Holly Charm ace hacker03
Jul 21, 08 8:35pm
I know you don't know me but I was dared to stamp every Neoseeker member's guestbook...well at least those who joined neoseeker and actually visited/posted. And guess what..your on the list! The title up there tells that you are the [insert number here] to be stamped by this stamp. So you better like this stamp!
Cheer me on....

Phil422343 ace hacker03
Jan 31, 08 7:38pm

Give England some massive support though the Six Nations, bring home the trophy lads, your world cup finalists...
insominus ace hacker03
Nov 8, 07 10:31am
Stampy Stamp

You've got Stamped by Kinny!

Mehehehe ... =/
Redalert501 ace hacker03
Dec 25, 06 1:02pm

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England as of 1 minute ago!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!