Hey you don't know me and I don't know you but I'm signing anyway. Hope that's OK.
heeeeeeeeeeey rob!!!!!!!
decided to sign here because you helped me in the Guild Wars forum many times!!!!
didn't know you were from England until 3 minutes ago when I started to rea\d your guestbook!
I was born in yorkshire (sheffield) and now live in manchester.
Not much else to say , (drugs are just bad m'kay?)
[sizer=1]i saw this and thought that i would Reply X.x
have a nice day.. this is very good.. w--t my first guestbook signing.. and .. and... well i dont *bleep*ing know x.x.x.x.x. now it is really good byem stupid 125 word lengh.[/size]
Saw this in your sig and decided I had to sign your guestbook cause Muse rule!

Well I've only seen you post once in the UK forum so I may see you around....if not then maybe in the Muse thread:P


YOU STEPPED ON MAH BEEG TOE!!!!!!!!!! SAY SAHWEEE!!!!!!!!! DO IHT!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing flashy but Since you like Zelda you rule I haven't been on the zelda fourm b-4 so you may not know me so here ya go signing your guset book*la la la*
Hi! This is me signing your guest book... Yeah. You like Zelda, so you must rock. I've never signed a guest book before so you should feel priveleged.
quote Your Signature
I'm british and I'm stupid... I think
You don't find that combination much.
I saw that you liked Zelda, so I thought I would sign your guestbook!

p l e a s e s i g n b a c k

I decide to sign your guestbook because you like Zelda, like me! Zelda rocks !!!!!!!!!

(please sign back)
Er, don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree, probably because I have a subconcious desire to show off my first stamp. XD I know, it's too simple.

>^^< meow!

P.S This message will be the same as all other entries I make today.
Thanks for signing my guestbook mate.
Peace from Lancashire lol



Meh... signing your guestbook because saw your name in Amara's guestbook... so, yea, I was a little bored... Meh, I like signing guestbooks! ^^ See ya!

>^^< meow!
hi, i decided to write you a message cus from what i see in your messages you a very skilled at Zelda. some people here i think are boasting and exagerating how good they are at the game, but i believe you are naturally good at it!
Yeah, why not sign your g-book? Dang character requirement. leiomyoma hypoapohysism hippopotamonstrosesquipedaliophobia cyanide i'm an average everyday sane psycho i once had the toilet paper but i don't know where it went oh where did all the toilet paper go do you have enough staythere-edness estuans interis ira vehementi feetz r funee it is i obviousman this show sponsored by cheese it's cheesy are the troops ready supreme executive lieutenant general johan craigenhanz of the 9th dimension

There, that should cover it.

One thing, though. Sign mine in return.
I added you as my neobrother cause you rock at Zelda. You are my hero. By the way england rocks!Have a happy easter!Please sign my guestbook when you have time!
I seen you around the Zelda site and droped by
to say hi.And hope you will sign my Guest book
too.I see you live in England I wan't to go
there and Tokyo,Japan

I am

Well i saw you in the Zelda forum so i decided to sign your GB. Please sign mine. Well bye.


i am signing this for three resons:
1: you have the best name in the world
2: no-one else has signed it yet
3: hopefully you will sign mine