus: VulcanRaven, meet PinkyPink. PinkyPink meet VulcanRaven...
PinkyPink: Nice to meet you. (:
acevus: He takes a bit o' time to response... could be from doing naughty things to occupy himself or something.
PinkyPink: Hehe. I'll keep that in mind.
VulcanRaven: hi! (I was not doing naughty things) :(
acevus: ;D I believe you, Philly.

acevus: So how is the Pinkest of the Pink doing? Are you familiar with these interviews at all/Have you read my Neo blog?
PinkyPink: I'm doing really good thanks. I did read over your blog at one point so yes I am familiar with them. (:
acevus: Cool, so basically you know how things will flow. So to start off, how was your Neoseeker BB experience?
PinkyPink: Amazing, yet streesful. I had a great time playing but at some times I was ready to hit something/someone on the head with a really hard rock. ;D
acevus: Its funny because some people say we contestants take the game too seriously, like wanting to hit something/someone on the head... but sometimes some people deserved it. Describe your presence on Neoseeker. Are there any forums you frequent?
PinkyPink: I may of taken things a bit seriously at times but I knew it was a game always. Well right now I'm kinda off from Neo, but I usally hang around Sims2 PC, Sims3 PC and Lougin'.

acevus: Have you entered in any other competitions besides Neoseeker Big Brother? Like... the raffle? Or... The Sims 2 Big Brother Edition?
PinkyPink: At the moment I'm hosting The Sims 3 Big Brother, but other then that the only other competitions have been hurt/heals and header/footer competitions.

acevus: How does it feel to be hosting a BB spin-off as opposed to playing in one?
PinkyPink: Like I've done it to many times? I also hosted the Sims2 one. Really it gets tiring but I seem to be the only one able to keep a game going.

acevus: Well to be honest, I wasn't prepared for this interview... and am usually able to come up with questions on the spot. how about... ah, alliances! I know diaries haven't been released yet, but care to share some secret info?
PinkyPink: Haha. Ahh alliances.
acevus: If so, describe the Inner Circle --err, I mean... your alliance.
PinkyPink: The Inner Circle; Yeah everyone pretty much knows about the alliances but I'll go into that in a bit.

VulcanRaven: Hypothetical question. A cute boy from Neo asks you to meet him in real life. Do you agree?
acevus: *A cute, mega cool boy from Neo
PinkyPink: Haha.
VulcanRaven: ^

PinkyPink: A cute, mega cool boy from Neo eh? I didn't know those exsited!
acevus: XD ow
PinkyPink: Just kidding, sure why not. As long as he's young enough I don't see why I wouldn't.

acevus: So that brings me to ask a question based off my interview notes for you: "Megacoolstar + PinkyPink: = Megacoolwedding?" T/F?
PinkyPink: Hahhaa. False. Mega was yes a close friend of mine off set, though at the start it was not like that (You'll just have to wait for my diary for more on that). I didn't have any feelings for him other then a good friend.

VulcanRaven: Did he have feelings for you? At times it seemed like he did
PinkyPink: I'm not sure he'll like me saying this but yes he did.
acevus: awwh... adorable. hahah. Neoseeker Big Brother romance --or crushing. idk... you two could be the first to --hey wait, who's "Alix"?
acevus (after-interview): PinkyPink's MSN username stated: "(heart) ily Alix", for the record.
PinkyPink: Haha oh yeah it was just lovely. Alix is my boyfriend irl. Yay for Pinky - first boyfriend that isn't online.
acevus: lol yes, definitely yay for Pinky. well, with an IRL bf who needs a NeoBF/wedding?
PinkyPink: Hah not me.

VulcanRaven: Have you told Alix about how well you did on Neo BB?
PinkyPink: I don't think he knows I go on Neoseeker. ;D
acevus: XD do you plan on keeping it that way?
PinkyPink: Probably. I'm probably going to end up leaving in the near future any way..
acevus: hahah everyone seems to be doing that nowadays... they usually all come back.
PinkyPink: Oh I'll probably be back but I may need some time away first.

VulcanRaven: Were you friends with Beth before the competition began? And are you guys closer now because of BB?
PinkyPink: Me and Beth did know each other before the competition and we were close friends though we did get closer during the BigBrother season.

VulcanRaven: If you could be in a three-way BB alliance with ANY members on Neoseeker, who would they be? (And why)
PinkyPink: Hard question ; Though I'd have to say Beth,Dash- Wait do I count? If not Austin as well. Well I've been on for 2 years and a month give or take now and I'm finding it kinda boring now that Big Brother is over just need some time for school and stuff.
acevus: yeah, understandable... especially since school just started and all...

acevus: so, in your diaries, you mentioned:
"MCS is finally up something I’ve been waiting for so why aren’t I voting him? I’m not because I finally came to an end with him. I’ve just giving up. It’s obvious either he’s giving me false info or getting false info. He is being played by both sides."
I mean, I wanna feel sorry for him, but after hearing that, its like... he kind of deserved it. How do you feel about him coming back to the game 3 times, only to be replaced in the end?
PinkyPink: Um it's kinda funny really. I was really pissed off that he came back into the game but it turned out to help me and Beth get to the final 4 so really I don't have much to say. I did find it unfair but since it did help me in the end. It was luck.

acevus: If Beth were not in the Top3, and it were... say, Megacoolstar, who would you want to win?
PinkyPink: Good question. Lets not play the what-if game.
acevus: XD What-If games are the best kind...
PinkyPink: Not for me.
acevus (after-interview): that was a buzzkill... :(

VulcanRaven: Do you see any potential in the members who participate in your own BB games? Do you think any of them could win the Official Neoseeker Big Brother?
PinkyPink: Considering my big brother games is totally up to what their sims do I really can't answer that. Also if we could hurry things up a little bit it'd be really good since I do have a bed time.

acevus: Welp, since we don't have a game prepared as of now, I only have a few other questions. Describe your NBB experience in a matter of 5-7 words.
PinkyPink: A amazing experience; great people, great friends.

acevus: If you were given the chance to play BB again, would you?
PinkyPink: Of course! I'd join again in a minute. I had a great time playing.

acevus: Finally: Do you have anything you like to promote?/Any shoutouts you'd like to give?/Any predictions you'd like to make for NBB?
PinkyPink: Sims 2 PC is slowly dying. Some activity there would be nice..real posts of course. Shoutouts go to everyone in The Inner Circle, the whole big brother cast, everyone from Sims2 and the MySims [Wii] Oldies. Hopefully Beth will take the win- for me that'll really make this season the best I could hope for. Though Chelsk and Rikku both deserve the win as well.

acevus: Well, thanks for the interview! Sorry it was a bit slow, but you'll have set the pace for the next upcoming Season 3 interviews...
PinkyPink: Thank you!
acevus (after-interview): I'll be referencing this one in other interviews. (dundundunnn :3)

VulcanRaven: Congrats on having made it so far!
PinkyPink: Thanks. Sadly I couldn't be in the finals right now but hey I had a good run.
VulcanRaven: 4th out of like, what, 20/30 contestants? That's pretty amazing
PinkyPink: Though 1 woulda been nice. ;D
acevus: Maybe you'll get another chance to shine! Who knows?
PinkyPink: Hopefully!

All-in-all, the interview went well... minus the lack of a game. :( But that's okay because Philly and I devised a great game to play with the remaining contestants... --unless something better comes up. Thank you, again, PinkyPink!

So I won't promise anyone for the next interview, but I think I have my radar locked on LivesLikeBeth, Megacoolstar, Chelskiman and Eridor! BTW – "No thank you"s going out to Rune Ripper. =P You totally can still do an interview... I have so many questions for you! 8D And that excuse is garbage. Tallulah had less time in the house than you did and SHE did an interview.

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acevus blogged
Sep 22, 09 3:47am

So a while back I said that the next interview would be with ShinyMilotic... and welp, here it is! We weren't able to sit down and chat it up over MSN, so we had to opt for a PM interview instizzead (see what I did there with my gangsterisms?)

I asked him a standard set of questions, we dabble into whether Shiny has an Aussie fetish or if he is Aussie and then he finally reveals what a Milotic is and why it is Shiny. Though, I don't know why I didn't guess it myself. But yes, I don't know what else to tell you... other than to check it out if you're interested.

