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  • "Add me and message me your fc for pokemon friend safari. 1435-5186-2540 PokemonX 3DS"
    weo123weo1234 Sep 17, 15 12:17pm
  • "Looking for friend safari codes, need fire type, my code is 4699 8847 6079 PokemonX 3DS"
    Airbag Aug 23, 15 4:34pm
  • "I will trade my Shiny Level 51 Emboar for a Shaymin PokemonX 3DS"
    ccgrandberg Aug 22, 15 12:15pm
  • "Can anyone help me evolve my haunter? My fc is 1306-7961-3954 PokemonX 3DS"
    Angemeister Aug 17, 15 10:22am
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