Someone pleeeeeease battle me. Thanks! ^_^ No Ubers~

Sadly I do not have Black or White 2 so I cannot get this myself. Will offer Shinies for it or flawless Pokemon. Thank yo

I'm looking for gorgeous series items more specifically the wall, floor, and counter which I will pay 700k for :) I wi

I'm looking for all the items on my wishlist below. If anyone has them please let me know a price or item(s) you are look

I saw this is a dream town and really want one, I'm not sure if this is the right name for the item but basically that is

I'm looking for any spooky furniture but would prefer just to buy the set outright. I'm also looking for any and al

Afternoon Tea Set Cat tower Kimbap plate Songpyeon Sweets player Really looking for these items, name your price and I

I'm interested in cataloging the following items :) -Minimalist Sofa -Box Sofa -Box Corner Sofa -Ranch Table -Minima

I am in desperate need of a Mareep in my white version, If the Mareep is also flawless and/or has egg moves that would be pre

X/31/31/x/31/31 caught in Dive Ball. Looking for other good IV shinies or flawless pokemon. Thank you ^_^

Female caught in heal ball with 2 IVs 31, attack and special attack. Make me an offer :) Looking for flawless pokemon or

I am really in need of a vullaby or someone with a vullaby safari, just tell me what you need in return and I will try to get

Egg moves: Thunder Punch/Cross Chop/Ice Punch/Fire Punch Looking for shiny pokemon or flawless pokemon with egg moves. Tha

Like the title says I really need a friend safari with vullaby, my safari has growlithe, larvesta, and braixen :) Thank you!

-Timid Nature -Capable of taking hits -Male -Lv. 1 UT Egg Moves: Magic Coat, Wish, Hypnosis, & Heat Wave Looking

_Shiny 3IV Ditto_ -Timid -Likes to thrash about -Lv. 49 -x/31/x/31/x/31 _4IV Dittos_ -Naughty -Likes to thrash abou

_Shiny Skiddo_ -Timid Nature -Takes plenty of siestas -Outstanding Potential 31/31/31/x/x/x -Male -Lv. 9 UT _Shiny Li

_Phantump_ -Hasty -Alert to sounds -Natural Cure -Female -UT (Holding everstone) _Trevenant_ -Adamant -Alert to So

Relaxed and female. Level 40 UT. Looking for shiny offers, Noibat and Carbink are big wants but feel free to offer all non

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