I'm bored so I'm just randomly signing peoples guestbooks

Wow, long time no speak! Anyway, here's my (recycled) stamp:

'Cause i'm not talented enough to make my own!

your poetry is freakin' getting to me. and i know how ya feel. im here for ya buddy
Hey Zyzan, like i said sorry for the late reply and wanted to thankyou for that awesome sige you got me.

But it expired the other week. Ohwell.

This totally slipped my mind. Alright, stamp rating time

I definitely dig the the writing you put on the right, and the background is nice. But I think you could've used better pics of Sora and Kairi, and there's a lot of space left in the stamp. Better than last time though.

Score: 7/10. Congratulations.
Thanks for the great stamping you gave to my book.

Signed by the notorious gamin' gang warlord.
Here are some glorious stamps for you, honey.

Goodbye now.
Just Signing.

Bye ^-^
Thanks for the stamp, it rocks!

But remember this:

Well, the image looks very plain and boring. Also, the image you blended with Riku looks like some animal. Wasn't a good image to blend with. Also, the Zyzan text looks crap. Is there a border around the image? I can't tell.

Eureka gives the stamp at 4.5/10! =D

Thanks for playing.
You are super cool, I'm signing twice because I've now got an awesome stamp. I'm going to make this signing so perfect you don't need edit it at all.

See you around the Battlefront II forum, you did well with the conquest game.
Yo zyzan, i'm signing ya Gbook cos you signed mine with a really cool stamp and also cos i see you around the BFII boards and you're pretty cool. Anyway i'm off but i'll leave you with this

Hope you like it
Thanks for singing my g-book, and for the 4th time in 4 days, i have to edit my sig...

By the way that is a super awesome stamp.
Dear, Zyzan

That's how I feel about you now. Don't cry, it's okay. I hate other people. But I won't dare to say their names here.

Hope you LOVE it.

Jokin', of course.
Your stamp didn't work so I thought I'd stamp you with your URL. I hope this works.

Nice winning the dual Commendadly done I must say. Your victory earns you a singing. Who knows, mabye we can dual again in the future?
Hey, when you show off your guestbook stamp, make sure it's good first. The stamp you showed off on mine guestbook just sucked, really. I give it a 0/10.

Nah, just playing. It was good. I give it a 5/10. AVERAGE. COULD BE BETTER KTHX. I have a guestbook stamp, but I'm too damn lazy to go to my PM inbox and get it.

This is my first guestbook signing in a long ass time, by the way.

Happy Easter Day ^^

Be sure to pet bunnies and eat lots of chocolate!

From King Ma Chao
Hey, I'm re-signing people's guest book's with my new stamp. Well I haven't really spoke to much lately but I'll see you around...

Thanks in advance for judging our duel.

Hope to see you around the site, probably the NDL and KH2 forums.

Im not on the most respected list

Oh well. Thought I'd sign this cause Zyzan is a cool name, and cause you like dragons! lol - stuff like that is probably the reason im not on that list :\
hi, I've seen you in the KH2 forum, and i thouhgt i'd sign everyone's g/b for a while, here goes:

plz sign mine if u could I'm desperate!
Hiya Zyzan! Thanks for signing my guestbook! Happy late Halloween!
Freaky images dude.

See ya around!
I dont have a halloween stamp
but here are two of my newest one's

sign back

happy halloween
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. In return, I'm signing yours.