(Interview with ShinyMilotic: Completed A few days ago...)
acevus: If Kazooieman were to stalk you about Neoseeker, in what forums could he find you?
ShinyMilotic: Well I'm at a stage where I'm not overly active around Neo. Used to be seen pretty much everywhere. But the most likely places at the moment would be in the Oceania Forum or the Interactive Roleplay Forum (depending if I'm involved in a game there or not)

acevus: Have you accomplished anything big on Neoseeker? Have you participated in any games or anything?
ShinyMilotic: I would have to say... not really haha. I got 3rd or something of the Neo Easter Egg Hunt! =D I guess I've had a lot of minor achievements but nothing that stands out.

acevus: Did you have any prior relation to klope62/Do you have any relation to him now? Seems like most NBBers tend to form friendships with him.
ShinyMilotic: I didn't and I currently don't either. I think he's a cool guy with all the stuff I see him do around Neo, but never taken the time or put the effort in to talking to him.

acevus: Where did your name come from, out of curiousity? What is a Milotic, and why is it Shiny?
ShinyMilotic: Milotic is a Pokemon and it's Shiny because... no idea. Pretty much I regret choosing this name now. If only I knew I wouldn't stay just in the Pokemon forums whilst I was on Neo.
acevus: OH! Kazooieman actually told me what a Shiny Pokemon was, a week ago or so. Anyway, you should just change the name then.

acevus: So I'm going to go on a limb and guess that you're an Aussie, based off of these quotes:
"So I have joined forces with Kazooieman, I dunno how useful he will be, but he's Australian and I don't intend to betray him any time soon."
"I would like to vote to evict Tallulah, on the basis that Kazooie is an Aussie, and Yrpsrk has been really nice so far, and gotten involved in some conversation and the challenges."
I mean, its either that or you've got some strange Aussie fetish that you and I are unaware of.
ShinyMilotic: Yes I am an Aussie haha, seeing as we were the only 2 I felt the need to have some sort of alliance with him I guess.

acevus: So you mentioned after the diaries were posted that you didn't understand why people accused you of using alliances since you didn't, but in your diaries you clearly mentioned aligning with power-player Estuve and Aussie-player Kazooieman. In fact, he even stated you two were in alliance. Explaination, plox?
ShinyMilotic: In some people's diaries they stated that they thought I was in some sort of big secret alliance and that was how I was surviving. This was after Kazooieman was gone, and to be honest my alliance with Estuve never really added up to being anything, I knew he was in other more crucial alliances to him. + He stole my spot in the game haha.

acevus: How did it feel to be HOH after everyone spent a good majority of time nominating you and trying to evict you?
ShinyMilotic: It felt good at the start then I realised it would put an even bigger target on me. At that stage I was really just thinking of a way to make an impact before I was evicted which I knew was very likely to happen. BB's twist with Estuve ruined that though..

acevus: When you were going head-to-head for you spot, who would you rather have faced and beaten?
ShinyMilotic: Q22 off the top of my head. He was doing more behind the scenes stuff with alliances than I expected!

acevus: How did you feel about your spot being taken away like that, anyway?
ShinyMilotic: Well I was pretty annoyed that's how I was evicted from the house after how I'd managed to survive so many proper evictions, but I had my chance to stay in still, I just sucked at that crazy jumping seizure monkey game..

acevus: If you were given the position to auto-evict someone, who would it have been?
ShinyMilotic: Vulcan haha. He tried to get me out of the house many times and when I had a position of power he sucked up to me.. and I fell for it.

acevus: Do you keep in touch with any of your other members?
ShinyMilotic: Sadly not. No particular reason, they're a good group.

acevus: How would you fare in this season of BB, assuming you've been keeping up with it.
ShinyMilotic: I've kept my eye on it a bit. Seems like there was a lot of luck needed to get far in the game as well as the usual alliance making. I definitely think I would have done better. Or tried to at least.

acevus: If given the chance, would you play the game again? If so, how different would your strategy be?
ShinyMilotic: Yes I would. My strategy would simply be get alliances with as many people as possible and hope for the best when it comes to the last few people. I'd talk a bit more to so people can't nominate me for the 'under the radar' reason.

acevus: Sum up your NBB experience with 5-7 words.
ShinyMilotic: A must try Neoseeker experience!

acevus: Would you like to give any shoutouts/plug any websites/projects your working on?
ShinyMilotic: Yo Origin and gooo Chelski if you haven't been evicted yet in the current BB! Thanks acevus

acevus: I figure since you're a fan of ZE POKEMENZ, I threw together a Shiny Pokemon-based game for you. (I literally made this made 5 minutes ago) Shiny Pokemon, according to Kazooieman, were just special color variations. So I have two jobs for you, assign each of these members of your season a Pokemon, based on your experiences with them, and then assign them a color (as people sometimes associate colors with certain emotions). For example: klope62 = Red Magikarp because he excessively likes fish and he can be really angry sometimes. Or Megacoolstar = Black Moltress because Moltress was like a phoenix and MCS was kind of the phoenix of his season. The black represents how he eventually died out, regardless of his Phoenix status.

So now its your turn. Pokemon-ify the cast:

Shiny: I'm so over Pokemon lol. ANYWAY:

acevus Silver Meowth ~ Silver since you did pretty good in the game but not the best, and Meowth since you are talking to everyone now.

bobbonew Yellow Pikachu ~ Yellow since I'm too lazy to think of a colour, and Pikachu because you don't need to do much but people still love you!

Danielg Yellow Mr Mime ~ Yellow as in smiley face yellow and Mr Mime since he is entertaining, Daniel made it pretty fun in the BB house

Estuve White Charmander ~ White because Estuve didn't get involved in much conflict and Charmander because at the start, it's not much of a threat, but later when it evolves, it is very much.

Invalidity Black Weavile ~ Because he was pretty cool but a bit evil as well getting himself banned. ;p

Jaffers Yellow Machoke ~ Yellow because.. he is funny? And Machoke since it looks like a wrestler and Jaffers likes wrestling I believe.

Kazooieman Green/Gold Kangaskhan ~ Green gold because they are Australian colours and Kangaskhan since it's like an Australian kangaroo

Q22 Red Charizard ~ Charizard since he was the biggest threat at the start of the game seeing he was Loungin mod and most well known, and red since he could ban us at any time!

Tallulah Pink Chansey ~ Both because she was the only girl of this season.

Unity Red Pachirisu - Pachirisu since he was a late comer to the game and nobody wanted him because of that... and red since he got angry about that. <3

Vector Blue Chatot ~ Blue because it's a cool colour I guess and Vector is pretty cool and Chatot since Vector plays music

VulcanRaven Golden Arceus ~ Gold since he won and Arceus since he's the God of Pokemon Big Brother.
Yrpsrk Grey Unown ~ Because there were many questions about his/her gender during his/her time in the house.
ZL Blue Ludicolo ~ Blue for coolness and Ludicolo since it's a mexicany Pokemon, and ZL is mexicany.

That game wasn't very fun, but meh. =D Thanks for the interviewing.

acevus: Don't blame me! Things most likely would've been better over ZE MSN. Note to self, I guess... interviews are much better on MSN. They give room for spontaneous questions and interaction between them and I.

So yeah, now that this interview is over, I'm hoping to have a special treat for you next week. Maybe we'll be breaking into the crew of Season 3! (Not counting Vector) And maybe some Pink will be added to this blog. Or maybe I won't post anymore and just Live without Neoseeker. Or maybe I just can't Live without the color Pink.

You get the idea.

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acevus blogged
Sep 1, 09 1:56am

So this week, VulcanRaven and I had the chance to sit down with Quinci, the Lion King, himself for an interview based on his NBB performance (which shouldn't be a surprising topic. are you seeing the theme of this blog? ;P)

The three of us chat it up about his past and current experiences in Neoseeker Big Brother: Little Brother & Brutality. Now I know NBB:Brutality is not over yet, but I figured I'd interview him anyway. Who knows, I may bring him back for a more in-depth look at NBB: Brutality if he's willing to do so.

In the end, VulcanRaven and Vector face off in a Spot-the-Difference challenge, where you'll just have to see for yourself as to who exactly wins. That and there's a bad joke at the end of the game, which The Lion King didn't find very humorous. Which doesn't surprise me, since I have a really bad sense of humor. Anyway, check it all out for yourself.

