Wow hearing the news of you're passing has broken my heart man you were one of the most genuine nice and funny people on this site. No one ever had a bad thing to say to you and neither did you to others. You were an inspiration to me how when things would get heated you'd break things up with your humour. Eth you were a great guy. R.I.P bro much love
Iconic Zhou Tai Rocks
Jan 3, 13 10:18am
Oh boy, if you only knew how much you're missed.

Much love dude.
I hope you find peace in the afterlife spread your wings and soar.
Lu Bu the Matchless Zhou Tai Rocks
Apr 25, 12 10:43pm
I've just found out...I'm so sorry and shocked, I remember him as one of the smartest and easy-going people on the forum...R.I.P.
D3structor Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 15, 12 4:30pm
Is this guy dead??

If so, RIP man, you will be missed
Emberguard Zhou Tai Rocks
Oct 21, 11 7:10am
Although I never knew you, and I've never talked to you, I've seen the threads dedicated to you, and it makes me wish that I had known you.

I hope that you'll be able to go to heaven and be happy there, free of any pain or sorrow
Lazzara Zhou Tai Rocks
Oct 18, 11 1:02am
rest in peace, bro. say hi to everyone there.
Skye Zhou Tai Rocks
Sep 1, 11 5:28pm
I decided to avoid writing on your facebook wall I'd write here instead.

I remember one of the times we talked and I was trying to cheer you up so I linked you to "You've got a friend in me", ever since then I can't listen to it without thinking of you, but it was so true I did have a friend in you and no matter what I wont forget that.

I can't believe how quick this year has gone by, there's not a day that you're not in my heart. You had a heart of gold and you taught me to love everyone. I don't even know what to say, IRP will never be the same without you, nothing will really.

I wasn't as lucky as some, I only knew you 6 months but in those 6 months I got a chance to be your friend. It's been hard but every day I wake up and look at the "RIP ETH<3" I have on my phone and remember to smile and celebrate your life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I miss you, Ethan. I love you.

Later bbz. <3

Keep classy, I can't wait to see you again one day.
Disenchanted Zhou Tai Rocks
Sep 1, 11 4:59pm
Can't believe you're not here to celebrate your 19th birthday with us. I remember the *bleep*ing tradition we had. When you turned 16, I got on microphone and sang you a Jeffree Star song telling you how fierce you were. When you turned 17, I got on microphone and sang you a Lady GaGa song because of how much I was *bleep*ing starting to love her at that time. When you turned 18, I sang you a William Control song, and showed you the autograph I got from him, and said how I was going to send it to you as soon as I had the chance. By the time that chance came around, you were gone.

I still miss you every single day, Eth, and the impact you had on my life is something I'll never ever forget. The next month is gonna be tough, but I'll get through it because I know you'd want me to, I just wish you were here to share all of the new things I'm experiencing with; but sometimes life doesn't go exactly the way we want. I love you Eth, I'll see you soon.
Olivier le Fou Zhou Tai Rocks
Aug 14, 11 12:58pm
Hey there, Eth. It's been a year since Neoseeker Mafia III started, and this has sort of stirred up a lot of positive memories of you because it's where the two of us actually starting talking as friends, instead of 'mafia acquaintances'.

You actually missed out on a WWE Themed Game that was just run by Dis. It was pretty damned fun and I know you would have enjoyed it. I was Michael Cole and I pretty much just trolled through most of the day phases while still trying to actively win the game. Haha, I didn't. But there was a Randy Orton PGO Role that had your name written all over it.

This year you also missed my first moderated game. Forty Players, Warring Factions, and a hella-good time. Wish you coulda been there to play along too. Giving you a fun game to play would have been the least I could have done after the trials and tribulations the two of us went through in Neoseeker III. Hell Aligned is still the largest cult in Neoseeker History, so we've still got that going for us. (:

We got a new moderator for the IRP (Bri stepped down), I've gone on an IRL Visiting Spree, there have been a few IRP-Born Relationships, and we've actually had our fair share of heated arguments as of late. People are doing that whole 'Making things Personal' thing still, but there hasn't been anything too bad.

