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  • "One of my absolute favorite games of all time. I simply love everything about this magnificent jewel of a game! MegaManLegends"
    Magic Aug 13, 13 8:58pm
  • "The lamest looking cover, the blasphemy of a 2d icon in 3d, and ....oh my god I can't stop playing! Secret black armor if you're a hooligan! MegaManLegends"
    forcesofodin Feb 10, 12 1:00pm
  • "The first game I got when I got a next gen system. Yes it was a PS2. Yes I could have gotten a PS2 game. But I did not, I wanted THIS... MegaManLegends"
    gerard way owns you Jan 31, 09 9:05am
  • "Played it so many times it won't play anymore. =( MegaManLegends"
    reploid Nov 15, 08 10:24am
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