(Interview with Vector - Completed: A/LongTime/Ago)
acevus: So first off, welcome to the "I've-played-more-than-once" NeoBB club! And as far as I'm aware of, you've been interviewed [in Loungin'] before, correct?
Vector: That'd be right. I did an interview for neoseeker interviews back in the KJG days.
acevus: Well then we're expecting good things from you!

acevus: Let's start with the basics: Where do you lurk on Neoseeker? Like, if VulcanRaven wanted to stalk you, where could he find you?
Vector: Well first I'd be concerned as to why VulcanRaven would wanna stalk me. But nowadays, I'm most likely patrolling around the Graphics & Animation forums and sub-forums, the Music forum, and last but not least, Loungin'.

acevus: Have you had any other major accomplishments on Neoseeker? Entered in any other competitions? Made any major appearances anywhere?
Vector: I think I've been flying under the radar mostly until now. If I'm well known on neo, that's news to me. But yeah, I've had a few notable things on neo, most prominently and recently being the takeover of the Neoseeker Interviews from Klopers. It's certainly the most responsible position I've ever had on neo. Other than that, I've won a few graphic competitions here and there, done some requests, nothing too spectactular.

acevus: Let's jump straight into the BB competition questions. You made your debut in BB: Little Brother and returned back for this season's BB. Describe how different the two experiences were.
Vector: Well the first time I participated in BB it was more of a "What the heck" kind of decision if you get my drift. I was really laid back in terms of competition, it was fun but I wasn't really as involved as I could've been. I managed to make the jury and that was more than enough for me. The second season was much more of a conscious effort to try and "play the game" so to speak. I went all out in terms of relations and actually tried to win. For the most part, I played it pretty well. But you know how BB has that habit of surprising you when you least expect it.

VulcanRaven: If you could go back, in either the second or third season, is there anything you would have done differently in terms of your strategy?
Vector: I definitely would've been a little bit more scrutinizing in my judgements. I took some alliances for granted and I ended up getting backstabbed. If I ever played again, I'd be sure to be a little less trusting.

acevus: If you find the right person to trust, its surely worthwhile! Compare your two eliminations. Did you feel the way you were eliminated in BB2 was different than BB3?
Vector: Yeah definitely. In BB2 I could see it coming from a mile away. I wasn't as active in the house and when I saw myself up for eviction, I knew I was going home. But like I said earlier, I wasn't really bothered. In BB3 it was a bit more of a surprise. I was counting on the votes of Megacoolstar and Zeta and they both pulled bitch moves and voted against me. Origin and Chelskiman both kept their loyalties to our alliance and for that I thank them.

acevus: Since BB3 isn't over yet, I don't wanna delve too deep into it, but that doesn't mean BB2 is off limits! Who was your greatest ally in BB2 and who was your biggest competition? Anyone you'd like to thank from BB2, as you just did for BB3?
Vector: In BB2 I really don't think I had any allies OR competition to be perfectly honest. I was lax in playing the game and kinda said yes to pretty much anyone that wanted my 'loyalty'. I think I may have made an alliance with Q22 at one point and even you, acevus. But my memory's a little foggy.

VulcanRaven: I remember exchanging a few PMs with you early in the game. [...] You've been working with Bobbo on his Questional website, right? What exactly do you do there, and how did you get involved with it in the first place?
Vector: Ah yes Questional is the baby of bobbonew and I'm glad to be a part of it. I caught wind of it when bobbo posted a blog about the logo of the site. So that put it in the back of my mind. Sometime in early february I decided to go check out the website and decided to post a question something along the lines of "IS BOBBONEW SEXY?" as a joke. It was deleted and bobbo sent me a pm saying he laughed at it. Later on I was chatting with Raz (Iscariot on neoseeker) and he told me to check out questional seriously. I began to answer questions like crazy and pretty soon the first few pages of the site were filled with answers exclusively from Raz and I. Somedays later, bobbo asked me if I'd be interested in supermoderating the site to which I promptly agreed. In anycase, I just got more attached to the site and when the original graphic developer quit. I was offered the spot in conjunction with Nate (Ecto on neoseeker). It's been some months now and I absolutely love the site. Bobbo's an absolute beast and I have every belief that Questional's gonna go places.

acevus: Yeah, I can definitely see Questional launching into something amazing. bobbonew's a pretty awesome guy too, so its really nice to see someone deserving go so far. So people tend to refer to you as a lion or something of the sort, correct? Where did that stem from?
Vector: Hmm, I'm not exactly sure where this one started (it was probably in the G&A Lounge) but it stems from a little inside joke about me being the Lion King due to my living in Ghana and all. I guess it's become a kind of nickname huh?

acevus: nicknames are fun... which I think leads me into your mid-interview game. VulcanRaven, what do you think? Should we create a nickname-based game for the contestants for BB2, or should we just go with my original game?
Vector: Game you say?
acevus: mhmm. I've been throwing mid-interview games in... well, the middle of an interview, and they've ranged from a number of things. check out some of the previous interviews and you can see for yourself. ;D but yes, I think we may go with my original idea... It would just be you versus VulcanRaven! Lets just do the spot the difference thing. I think it'll be good enough...

So here's basically how this will go: It'll be you, Vector, versus the winner of Neoseeker Big Brother: Little Brother, VulcanRaven, in a showdown to see... well, who can spot the most differences in the quickest amount of time.
Vector: Oh lawdy.
acevus: The images will be either both provided to you at the same time, or be provided within two separate links. You guys ready to see who can spot... things... faster? : D
Vector: Ready as I'll ever be.
VulcanRaven: Aye aye =D
acevus: First person to list everything wins the round. There will be four rounds. Ready?
Vector: Yessiree

acevus: aaannnndd...... go.
Vector: Eyes
VulcanRaven: The flower on the right
Vector: There's a leaf missing on the uppermost rose
VulcanRaven: damn! I was just typing that.
Vector: The daisy is gone
VulcanRaven: patch on knee
Quinci says: Damn I was typing that too. The body of the bee is a different color.
VulcanRaven: awww, I saw that one at the last second
acevus: There you go! (XD For the next round, first person to type up ALL of the changes at once will win the round.) Vector walks away with round one!
Vector: Excelsior

acevus: Okay, so remember, first person to list all of the changes in ONE message (to avoid revealing hidden items from opponents) will win.
Vector: K
VulcanRaven: Yes acevus :3
acevus: there are eight this time around. reaaaaddyy..... GO
VulcanRaven: wait, how many in total?
acevus: eight
VulcanRaven: patch on cow, fur on lamb, flower by prancing lamb's head, design on cart, barn door open, design on tractor wheel, grate on tractor engine, tree behing fence
Vector: Flower farthest right is missing, pattern on the wagon thingy, barn door is open, spot on the cow is missing, The rim on the tractor wheel, tree is missing.... Damn
acevus: So VulcanRaven makes a quick comeback, replying with about 30 seconds of a time difference from Vector. VulcanRaven walks away with Round 2 in hand. The next two should be really quick. This next image will only have 5 differences on it... ready for this?
VulcanRaven: Oi
Vector: K

acevus: GO!
Vector: tail, freckles, sun eyes, foot detail, heart on leg
VulcanRaven: thing on foot, eye on sun, tail, freckles, heart on leg.... awwww
Vector: Booya
acevus: Hahaha SO close. Looks like Vector walks away with a VERY close win there. Can VulcanRaven tie the game with the very last spot the difference? I hope you both have great connection speeds, because the next two images are not in the same link.
Vector: How many differences this time?
acevus: Just one. Its the quickfire round, if you will. Lemme know when you two are ready!
Vector: Ready
VulcanRaven: ready!

acevus: GOOOOOOOO!!
Vector: Vector crossed out/hoh off pinky?
acevus: eh, wasn't aware of the HOH off pinky thing, but yes!
VulcanRaven: XD.... That's mean :3
acevus: Vector walks away with the wiiiin!
Vector: Oh joyous deo
acevus: But yes, Vector walks away with the win, as VulcanRaven seemingly sits back and watches.
VulcanRaven: [angryface] I tried

acevus: Back to questions! So if you were to wrap up your BB experiences with 4-6 words, what would they be?
Vector: One greater party after another.

acevus: I actually need to run. VulcanRaven can you takeover from here?
VulcanRaven: I've got one last one; what keeps you coming back (or I suppose "staying" would be a more appropriate word...) to Neo?
Vector: I really don't have a definite answer for this. I suppose it's a combination of things. Neoseeker was the first forum I ever wandered upon and for that it has a special place in my heart. It's been a keystone of my adolescence ever since I discovered it. The friendships I've forged as well as the interests and talents I've developed as a result of neo are enough to keep me coming back day after glorious day.

VulcanRaven: Dunno if Will has anymore questions but I'm glad he let me take part in this, it's been great finding out more about you; you always seemed like a cool guy from the very first time I PMed you way back in the beginning of BB season 2 I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you in the Music forum from time to time
Vector: And I you. Thanks for the interview guys. It was fun. In any case, I'm gonna go get better acquainted with my new Bass.

Lookout for an interview with ShinyMilotic next time, where he will explain exactly what a Miltoic is and why its Shiny. And if that's not interesting enough for you, I'll include a snippet of the failed klope62 interview, where he avoids questions and gives "fishy" answers with grace!

