haven't played this one yet.,... PimpMyRide PS2
i've got the cd from a friend..=D NobunagasAmbitionIronTriangle PS2
i kinda have a hard time trying to balance their levels... FinalFantasyXII PS2
i want it soooooooooooo bad!! DynastyWarriors6 PS3
i played it once but, it got lost.,. i want to play though DynastyWarriors5 PS2
i got stuck on the giant water monster..,, and i didnt play it anymore because i forgot to save it, i dont want to start over...... TheLordOfTheRingsTheThirdAge GBA
i luv the feature of creating your own officer...^^ SamuraiWarriors2Empires X360
i liked it because i can play it with the another player...^^ Fantastic4RiseOfTheSilverSurfer PS2
didnt enjoy playing it, i guess that game wasn't my thing... TheHistoryChannelGreatBattlesOfRome PC
pRetty toUgh gaMe, i'm telling u... but u'll ace it sOon enough...,..,.^^ GodOfWar PS2
sooooooooo hilarious! eSpecially the paRt when thEy acTually thought Crash was the criminal!^^ CrashTagTeamRacing DS
i did'nt fiNish it yEt though... CastlevaniaCurseOfDarkness PS2
it's pretty hArd tHan u thiNk.... eSpecially giLL's trainiNg... FindingNemo
the planes fly..,. that's pretty much it.^^ Heatseeker PS2
it's in Japanese.., what a bummer.......>.< MeltyBloodActCadenzaImport PS2
pretty cute cHaracters..,..^^go Prier!=D LaPucelleTactics PS2
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