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Feb 03, 14 10:11pm
Remember our review of the ROCCAT Isku FX? Here is its (much better) brother.

It seems not so long ago when mechanical keyboards were closer tied to the most entrenched computer enthusiasts or typists. Nowadays with the popularity of Cherry MX mechanical switches, mechanical keyboards reach all kinds of audiences and...

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Feb 01, 14 4:55pm
We've take another look at the HAF Stacker series.

Recently one of the bigger turnabouts in the computer hardware industry is the rising popularity of small form factor systems. Although miniaturized components have existed for a long time, they were commonly plagued with propriety hardware...

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Dec 10, 13 9:11pm

If there is one component I include with almost every enthusiast computer build, it would be a dedicated fan controller. Despite motherboard manufacturers recently opening up control for fan speeds with software such as Gigabyte's EasyTune...

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Dec 09, 13 8:26pm

Picture yourself on the way to a LAN party or gaming tournament. In one hand is the best small form factor build possible and in the other is an expensive gaming monitor and probably the flashiest keyboard and mouse combination on the marke...

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Nov 27, 13 7:53pm
Looking for a sub-$100 case? This is the one.

The computer case market can often hold value to different standards. Unlike graphics cards or CPUs, higher prices may not always mean better cooling or overall system performance. That's why many users end up springing for a "good enough"...

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Nov 21, 13 1:56am

The Xbox One, or "Xbone" as so many prefer to call it, is upon us. We're a little over 24 hours away from the second next-gen console launch, and Microsoft's making sure their fans are covered. Need an excuse to get out of work or any other previous....

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Nov 05, 13 8:21pm
Well, there goes my interest of playing Ghost

Hold onto your butts, people, because Call of Duty: Ghosts has been compromised. Just a day before release, and reports of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions being hacked are popping up on gaming sites and social media. Needless to say, a lot of people a....