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acevus blogged
Aug 10, 09 9:17pm

So this week's interview comes from Kazooieman, who surprisingly managed to pull off more sexual references and comments than Danielg during both of his seasons! Major kudos. And for the record, I thought he was figuratively referring a group chat to an orgy. o_O Didn't realize it was actually an "orgy". If that's not enough to make you want to read this interview, I'm not quite sure what is.

Anyway, I actually conducted this interview about a few minutes after PMing Kazooie to do this interview, so I was totally unprepared but satisfied with the results. He was a great sport and shed light on his and Shiny's friendship/alliance, all while abusing the "=3" emote. Oh and for a bonus, we discuss which of his castmates were awesome-r than the other.

But yes, one more Season 2 contestant done for the Big Brother Wiki. I'll publicly post the link once it gets in a better shape. Also, watch out for a half-finished interview with His Royal Klopeness. Heaven forbid he directly answer questions or give me a complete interview. =(

(Interview with Kazooieman - Completed 8/10/09)
acevus: whoa... that was quick
Kazooieman: Hello thar mistir =3
acevus: so I sent out a PM to two people... and I don't know which you are XD
Kazooieman: Kaz
acevus: I'm going to g-- awwh :( you ruined it
Kazooieman: I'm really Redemption... =3
acevus: and I really don't believe you.

acevus: WELP, tbh I wasn't prepared for this interview to be NOW, but since you're an Aussie and its probably a proper time for you, I guess we could do this now. gimme a sec to see if I even prepped questions for you yet...
=o looks like I have a file for you, lets open it. [...] So I opened the file and there were only two words XD "Neo Raffle".
Kazooieman: The *bleep*? xD
acevus: XD Hell if I'd know... I think it meant I'd seen something in the Neo Raffle and wanted to ask you about? Did you participate in any of the Neo Raffles?
acevus: eh?
Kazooieman: I promised to give people the stuff I raffled. And I haven't =(
acevus: XD wait, what was it?
Kazooieman: I was going to program a custom web browser for Menkoy and I forgot the others. Blastard memory.

acevus: so yes, lets start simple, mkay? If someone were to stalk you throughout Neoseeker, where could they find you?
Kazooieman: Besides the secret pron forum? =D
acevus: mhmm.
Kazooieman: Mostly Loungin' and future games such as Brutal Legend and Super MArio Galaxy 2. And I'm running a shop with DragonSlayerGab in the Pokemon Platinum forum.
acevus: "running a shop"? meaning...?
Kazooieman: Dealing in........ Pokemans... =3
acevus: O I SEE WUT U DID THAR. mkay, well aside from doing some dealing in the NeoRaffle, have you participated in any other competitions? and won?

Kazooieman: Well I entered the Demigod beta competition and got some beta codes for it and I won another beta access for a game which I forgot the name of xD
acevus: well thats lovely. any other Neoseeker Competitions? any mock BB's? anything?
Kazooieman: haha Well I've been nominated and won almost all the categories in the Super Mario Galaxy member awards, tried to make my own BB RP WAYYY BACK WHEN and I was also in the Survival Horror Hurt and Heal and almost won
acevus: hahah interesting... BB RP? I'm guessing that didn't turn out too well. was that before or after your BB appearance?
Kazooieman: Try 4 years before. It lasted 3 pages then died. xD

acevus: Lets cut to the chase and get to the BB questions... your stay on BB was pretty short, but did you have a number of people coming to you to start an alliance?
Kazooieman: Actually ShinyMilotic started the aussie alliance up pretty early and then I tried to start some secret alliances between others randomly picked
acevus: so you actually are Aussie then... I was hoping I just didn't make something up in my head and assign you a home-continent. wouldn't be the first time...
Kazooieman: LOL

acevus: did you predict Shiny making it so far into the game? what do you think was your ultimate downfall?
Kazooieman: I thought he was pretty popular amongst everybody so I thought he';d stay in pretty far. And pretty much my habit through out the house. My social knowledge of others wasn't good back then so I didn't want to post something that I thought I'd be picked on for so I didn't really post that much. My confidense has grown huge though since then.

acevus: well thats good... and you practically answered my next question. I was going to ask what you gained or lost from the competition. gain any new friends? lose any friends? any other changes you found after playing the game?
Kazooieman: Yeah Shiny's prety fun to talk too but I haven't really talked to him in a while amd I found out that not all Loungin' regulars are mean trolls just lurking around trying to bitch about shit

acevus: I just looked over diaries and such and it looks like most people evicted you just because you were inactive or didn't speak to them. if you did speak to them, how far do you think you'd have gone...
Kazooieman: Well I hope I would have stayed till at least the middle part of the series or so but I probably wouldn't have lasted that long with all the other awesome members

acevus: If you were to sum up your entire BB experience in a 4-6 word senetence, what would it be?
Kazooieman: Twas awesome until my eviction. 5 words =3 Kinda hard

acevus: have you been keeping up with this season of BB?
Kazooieman: Yeah I have until this past week. I've just been a bit busy with my parents departure.
acevus: ahh I see... who do you predict will win?
Kazooieman: Hmm it's hard to say. i had a bet that Nightmare would win but well disqualification... =(

acevus: Did you know Nightmare prior to her involvement with BB or is it just plain admiration?
Kazooieman: I knew her thanks to [censored] (now known as [censored]) thanks to a massive Neo MSN orgy.
acevus: lol "orgy"? you shouldn't have worded it like that, because now I want details. XD
Kazooieman: Oh lol. Mmm. Well it sorta started out like a normal convo
acevus: and then....?
Kazooieman: Then it turned into a gender confused *bleep* session (thanks to my now gone MSN name as Enigma) Let's just say shit happened =3
acevus: I hope you kept records of that groupchat. plenty o' blackmail data I'm sure.
Kazooieman: Hmm. Actually I kept a different Neo orgy file. Want it? =3
acevus: tempting.
Kazooieman: lol

acevus: Time for your mid-interview game!
Kazooieman: Yay. I do say Yay right? =3
acevus: (Disclaimer: These are usually much more though out, but I did this on the spot. =P Don't judge me.) For your mid-interview game, its time to put your newfound confidence to the test! :3 I'm going to go ahead and list two members at a time from your season and you'll tell me which was "awesome"-er and why. feel free to be brutally honest in mine. =P I can take it and I don't bite, trust me. And yes, "yay" away!
Kazooieman: Yay
acevus: Lemme know when you're ready for the first two. Also, please give reasoning as to why the member is awesome-r.
Kazooieman: Not ready
acevus: I can always censor anything you'd rather not release XD
Kazooieman: Not ready. Not ready. Ready.

acevus: Tallulah and Vector!
Kazooieman: Easily Vector, not saying Tallulah wasn't awesome or anything just that Vector pwned

acevus: Unity and ShinyMilotic.
Kazooieman: Now I was evicted when Unity came in so I'll have to say Shiny

acevus: acevus and Q22 (dundundunnnn)
Kazooieman: Oh. Shaw Neither. Your both dickheads. =P

acevus: lol. XD nicely worded. Yrpsrk or Jaffers!
Kazooieman: Yrpsrk because I started a secret alliance with thou
acevus: Speaking of... Yrpsrk, guy or girl?
Kazooieman: She is a guy ;)

acevus: welp, glad that's cleared up. Estuve or boobs (aka bobbonew... I'm milking that nickname for all I can)
Kazooieman: Damn hard. I'd have to say both because Bobbonew is pwnage at coding and Estuve was pwnage in game.
acevus: so to clarify, you're saying Estuve > bobbonew?
Kazooieman: I'm saying both Mr. Clarify

acevus: coolness... but it only gets harder! maybe. VulcanRaven or Danielg.
Kazooieman: DanielG. His fiancees death was sad =(
acevus: so very true... I really wish for the best with him...

acevus: If you could eliminate any of the contestants in any order, what would it be?
Kazooieman: Hmm. Me > Everybody else in any random order.
acevus: [...] final question: if given the chance, would you play again?/what would you do differently? guess that wasn't just one final question...
Kazooieman: Well if I had gotten in this season (god damnit) I would have used my new found confodenounce.

acveus: well that essentially answers both questions.... any last words for anyone out there? any shoutouts or plugs to give to anyone? feel free to take your time, I'm gonna go pee.
Kazooieman: Hmm. Klope for making it a fun experience, you for doing this shit interview (i'm kidding) and mostly my [censored] for always believing.

acevus: sometimes you just gotta believe! and thank you for taking the time to go through with this very last minute interview... hope you had atleast a SMIDGE of fun... any projects that your fans can watch you in or anything? any websites of yours to promote?
Kazooieman: oh lets see. [censored].org [censored].com

acevus: anything non-pornographic?
Kazooieman: ummm
acevus: /disgusting?
Kazooieman: What YOUR SAYING [censored] IS DISGUSTING? \Rages
acevus: eh, to each his own, I guess.
Kazooieman: lol um... Mostly just look out for my Pokemans shop and well if you see me then remember to get the *bleep* away from me because this time tomorrow I may have discovered some form of a Resident Evil virus in me /Not joking

acevus: well don't be surprised when me and an english-accented african american woman dual kick down your door and shove some lead into your face. : D it'll be good fun, I promise.
Kazooieman: Nice

neoseeker big brother interview kazooieman acevus awesome-r neoseeker related
Jul 30, 09 5:13pm
finds this odd...
acevus blogged
Jul 27, 09 2:50am

This week I semi-sat down with Tallulah, now going by the user name "Renesmee", for an interview (in which she briefly explains the change). Now, I know her stay in the BB house was quite short, but her puzzling presence left enough of a mark on me to remember her. So here I am, interviewing her. Tallulah was a great sport, sitting through my ridiculous questions and I even put her ability to the test... a random, pointless test! Check it out below.

