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Date: 9-22-03
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I'm almost there...My 100th login is almost here. Also, I have 25 messages on forums, which means...I'M HALFWAY TO MAKING MY TRUE NEOHOME!!!!

I have reached my 100th login milestone. I hope to reach 200 logins by January.

Zippo's Dictionary

If you want to know any weird Jargon found in my reviews, check this guide. I'll update it as I type up more reviews. NOT in ABC order.

Taking Turns- A battle system assosiated with doing a move, then the enemy doing a move, like in Pokemon Stadium or Arc the Lad.

Lopsy-Opsy- Cheerful, nonviolent game.

MP- Initials.

Zippo II- My alter ego......

Burrito Trees- Poor tree/environment quality and calibur.

How I Review Games

Graphics- A game needs good graphics so it does not get in the way of the gameplay.

Gameplay- An important aspect in my reviews, this category includes the plot, controls, and if a game makes sense. If a game has a bad plot, it will ruin the game's score.

Sound- This is important as well. The sound is an essential part in a game, and if the sound is bad or does not fit the game, it will not fit in with the rest of the game.

Fun- Simply put, if a game is not fun to play, it will not only have a devastating effect on its score, but also should never be bought.

Tilt- Basically my opinion towards people who will like the product.

Keep in mind that this is my OPINION. All reviewers are different in some way!

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i'm very mysterious, right?

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Zippo's Video Game Quotes that I live by

"No game is perfect."

"A game is not a movie, and a movie is not a game."

"Controls that work well in a video game make it fun."

"A game needs to be hard, but not impossible.

"Hard is the sign of a true game. Impossible is a technical defect of a game that was designed to cause the game to not be beaten."

"Impossible games were not made to be beaten. They were made to
ruin your fun."

"A game that has parrots, cel-shaded suplexes, or a good joke makes it more fun."

"A game that requires a peripheral is a great game."

Date: 2005
Time: ????
It has been a while since I have visited Neoseeker. Now I look back at the unbelievable thing that happened to my review.
It got reported. For no reason whatsoever. You know. My review for DDR Ultramix 2 on the Xbox. I followed all the rules. I did not use explicit language, I did not "flame" other reviewers, I described the game and its weaknesses. But it got reported. Do higher powers of the Internet do this for no reason? I was just showing my opinion of a game; that's what everyone on this entire site does; even the higher powers of Neoseeker show their opinion for many reasons. It is not fair. Not to me. Not to the community. Not to Neoseeker. Renee, if you are reading this, you can post reasons why you reported my review by PM, but I think that my above claim should destroy any reason you have up your sleeve. I am not threatening you; I am not that kind of person. This is not a threat. I am a nice person. But letters can be more powerful than words. Enjoy the Silence.
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Review: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme - DDR Extreme is Good, but what About the Future?

Oct 5, 2004

I, in my opinion, think that DDR is one of the most innovative and fun games out there. It combines great music with exercise. No other game is unique as DDR. As you may know, DDR Extreme originally debuted in Japan as an arcade game. It is my...

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