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Well everyone, tomorrow i go back to school!

I know just a few people would care, but just to let you all know I might not be as active as usual. Please know that i will try to be on AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

So just to let you all know, and thanks for reading!



is bummed about going back to school........

I told you guys I would make another one of these soon.....

I like the whole PMing thing we got going, but I thought I should throw another one of these up.

I am sure this will be somewhat dead, but nobody's been around the PM thread so why not give it a shot.

So, to start you guys off, DON'T YOU ALL LOVE ME?

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for a while...... don't worry! I will come back. Sometimes I just get really busy but I try to be on Neoseeker a lot. So if you notice a stretch of time in which I am not on, I will come back soon. Just have faith in me! I feel bad if I don't let you guys know sooner. So just know that I try my hardest to be on every day. Dragoon and Symphonic Abyss I blame you for getting me hooked on OoT. I haven't been on because I have been playing my 3DS. 40 hours clocked in to Oot now. Eh, don't blame yourself. It was my fault.

So anyway I just get really busy sometimes and that is why I am not on. If I ever have to leave again for a long stretch of time I will do my best to try and let you know!


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is wondering what do do now that he is back again.....

Well, I know that I said I was coming back for sure. But then there was another long stretch of time where I wasn't on. This was due to Lent, an event at my church where we have to give something up. I gave up my computer, so I couldn't be on. Well, Lent lasts longer than I expected, but now it is done. So, I give you my honest word, I will be back, FOR SURE NOW!


Your Friend-


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Back..... In..... ACTION!

Everyone, I have missed you all!

I have been kind of a slug lately, being lazy and not coming to Neoseeker to contribute like normal, and I haven't been a part of the community like before. I was wrong for that.

I had no idea what I was missing out on, though I knew I was missing some.

I want to personally apologize to everyone out there who is my Neofriend. I am sorry I left. I want to make that as sincere as possible. Tell me your comments below. Tell me what I missed out on! I want to hear it. Tell me if you want me back. Motivate to come back, though I am for sure! Tell me if you all missed me, not to sound like a cocky person. I simply want to know if I was missed, because if not, what is the point in me being here now? I sincerely say I am sorry to all of you for how long I was gone. I didn't really explain it good enough.

Thanks to my Neofriends for being so kind, these almost 3 years I have been here.

I hope I didn't hurt you.

A few reasons why I left, are these:

I needed a break. I overloaded myself with editing a few NeoWikis. I posted a ton, which is what I am going to continue to do. That I don't mind at all. I needed a break, really! Plus, with this being my final year until middle school, I needed to buckle down and work hard at school-- I ended the 5th grade with a D- in some areas, and bad grades in others. I also had some 'inside business' going on within Neoseeker. I just made some pretty dumb choices, like begging a mod to be one and continually asking if my chances of becoming one were hurt by my choices. Just asking that is what lowered my chances. Don't beg, for your sake.


So please, motivational comments for why I should come back. Did you miss me? What did I miss?

Do you want me to come back?

Comment below.

I am pleased to wrap this up by saying:

I have come back to Neo, and I AM HERE TO STAY!



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Is done with Neo for now. I will come back soon!
Editing the Metroid NeoWiki and aiming for Wiki Staff!
Trying to figure out the new NeoPM system.....

I am going to make posts like this where I host a big chatroom.

This is the first chatroom of mine, and more will be coming.

This is just a post where we will all come, and chat! This is for mainly my Neofriends. What we do is just talk in the comments, and start a chat.

There isn't really any topic, it's just to chat!

There will be more of these in the future once this one gets full, I figure, and so on.



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