Oh and a quick side-note: we weren't able to sit for a good ol' MSN chat, so I had to settle with a PM interview. The following transcript is in the typical format as previous interviews, but anything in parenthesis has just been added. Here's your chance to get to know Talluluh/Renesmee a bit better!

(Interview with Tallulah: Completed 7/26/09)
acevus: So, care to tell us about your life on Neoseeker? Any forums you lurk in specific? Any people you dislike or have neo-married?
Tallulah: Hahaaa, I'm known to 'lurk in' the Loungin' Forum mainly. I love it there. It's just awesome. I'm actually neo-engaged to Dramon Knight - we've been together for 8 months now. And on the subject of Seekers I don't like... well, I don't dislike her, but me and Angy just don't get on. We never have, and never will. I guess it's just one of those things.

acevus: Is there any significance behind the name change?
Tallulah: Not particularly. I was called Tallulah because it was the name of a character from a movie I liked. I don't really like that movie anymore, so I changed it to a book character.

acevus: Have you accomplished anything huge on Neoseeker so far?
Tallulah: Not particularly. In fact, not at all. Unless being the leader of an ACWW gang counts, which it doesn't.

acevus: Do you see yourself still using Neoseeker 2 years from now? If so, what would you like to be doing? (Moderating Loungin? Some other forum? Administrating Neoseeker?)
Tallulah: Possibly, but I doubt it. I'll be at university, so I'll have less time.

acevus: So you didn't last very long on BB and even mentioned excusing yourself from the competition. Care to shed some light on the situation?
Tallulah: Something big happened in my life around the beginning of the competition, which meant I wouldn't be able to spend much time on Neoseeker for a while. I felt it pointless to remain involved in the competition. My mother fell ill with breast cancer (which, luckily, seems to be gone now) and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

acevus: I wanna go back to your application for BB. You called yourself a "dumb blonde who can sometimes be smart", used a Bratz doll as an avatar and then went on to call yourself emo? Now, I googled "emo" and then clicked on Images... --well, and then reset my SafeSearch options to Moderate-- and saw, well... ( ). Isn't it kind of... a contradiction? Then again, I could be stereotyping...
Tallulah: Hey, can't a girl be both? I am a dumb blonde... well, I was. I'm actually brunette now. I prefer my current color to blonde. I dress like an emo, self-admittedly. But believe me - I sure as hell don't cut myself or anything like that.

acevus: So reading over diaries, there are atleast two people who've mentioned coming to you to create an alliance, but you declined. In a competition that somewhat put emphasis on alliances, wouldn't it be smart to join them? Why'd you decline?
Tallulah: I declined because I am very much my own person. Too much, even. I was simply going to see how long I could last alone. It was probably a stupid idea, now I look back on it.

acevus: If you hadn't have excused yourself from the competition/been eliminated early, how well would you have seen yourself doing?
Tallulah: Not very well at all. I can get on people's bad sides very easily. I don't tolerate being seriously insulted by anyone - I'm a bit of a tough cookie when I need to be.

(acevus: Just because this was a PM interview, it doesn't mean there was no random pointless game. Though this one would definitely be the most random and the most pointless. I threw a multiple choice quiz at her, which I'm highly impressed of her answers)

1. In reality if VulcanRaven were neither Vulcan, nor a Raven, what would he be?
A. British
B. Scottish
C. Canadian
D. Albino

(acevus: Talluah chose C, which is absolutely correct. VulcanRaven loves his milk in pouches, and his sentences to end in "eh?")

2. I coined a nickname for bobbonew the other day. What is it?
A. bob
B. bobb
C. bobby
D. boobs

(acevus: Tallulah chose D, which again is absolutely correct! I hope she chose the most humourous name, rather than knowing I'd given him the nickname, because I literally just gave it to him and that would be creepy)

3. If klope62 were a fish, what side dish would he be served with?

A. Caviar
B. Chips
C. Cole Slaw
D. Anti-acid Pills

(acevus: Tallulah chose C, which is incorrect. Naturally, fish would be served with chips and it just so happens thats the way he loves it.)

4. It's analogy time! Emo : Razor Blades :: Blonde : __________?
A. Donuts
B. Dictionaries
C. The inability to do analogies
D. Bleach

(acevus: Tallulah chose C, which is not surprisingly correct. Though, maybe since she is/was a blonde this answer came naturally!)

Bonus Answer Question: How do you feel about eating cereal in the rain? What would be your cereal of choice?
Chocolate Shreaded Wheat. With tons of sugar on it. Otherwise it tastes of cardboard, and no one wants that. In the rain? Uh, I feel... OK about that?

(acevus: There was only wrong answer, not being willing to eat cereal in the rain! With 3 out of 4 questions correct and the bonus question answered correctly, Tallulah walks away from this quiz with a whopping 100%! I don't know, guys... maybe Tallulah would've scored well on the occassional random competition! Back to the interview!)

acevus: Overall, what did you think of the competition?
Tallulah: I'm glad I took part in it, even though it was only for a while. I read some of the final posts in the competition, and found them very entertaining. I think the housemates were a very amusing group of Seekers - they couldn't have been placed together more perfectly. I would recommend participating to anyone.

acevus: If given the chance to play Big Brother again, would you take it?
Tallulah: Yes, hopefully with no interruptions like last time.

acevus: So wait, one more thing I don't understand... You mentioned at one point that you're an all-american girl (or reject) and then you claimed that you go to "posh borarding school in the middle of London".
Tallulah: Reject... good one... I've just about had enough of explaining myself to people. But I'll do it one more time, I guess. I was an all-american girl until the age of 15 and a half. Then my godforsaken family decided to pick up and move to sunny England, because of my father's new choice of career path. And I was sent to boarding school where every teacher hated me because I liked answering back to them. I now live on the Isle Of Wight at the bottom of England, as of about 4 months ago. It sucks on this island. It's the most boring place in civilisation.

acevus: And another thing, what happened to not turning in a diary? You mentioned you did, but BB notified us all that you hadn't. Was it just a mistake on BB's part?
Tallulah: Uhh... did I say I had? Really? I can't remember turning in a diary. I must've been my mistake. Sorry again about that.

neoseeker related neoseeker big brother tallulah renesmee interview random quiz
acevus blogged
Jul 20, 09 9:25pm

So this week, I get to chat with Runner Up of BB2, Estuve! We chat it up about his Neoseeker past, Pokemon Diamond forum nublets and his roller coaster ride within Neoseeker Big Brother. We also get a chance to play BB Word Association, along with special guest VulcanRaven, where the two dish on their feelings of BB2's cast (Except ZL, whom I and Vulcan both forgot was in our season). And finally, we toss around a few thoughts about the current season of BB.

Here's your chance to get an insight on Estuve... and once again, if you're not willing to sit through a good deal of reading, turn back now.

(Interview with Estuve - 7/19/09)
Estuve: u there?
acevus: sure am!
Estuve: might as well get this over with then
acevus: XD love your enthusiasm, btw...
Estuve: ha im just rellly knackered today

acevus: [...] okay, so I've prepped a series of questions for you already... some of them will involve the compeition, others will involve your neoseeker life in general. its all just to build up your wiki page and/or give more insight on you for whoever else is interested!

[...] Oh, and for the record, I loved your answers during the top2 Q&A session. D: And eating cereal in the rain is totally normal!

Estuve: whn was this
acevus: XD you don't remember? it was when you and Vulcan were in the top2 and everyone of the jury sent you questions....

