I am willing to give a 6 IV Shiny Milotic Modest 4 IV shiny Treeoko 31/x/31/x/31/31 timid & 5 IV Shiny Pory

I have an offer you may not wish to refuse! :D I am offering up a Shiny Gardevior 6IV's with gardeviorite. After I

Shiny Bold Politoed Lvl 40 Shiny Hardy Liepard Lvl 30 Shiny timid Gengar with gengarite Lvl 83 What am I look

I have a 1 IV Shiny Liepard Hardy non shiny 5IV Adamant Ralts with trace Egg moves in a Premier ball 31/x/31/31/31/3

I'm looking to trade my 5IV Axew Honestly I'd like to get a non fish low IV shiny. =0 I'm more of a col

I have a Shiny Liepard for trade It has 2 IV's but here is the best part it will be holding a master ball. I'm

Really want a shiny Gastly. 0.0

I have a Shiny Vanilluxe Lvl 47 Moves 1. Ice Beam 2. Mirror Coat 3. Mirror Shot 4. Avalanche I don&

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