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  • "I need someone with a ditto friend safari. If you do my friend code is 4639-9015-4995. PM me ASAP PokemonX 3DS"
    faisalan4u Jun 30, 14 9:35pm
  • "Anyone got Entei, Suicune or Raikou that they're willing to trade? Or add me on Friend Safari: 1907-9722-4154 PokemonX 3DS"
    beetleduce Jun 29, 14 12:06pm
  • "Need friend codes for pokemon safari add me 4485-0055-1929 PokemonX 3DS"
    arabiangoggles Jun 25, 14 1:37pm
  • "Looking for tyranitarite!!! Pm me will can work it out for pokemon or pokemon y exclusive mega stones PokemonX 3DS"
    Anarchy Jun 07, 14 12:31pm
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