Estuve: ohhh yeah ive completely forgotten my answers since, though
acevus: XD its all good. I just loved how you didn't hold back on those quesitons and answered them pretty honestly. I said I'd give you my vote if you guessed what cereal I eat in the rain, correctly. You said I like Fruit Loops (ew) and then called [eating cereal in the rain] weird XD I say it adds flavor to the cereal. you should give it a shot. ;D

Estuve: it gives the milk a waterytaste, which is horribl
acevus: I drink soymilk.
Estuve: even worse x-x

acevus: So if someone were to stalk you throughout Neoseeker, what forums could they find you in?
Estuve: Well, nowadays, I hardly ever post, but when I do it would be in the Loungin', Europe or UK and Ireland forums.

acevus: Have you applied for any other competitions prior to or post BB?
Estuve: Can't recall them all off the top of my head, but I've submitted for each election so far, and the hurt/heal thingy once. This is assuming youre only talking about Neo competitions, of course. Yeah, in Loungin, for the past two years there have been mock elections held, in order to elect a Neo President. Its pretty pointless, seeing as the President gets nothing in the way of power, but its a bit of fun and it was pretty funny reading through all the smear campaigns. Rome won the first, and I *think* Chad won the second, but dont quote me on that as I can't remember >>

acevus: I thought I remembered people referring to him as "Mister President" or something of the such... so I think you may be right.
Estuve: go me

acevus: So can I start off the BB questions section by asking where your BB avatar came from?
Estuve: Ohhh it was Brains from the Thunderbirds. XD I chose that picture because he looks fairly similar to me (at least as similar as a marionette can), and also because the name suits me well, too. Dont like to blow my own trumpet, but I think it fair to say I am pretty clever

acevus: I'd have to agree. Hahah though I've never heard someone use "blow my own trumpet" that way. Isn't that a euphanism for something else?
Estuve: hahaha, it must be more of an english phrase then. but yeah, you could twist it that way :L
acevus: XD I'm not trying to... its Danielg's job to twist things into a sexual means.
Estuve: hahah fair enough

acevus: I interviewed Vulcan and he mentioned having random people PM him about rooting for him. Did you get the same PMs, as a BB finalist?
Estuve: nope. not that i remember anyway.
acevus: anything from any friends or something?
Estuve: Ohhh now you mention it, yeah. I was (and still am) a member of a clan in the Pokemon Diamond Clans forum, and everyone in there said they were rooting for me, so that was quite nice
acevus: awwhh that's awesome...

acevus: So it seems that you had quite the big alliance during the game. I thikn you were aligned with the most amount of people altogether. Who was the most helpful member?
Estuve: oh good question. Id say Vulcan Raven. Without him, I'd not have got into the final
acevus: very true! how many times had you worked with him prior? or was the Final 2 thing the only time?
Estuve: on a few of the Veto tasks, I had helped him out quite a bit, especially the one where we had indentfy music videos from a still. Though that was the main time, i think there were others as well.
He also pretty much gave me a HOH or Veto at one point, because i had helped him so much.

acevus: How did it feel to be eliminated out of nowhere? And then be brought back suddenly and skyrocket to Top 2?
Estuve: Yeah that was pretty annoying, because as far as I could tell, I hadn't really done anything to warrant my being voted out but then I played that horrible horrible epileptic fit and rage inducing monkey jump game for about two hours, and at least that ex pended effort paid off in the end

acevus: Did you mind having to take the spot away from someone to come back?/Did you mind that it was ShinyMilotic's spot? Is there someone else's spot you'd prefer to have taken?
Estuve: no/yes/yes. SM was the only person I had known prior to the competition and, I knew him relatively well, and we has struck up quite the rapport. so yeah, I felt bad that I had to take his place I think I would rather have had bobbo in Sm's place, as he had kicked me out before :L

acevus: You mention hating how tactical you'd become due to the game. But then again, don't you feel its a good skill to have?
Estuve: Of course its a good skill to have generally, but then when you start essentially manipulating people to do what you want them to do, thats what I meant about how I hated being so tactical etc.

acevus: I really like that you mentioned BB changing you. And I know you've spoken about this before, but can you please revisit the changes?
Estuve: I think really the biggest change was that I realised just how much I can essentially manipulate other people if I really want or need to. Like at first I was realllly nice to everyone, helping out where and when I could and then later on all that niceness meant that I could blag pretty much wht i wanted in the way of votes and/or help off a certain couple of people

acevus: [...] any happier changes? OH, and you mentioned coming into the competition looking for friends... did you leave with any?
Estuve: Haha that makes me sound so sad .-. I left with acquaintances rather than friends XD

acevus: [...] So I spent the last few seconds or so trying to craft a new question, but it turned out stupid. We'll scrap that question. Got time for a useless, mid-interview mini-game? : D
Estuve: go for it. depends wht game tho :L
acevus: Let's play Word Association... BB style! I'm sure you know how this works. Though, the only words used, will be names of contestants.
Estuve: oh. fun.
acevus: XD always pouring with enthusiasm. I love it.
Estuve: i actually am .-.
viliamu is excited for the concert tonight! says:
oh, yay! hahah sorry, I just much harder to read people without the context of being in-person. OH
and it looks like you have someone to join us for the game!
Estuve: i do??

[VulcanRaven] has been added to the conversation.

acevus: Philly gets to play, too! Quick recap for you, Vulcan... we're playing BB Word Association! I'll name a contestant and you both say the first thing that comes to mind. Let it be words, numbers, phrases, quotes, etc etc etc.
Estuve: kk
VulcanRaven: kk

acevus: First off: ShinyMilotic
Estuve: nice guy
VulcanRaven: aloof

acevus: Tallulah!
Estuve: who?
VulcanRaven: hahaha! XD (that was sin response to Estuve) she was... interesting.

acevus: Vector
VulcanRaven: Vector... great guy, but seemed... distant
Estuve: uninteresting

acevus: Q22
Estuve: brilliant
VulcanRaven: sneaky

acevus: Kazooieman
Estuve: desperate
VulcanRaven: childish

acevus: (Philly you're not aloud to answer this one...) VulcanRaven
Estuve: deservant

acevus: Danielg81
swell (and aww, thanks Estuve )
Estuve: safe. not in the secure way, its like english slang so i doubt many people will get it tbh. and np vulcan.

acevus: Yrpsrk!
VulcanRaven: Confusing
Estuve: who again?
VulcanRaven: the gender-confused guy/girl
Estuve: im having such a mindblock ><

acevus: XD she or he was nobody too special.
Jaffers >_>
Estuve: unwilling
VulcanRaven: nice, but not very helpful...

acevus: bobbonew!
Estuve: bitch/bitchy
VulcanRaven: cheerful and exciting, very enthusiastic

acevus: (don't be afraid of being brutally honest!) acevus
Estuve: tactically driven
VulcanRaven: genuinely nice and helpful, didn't get a chance to show full potential

acevus: klope!
Estuve: love. nt rly.
VulcanRaven: Argumentative, but a ton of fun! Amazing guy
Estuve: screw it, ill just say love for klope hes a pretty mint guy tbh

acevus: And on the subject of klope, what's your relation to him? Did you know him pre-BB/did you get to know him post-BB? Seems a lot of BB contestants get swept into his web of...
....he likes fish.

Estuve: i hardly knew klope beforehand, but i have spoken to him a few times post BB, and hes one of the nicest guys ever

acevus: XD at times he is... but he can be mean...
Estuve: really?
acevus: D: yes. but then again, I've known him for yeeeaars.
VulcanRaven: yeah, he can be flustering at times, but in the end he's always a pretty great guy
acevus: mhmm!

acevus: So try this: Sum up your BB experience with a 4-6 word sentence.
Estuve: "Great fun, but too much bitching." methink tht should do.
Acevus: it sure will!

