Chrismas is over, now people are bugging me about my birthday.>_>
Only 2 days left in the year. The year is just slipping away.
Only 4 days left in the year. Where'd the time go?
Marry Christmas!
How come nobody knows what they want for Christmas?
How come when Nintendo makes a smart business move they're "desperate"?
finally over my cold.:)
I keep hoping maybe it'll be gone tomorrow.>_< So, uh, maybe tomorrow?
I keep hoping It'll be gone tomorrow.>_
Ugh, please let this cold die a quick death.
Ugh, need to quite sleeping in.
Finally getting internet back up. Hooray!XD
Moving's done, now dealing with the after math.
Ugh, moving is such a pain...
Anyone else trying to figure out where 2013 went?
Hard to believe this years almost up, ain't it?
My family keeps bugging me about what I want for Christmas, I just don't know what to tell them.

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