okay so rc signed my guestbook like a week agoish and i got an email saying you invited me to twitter(lol i have one it's @lostboytommo) and all of this is making me realize how much i miss all of you ugh like we've known each other for how many years? i have no clue but wow i'm thinking of all the memories we've all had and i miss this website and i was an annoying ten year old let's just get that out there and i'm an annoying thirteen year old lololol but not as bad but like seriously we need to talk more you should text me or email me(stephenie.santilli@aol.com) because i just gonna end this here before my emotions get to me ilysm hope to hear from you sooon (:
Sorry i never meant to offend you, specially on your age.

If you want we could be friends, i want someone i can exchange information about consoles, pokemon games and everything tech related too
ohaiz. thought i would stamp you. 11 months together. <3

[this stamp was done on paint, btw.]

Well hi. XD Happeh Late Holidays! XD Miss you!

<3 Stephenie

Hey, Zuidy! ^^

Happy New Year! You're fun to PM and it's been great knowing you! ^^

Happy 2011! ^^

    Oh.My.Gawsh. I got a new stamp. Aaannnddd. I'm in the mood to sing guestbooks!

I have seen you around Loungin' and the Mario forums a ton lately, and you seem pretty cool. So I'm signing your guestbook. XD

Just dropping by to say hey. So hey.Tell me if you like this.

hey man, to remember me by, this... we shall stick together
Just signing your guestbook to see how you're doing. Hope you've been having a good summer. See you on neo later I guess. I don't have a picture for you, sorry haha.

Thanks for everything, zuidy! You're a great NeoBrother! We're all in it together.
See you in the forums~

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    * The recipient (zuidy) has chosen not to receive private messages
I'm 11.


And unblock me in PM if you want a reply.


FROM YOUR BUD, man thank you, we neobros need to stick together
to one of 3 of my best neofriends, (or neobrother :0
You are so worked up man when momentomboy threw spam, and how you cared, my dorm mates also thank you. See you In the forums , also, but thanks for saving me from momentomboy, yea see ya
Thanks for signing mine, so I'll sign yours too. Pokemon is awesome, and I guess you're a Mario Freak too, like it says in your CT.
Hey! <3 You wanted guestbook signing, you shall get guestbook signing! xD

<3 Steph

well i seen you on mario forums and threads and you seem pretty cool because you like mario the best game and music ever invented and i'm 11 well please sign my guestbook very empty right now
Yup don't have much to say except your cool man. I love Mario and it looks like you do to so and you are the same age as me so, see ya!