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Neofriends List

beccyorange / Rebecca: The happiness fairy of happiness. :3 Everyone likes you so much. You know that, right?

Chaos Team / Jason: Jason's also a really great guy. He can piss you off really easily; something I’ve always noticed about Jason. He speaks his mind, and lets others know exactly what he feels about them. I have some great admiration for this guy, even though he doesn’t always want me to help him out. I hope he lives a very long and happy life with Erin. :3

Dragoon / Shayn: An intelligent soul on the forums and PO servers? Really? Dragoon, or Shayn if you prefer, helps around the site EVERYWHERE. Almost everywhere I go, Dragoon’s posting a bit or helping out. He’s a Doctor Who fan, which means +10 internets for him.

Eon80 / Cody: This guy is awesome. If I remember correctly, he showed me around the site when I first joined. I haven't had the opportunity to congratulate him on his moderator position recently; so congratz if he's reading this. He’s often considered a pedo, but I’m sure he knows most of us are kidding.

Fawful / Adam: The most bestest graphics artist I know on neo. He can make an awesome comic in ten seconds flat, and tought me how to use GIMP. You really want to be this guy’s friend.

Giga Bowser / Nathan: No way I could forget you. You, my friend, are amazing. You've shown me Doctor Who, and watching you deal with MrCore is hysterical. Your works of art are inspiring, whether they're written or drawn, and you're an all around awesome guy, although it's occasionally difficult to talk to you. Oh, and don't call him Nathan. For your own safety.

GLaDOS / Chris: <-- Pro. He's awesome, funny, and intelligent. Seems a bit too serious at times. :rolleyes:

Lil J / Ja'Len: He's younger than all of us, yet has power over us all on the neoseeker PO server. I mean, seriously, who put this guy in charge? XP Just kidding man, you're awesome. (SPAAAAAAAAAAACE)

skyassassin / Jeremy: This guy's awesome. Of course, he's an extreme pessimist, but he's funny and can hold up his end of a conversation. If only he would get along with Jason, then he'd be better off.

Logcar / Logan: This guy was one of the first who welcomed me into neoseeker, being the leader of n00bs Retreat and eventually giving me a Co-Leader position. It really is a shame he wants to leave neo.

Midnightwolf / Hayley: Awwwww Hayley! You're from New Zealand, like Alahna, who's your neibour. I've video chatted with you on many an occasion, and you're hilarious both in real life and over MSN.

Name Undisclosed / Shea: You're one of my best friends on neo, that's for sure. I find myself at a loss of words to describe you, not sure what it is that's stopping me. A mysterious force tells me that you're important, though. You better come to Montreal fast so we can finally brofist IRL!

Team Hydro Aura / Olivia: Olivia is awesome. She likes kitties (OH JORDAN TELLS ME IT'S FOXES, SORRY) and helps me lead a clan (although she does most of it and I really should post more). Oh and she's totally with Jordan. She is totally awesome, and really friendly. Need a friend? PM Team Hydro Aura. ;)

The Killer Fish / Edgar: The only other neoseeker I know from Montréal. I'm not alone! He's pretty young but mature, and has an obsession with TF2.

w111j / Jordan: He's smart enough to be allowed onto the internet. He sprites, makes an awesome comic, knows bloody latin, and is a pretty good guy all around. Probably one of my best friends on this site, honestly. Give him a prize.

Neon Rainbow / Melanie: And the very bestest for last. If you left, I would totally miss you, and while you occasionally seem confused about where you want to go, I think everyone's like that. You are often an infinite well of knowledge, and you don't act like it. You're faaaar too modest on what you can really do, and you really have to stop saying you're so bitchy when you're constantly fretting over the problems of others. You are awesome. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Neo Signatures

October 12 2011 - November 29 2011

He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.

November 29 2011 - ??? ?? ????