VulcanRaven: Compared to Season 3, I felt like our season had hardly any bitching. I loved our cast, I would hate to be stuck with [censorship courtesy of acevus ;D].
Estuve: ive not followed the most recent one at all. tbh the vast amount of bitchiness came from q22 and bobbo, i think in our season

acevus: its cast is kind of weak. like, everyone was all "Chad's such a threat... blaaah" but I took him down in a one-on-one. there are some strong ones... Chelskiman and Vector are pretty solid. but thats pretty much it.
Estuve: haha k. sounds pretty boring.
VulcanRaven: How the hell are MCS and SS even still in it?

acevus: Any final words? Anything you'd like to promote? (XD MCS ftw, btw)
VulcanRaven: VulcanRaven 4 promote
Estuve: Id like to say thanks to Klope again, cuz he was pretty damn good at the whole organising thing, well done to vulcan for winning, well done to me for getting much fruther than I ever thought I would, anddddd estuve 4 promote too. diamond clans preferably, so i can ban all the annoying nublets

VulcanRaven: Estuve and Vulcan 4 promote
Estuve: yes
acevus: oh, I love you Brits with your usage of "s" where we use "z". its so much more proper than our way.
Estuve: well, it is the english language

acevus: I'm not knocking it! I love it. hahaha.... but thanks for your time and thanks again for the interview! Its nice to see that MOST people are being good sports. Except Chad and RR. I've got some convincing to do.

neoseeker related neoseeker big brother estuve interview acevus word association
acevus blogged
Jul 14, 09 1:41am

Don't expect any ASL questions here! We'll save those for the Loungin' interviews. So I sat down(ish) to interview VulcanRaven over MSN and welp, here's what turned up. Now be warned, this interview is quite wordy, so if you're not ready for a sit down read, I'd say to turn back now. Though you'll find some good insight on the Q22 situation, give Tallulah a few more seconds of the limelight and play a mini game of Superlatives involving Season Two's cast!

Don't act like you're not interested. ;D

Interview with VulcanRaven (7/12/09)

So its your 5th year on Neo? Were you doing an off-and-on thing at some point? Or have you steadily been a Neoseeker for 5 years?
Very much so, I don't remember exact dates, but out of my 5 years at Neo I'd say that I've probably only spent a combined 2, maybe 3 years on the site. It's funny because around winter when the second season of Big Brother was starting, I thought I'd be leaving for good and start focussing more on school and whatnot, but Big Brother brough a whole new interest in the site, and I'm still following the third season closely. I owe a lot to Klope for slecting me to be in it! But that seems to happen all the time; I lose interest in Neo, and then something new and exciting happens that keeps me sticking around

[...For] the third season, is there any specific person you're watching out for? Do you have a projected winner? I'm still a fan of the V-for-Victory theory... partially because my first name begins with a V. : D
Chelskiman and Vector definitely seem to be the two strongest, so I've been watching out for them the most, and I think it will come down to those two. If it does, I think Vector will take it, everyone in the house seems to love him. And it's perfect because it fits with the V for Victory, haha!

So it seems you kept up with BB from the beginning. You commented on Daniel's behavior change in the two seasons early in your diary. Care to comment on [...] Daniel?
From reading the diaries at the end, and the reasons why he nominated some of the people that he did, it seemed very... juvenile. I know you don't need a good reason to nominate someone, but when it's things like "I didn't like his name" or "he's too young" and such, it gives off a bad impression. However, once I got to know him in the second season, I realized that wasn't the case. Even though we only had a few conversations, I could tell he was a great guy. I think he realized that what he was doing didn't work the first time around, so he changed his strategy and actually showed the house that he's really a good guy. And in his defense, when it's the first week or two of the season, it's hard to come up with legitimate reasons to nominate someone when you hardly know the rest of the house guests

Yeah, no kidding... I shared the first HOH with him and, for the record, we nominated you only because we knew you were such a strong presence. Dunno if that was said in the diaries...
Anyway, did you have any specific strategy going into BB? How much of the cast of your season had you known, prior to BB?
During the start of it I honestly had no strategy other than simply trying to win the games. I didn't know how important alliances would actually prove to be, so I foolishly only contacted one other person, bobbo, right at the start. He was the only other name I really recognized (besides you and Daniel from season 1) and I thought it would be a good chance to reach out to him (he also proved to be a great guy!) But anyway, once the first few rounds go by, you start to realize that simply minding your own business and trying to win everything on your own just doesn't work at all. we've seen that a lot in season 3 too. It was hard to plan a specific strategy going in when I didn't know what to expect once you're actually IN the game, it was a lot different than just watching from the sidelines

In your diaries you mentioned trying to convince Tallulah to join you in an alliance. How exactly did that pan out? I tried the same, and I don't think she quite understood the concept of an "alliance"... or even the competition, in general.
Hahaha, Tallulah. That failed miserably. I went by the common misconception that girls tend to be more mature than guys, and perhaps her maturity and knowledge would prove beneficial to me. Unfortunately she wasn't either of those, and I think she was, what, the first person out of the house? It made me angry more than anything, since she took up the spot of someone who would actually give it their best shot and put some effort into the game after Klope put all that time and energy into it. But that seems to be unavoidable every season...
She was out within at least week 2. She dropped out of the game, claiming she was too busy. I don't get her at all, actually... I thought about interviewing her and looked for questions to ask her from her profile but I found this: "I lost my virginity in a dare, but I won't tell you about it if you ask. ;D" right next to something along the lines of "If you have nothing nice to say to me, don't say it. But if you do, just know that I'm listening but I don't care."
Hahaha, wow... yeah, she's an interesting one XD

So this season they had a Superlatives challenge. You're familiar with it, yes?
Was that the first challenge of the season, where they nominated contestants under various titles, like most kind, smart, etc?
Try assigning these titles to people within your season: Smartest Houseguest, Most Confused, Biggest Sweetheart & Biggest Instigator
Smartest Houseguest definitely Q22 hands down, looking back at the diaries, and even though according to Klope there was a ton of stuff he left out, he did a lot of scheming and masterminding. He makes me think of a smart Dash the Stampede. Plus, he was great at the challenges, for the most part.

Most Confused - This one is tough. I'm gonna have to give it to Ysprk though, simply for the fact that he/she seemed to be very gender confused. He claimed to be a "he" but Big Brother called him a "she" all the time, and everyone knows that Big Brother is all knowing, and soon in time Ysprk even seemed unsure of being a "he". That added some fun and confusion to the house. XD

Biggest Sweetheart - Hmmmm, you and Daniel definitely were the two nicest in the house. I'm gonna have to make it a tie between you two. Even though you and I weren't in an alliance until very close to the end (and it didn't last long either ) I noticed right off the bat you seemed genuine and considerate even though we had barely been working together all competition. That meant a lot, and it was a [continuing]
shame that you ended up being evicted shortly afterwards because I was looking forwards to working with you. You definitely didn't seem like the kind of person that would screw someone over in the end. And Daniel ended up being a great guy, like we talked about earlier. Very unfortunate about what happened with him, I can't imagine going through that. Bobbo was a really nice guy too, a lot of enthusiasm, I liked that about him. He'd be higher on the list if he didn't say to Q22 in one of his PMs that I needed to grow balls since I didn't evict ShinyMilotic *rage*. At least I proved it to be the right decision in the end!

Biggest Instigator - Q22 again, for when he tried to turn Bobbo against me by doctoring PMs. That was brilliant on his part, to give him credit, and I really did fall for it. I lost a lot of trust in Bobbo and looking back I felt really bad once I knew it was faked. To be honest, I never mentioned this in a diary, but when it came down to me and Estuve in the Veto in the Final Four, I let him win it so that he would remove himself from the block, putting [cont'd]
me up in his spot by default, and then since Q22 couldn't vote, he'd vote out Bobbo. (Bobbo already evicted Estuve once, so it seemed very reasonable that he'd get his revenge). And it worked out perfectly in the end, and I felt good about it until I realized Bobbo wasn't actually trying to go against me. Oops. Oh well, Bobbo and Q22 were close, so I know I would have been the odd man out in the end. I had to do some scheming of my own.

Oh, and speaking of... Shed some light onto the Q22-gone-evil situation. It seemed you two were somewhat close in alliance. Did his behavior surprise you?
Did it appear that we were close? To be completely honest, he was probably someone I was most distant to in the entire house. I only contacted him once, and that was when he sent everyone answers for that one music video HOH competition. I didn't know what he was up to all the time, I juest heard everything through Bobbo, since those two were very close knit. I didn't know what to expect of him, and when he contacted me about Bobbo planning on turning against me, I was very surprised. But I didn't think he'd go through all the effort to doctor images, so naturally I fell for it. I thought he was a nice guy for sharing the HOH image with me earlier in the season (although that too was just part of his plan). And he did spare me from eviction when he nominated Estuve and Bobbo instead, that was a nice gesture, so I thought he was being genuinely helpful to me. Of course, I was wrong, and needless to say I was pretty surprised when I found out just how much actually went on behind everyone's back. =P
It kind of seemed you guys were... or maybe I just assumed since he was in the alliance, that you were. I guess it was only bobbo that was close to him. I mean, he and I interacted beyond the competition, but thats another story for a much different setting and day.
If I could do anything differently though, it would've been throwing the Greed challenge for you instead of for Bobbo. It sucked that I helped him get HOH and then he gets Veto and doesn't even help me out. I mean, I'm not bitter about it still, but eh. If you could do one thing differently, what would you do?
You two interacted beyond that? I'm interested to hear that story one day
its uh... quite the story.
Yeah, when I saw what happened with you I was pretty shocked. It was at the point where backstabbing was inevitable, but I wasn't happy that it was you. It was right at the point where I was starting to trust you more than anyone else remaining, and BAM, you're gone. At that point it really all comes down to luck of the draw based on who won HOH and Veto. If it had been me, Q22 would be gone, if it had been Estuve I'm sure Bobbo would have been gone. It would be fun to be able to go back in time and see how things would play out if it was slightly different.

