RIP ZTR...i laughed at his awsome potings while lurking, and now hes just gone. RIP ZTR. Zhou Thai Rocks is the... read more

I don't know this guy, I came here through the account. Checked his account out; turns out he's not here... read more

Had a good taste in music, may you and Michael sing and dance together. R.I.P. read more

I believe the person who last logged on was his stepfather. Considering he had a real funeral, I very much doubt it... read more

This is rough... every time I hear of a person dying and I see their Facebook or their MySpace picture, it kills me... read more

Perhaps, but I hope it was just a joke after all. read more

I don't think Redemption would do that tdh. read more

Idk. Perhaps it WAS a joke! Hope so at least. read more

Why was his account logged in on the 19th? read more

I find this almost cruelly wrong. read more

Hes dead............

RIP ZTR. read more

Nope, never been to the States. read more