On Nov. 21, 2014 we had to take our dog to the Ole Vet just for a check up on why he had trouble urinating and defecating. He even pukes often. The doctor's diagnosis is that the bladder and urinary tract already has a problem. There were stones and his bladded is filled with pee. To make sure of this, we had to schedule him for an X ray which has been done the next day and proven that the doctors diagnosis was correct. We were so afraid and pitied our dog about it's situation which is why we sheduled him for 2 operations: cystotomy at urethrostomy. It was done on Nov. 23, 2014 and the doctor who conducted the operation said that it was a success and he might be able to get out in 2-4 days, depending on his recovery.

So days went by and we saw him getting really better. But then on the 4th day after operation, Nov. 27, 2014, I decided to check him in the afternoon. They informed us that there were still "sand like stones" in hindi tract. It made me angry and asked why there are still stones there. They JUST informed me that they did not perform the 2 operations I signed for. They only performed cystotomy, which means the contract I signed for is already invalid. Another problem of mine was that why did they not inform us right away on Nov 23??? why keep that fact? They said they will help our dog if we pay them again (THEY WILL GIVE US A DISCOUNT!).

As far as I see it, it should be free. They should finish what they started and what we've agreed with. The point is, I brought my dog to their clinic for a surgery which would help our dog. I didn't bring it to them just so they could give a temporary ease of feeling. What makes me angrier is that I've consulted another vet. They said the next operation should be 2 weeks after the last operation. Sheessshhh our dog will be away from us for a longer time.

Another is that we are paying for PROFESSIONAL FEE as he is confined. The way I saw him there, his foot is wet with urine. I don't think he is being at least given a wet towel just to remove the urine. So how professional is that?

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