And LOL, that makes it sound like quite the sketchy story

If you were able to choose anyone to go head-to-head with you, who would it have been? ...and if you weren't in the Final 2, who would you have liked to see there?
I was glad I was going against Estuve, I wouldn't change that. Of course, he was a great guy too, and I wouldn't have minded seeing him win it, but I knew that he didn't have as much support from (past) alliances and since the group of recently evicted houseguests who made up the jury comprised a lot of guys I had been in contact with or alliances with, I felt pretty comfortable. I knew Q22 was a lot more well-known and liked than I was, to some of the jury anyway, and I didn't think I would have stood a chance if I had chosen him instead. For the record, I didn't flip a coin, I picked Estuve by hand. >___> I think it would have been fun going against you in the Bottom 2 as well, I think that would have been closer in the end than it was with me and Estuve.

But if I wasn't in the Final 2, I would have liked to see DanielG there, and either you or Bobbo. You were the three that I wanted to win the most, besides myself, at some point or another and all three of you had been great guys who were deserving of the win. I think DanielG vs. acevus would have made a great Final 2 considering you were both returning contestants, haha

If it were Daniel versus me, I would've lost so hard. Hahah everyone really liked him a lot more than they liked me, which is very understandable.
I dunno, once I got to know you as well it really surprised me that at such a key time in the competition you were still an honest and very nice guy. That said a lot to me

So after talking about BB and giving yourself a mental refresher: Summarize your BB season with 4 words.
This is going to difficult... =( Hmmm... Exciting, Enjoyable, Stressful, and Rewarding =D
(Or do the 4 words have to be connected, like forming a sentence? )
lol if you could do a sentence, it'd be great. Mine's “Supermod? More like Super-Evil.” (Which is technically cheating since Its kind of 5 words.)
I was thinking about that, it's hard to make a good four letter sentence, but mine would probably be: That was a rush! (Sound corny when I read it aloud, ahah)

[...] has winning Neo BB boosted your status on Neo? Did you have anyone asking you about the competition and such?
I did get a couple random PMs from people telling me they were following it and saying they were rooting for me. That surprised me, since I didn't think that there were people like me who lurked the game. I don't know if it's actually boosted my status, but it feels pretty good when I read through the Big Brother Season 3 thread and see "The Big Brother House; Winner: VulcanRaven! DIARIES Pg. 22" as a related thread at the bottom, hahah. I'm hoping Big Brother keeps going on for many more seasons, so then I can always look back and brag that I was one of the few winners! And it felt awesome getting all the congrats at the end of the game from past participants and houseguests. It's probably the only competition I'll ever win in my life!
acevus. says:
lol I'm sure you're bound to win more competitions to come...

[...] I tried digging for some dirt or something [on you], but there's nothing! It doesn't exist. You're [just] a genuinely good person. I'm really, really glad you won the competition. Any final thoughts to any fellow BB members; past, present and future?
I tried to be a nice guy and not to screw anyone over, so I should hope there would be no dirt! =P I think you and I had a very similar mentality in that sense, because you definitely didn't seem like the kind of person who would turn around and evict a friend. And I know everyone knows it's only a game meant for fun, but when you act like an asshole it takes away from the fun. Thankfully we had a great cast in Season 2 (tbh probably the best out of the three seasons). There were some people in Season 3 who took it way too seriously, especially whoever spoiled the merger surprise *cough it's pretty obvious who*, that was the lowest of the low. I think the important thing to keep in mind was that it's meant to be enjoyable and meant to be a good time, so if there are any future Big Brother contestants reading this just remember that, and by the way I HIGHLY encourage you try it out. It was a great experience, and even built some friendships out of it. =D I love thinking back on when it was the final five, when things started to get really heated and hectic and exciting. Those were
some of my favourite times ever on Neoseeker.

[...] looks like I skipped these four questions: For those unfamiliar with your Neoseeker presence, where do you usually lurk? Have you participated in/applied for any other Neoseeker competitions? Here's your chance to gloat: Have you had any other big Neo accomplishments?

For those unfamiliar with your Neoseeker presence, where do you usually lurk?
I don't post a whole lot anymore these days, but I spend most of my time around the Sports and Music Forums. Those are probably really the only two places I post at all anymore, since those are the two things I never lose interest in, whereas Loungin' and IE is just the same old drivel over and over (with the exception of a certain Klope-run game thread)! I also lurk the Season 3 Big Brother thread, obviously haha, I'm very interested in seeing how that plays out, it seems to be a very competitive cast this season.

Have you participated in/applied for any other Neoseeker competitions?
I was hoping to participate in the Neoseeker Modeling competition, since that looked like a lot of fun when I had read about it, I was going to enter along with my girlfriend, who I actually met on Neoseeker, hahah, we had big plans. But something happened before it started and I ended up on one of my many Neoseeker hiatuses while it took place. If there's another edition, I'll probably try to take part in that one for sure. But other than Big Brother, nothing else. That's alright though, it's about quality, not quantity, and the quality of Big Brother was amazing.
acevus. says:
The modelling competition looked fun! I definitely wanna enter. We should push for it to make a comeback.

Here's your chance to gloat: Have you had any other big Neo accomplishments?
Unfortunately not. Loki said it best when he said "Popularity is not required; while knowing people will help, if you look at last season's winner, VulcanRaven, he isn't all that popular." That sums up my life on Neoseeker. I haven't done a lot, but I've made some good friends and someone who has changed my life, and that's good enough for me. Although maybe one day I will go on to recognize my life-long dream of finally becoming a Neoseeker moderator! Perhaps Klope will let me be his co-mod in Community Events one day. :thick:

And do you know if there's any news on the modeling compeition making a comeback? I might send a PM to ctrl to find out more, that would be a lot of fun!

I don't have any info, but if we gather enough interest in the competition, I'm sure we could get it revived... maybe klope will know what to do.

[…] The last question isn't even important... nor relevant.
VulcanRaven says:
: D How do you feel about milk stored in jugs, as opposed to bags?
Hahaha! Well apparently milk in bags seems to be a Canadian thing that many non-Canadians find completely bizarre. I've grown up with it so it's completely normal to me, although I prefer my milk in cartons since there is less work and preparation involved!
I don't find it bizzare... I think its effing awesome. Its one more thing that makes Canadians much better than us.

By the way, what's your relation to klope? Seems like the majority of BB contestants have at least something.

My relation to Klope? As of right now he's probably one of the members I talk to the most outside of the site. But not because of Season 2, I rarely talked to him during Season 2. It wasn't until Season 3 started that I began talking to him more and more about Big Brother, and eventually that branched off into conversations about everything else. We bicker like an old married couple a lot, but he's an awesome guy. I'd say he's become a pretty good friend and a great guy to talk to, always entertaining. He has so many ideas always running through his head about HOH challenges and twists and turns he's gonna throw in here and there, I'm really quite impressed. Our personalities clash so many times, but regardless he's always a fun guy to talk to. I'd like to see how HE would do in a season of Big Brother!

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acevus blogged
Jul 11, 09 8:10pm

So I'm working on a Wiki for the past few seasons of Neoseeker Big Brother, further proving that I have way too much *bleep*ing free time on my hands. Also, the fact that I've never worked on a Wiki doesn't seem to work in my favor either... But yeah, regardless I plan on really making this NBB Wiki something great. The Wiki will contain info on every season, challenges, info on contestants, the people behind the BB curtain... everything. Think of it as a way to watch the Big Brother who's been watching you.

I'm going to need to get info on contestants somehow, and that's what this blog will be for. This blog is going to be dedicated to storing the interviews I conduct with contestants... and shizz. You'll see for yourself. For the first round of interviews, I plan on getting a hold of VulcanRaven, Megacoolstar, bobbonew, Rune Ripper, Q22 (sigh), Fusion and Unity. Or something like that. I think I may just focus on Season 2's contestants for now.

I'll be posting the interviews as raw as possible (i.e. MSN chat logs, PM responses or however else I need to fish out that info). Oh, and I'll be sure to publish a link to the Wiki once it looks a bit better than it does now.

:| Is it odd that I'm slightly excited to work on it?

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