Music Mafia III, the most highly anticipated game of the 2011 so far, is set to open up sign-ups today. It's funny how the anticipated games always seem to run in August. But I remember how you were Katy Perry and role-blocked Gabbo/Lil Wayne for like, four phases in a row, it seemed. If I get a Role-Block, I'll definitely follow the trend you set, okay?

Anyway, the IRP isn't the same without you, but we've slowly but surely progressed to 'normal business operations'. I'm sure that over the next two months, a lot of people are going to be visiting your guestbook and facebook wall and such, so I just wanted to get my message in now, before the rush. You're sorely missed, a lot of us toast to you every time we drink, and I hope that wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you're having a great time.


PS: Evan looks just like you when you were that age. The resemblence was actually kind of nostalgic. He actually had a photo taken in like, the same exact spot Oogity_Boogity_Boo, tomithedeon, and myself did on one of our visits to Chicago. It was actually a surreal feeling seeing that, and it just reminded us of how much we truly do miss your presence.

PSS: I can't guarantee much, but since it's August and all, my Music Mafia III Performance is going to be dedicated to you. I'll try to do you proud, mate. #GratefulCultRecruiter
Audiobank Zhou Tai Rocks
Jul 17, 11 3:14am
Wasn't around when everything went down. Didn't know you all that well, but I always liked your obsession with Shelton Benjamin. It was quite funny. I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry things happen the way they do sometimes. I hope you're sleeping well. RIP.
Blackfalcon Zhou Tai Rocks
Jun 29, 11 12:19pm
Hey Zhou. Decided to say goodbye, sorry I'm late man. I know we didn't talk much, actually you probably don't remember me. Well in the last Neo Raffle I won a free song off iTunes off you. Thanks man, love the song! Listened to A Thousand Suns a few times over the past few days, it's different but I like it! Still, old Linkin Park is something special. I'll think of you when I listen to New Divide, rest in peace Ethan.

Storm Zhou Tai Rocks
Jun 17, 11 8:01pm
Just wanted to remind you of something:

(\ /)
( . .)

Team Bunny

Remember this, man? Oh good times...ZTR...wish you were here.
Jaffers Zhou Tai Rocks
Jun 7, 11 12:03pm
What it do bro? Hope things are treating you safe up there, it's crazy to think how much time has passed already. I don't think there's a single member of irp that goes a day without thinking of you, so you're still pulling that classy shit, even now. Man some funny shit happened the other day though, CHKFLIP was running a mafia game, and we all did a quote chain saying the game sucked and the dude just flipped and quit the game. Then we were all like 'dude bro, was just a joke man take it easy.' Reminded me so much of the 'Hey Esse I Lied!!!!!!' moment. I'd show you here, but my print screen button is broken... Man I miss your goofy ass, it's weird not being able to joke around in the way we did with others. Anyway I'm gonna go and pout at the world for a while for you. Love you man, peace.
Disenchanted Zhou Tai Rocks
Apr 20, 11 8:49pm
I still miss you more then ever, babes. I'm not going to post an essay, because you know better then anyone else that isn't me. You also know I love you so much, and I miss you even more.

I'm finding things tough at the moment, but I know you're with me helping me out and making me fight through it. Love you ethan.
Innovate Zhou Tai Rocks
Mar 10, 11 8:37pm
It's been a few month's and it just isn't getting any easier.

It's hard to go into the IRP forum and BEGGING to see a recent post from you, but there's nothing. It breaks me every single time. However, I have read our old conversations through PM and went through countless amounts of your RP's and for the first time in a while, I've actually smiled. That's what you did for me Eth, you made me smile even in the darkest of times. We did a magazine in TWG dedicated to you and it was the BEST post (besides your hilarious RP's) that I've ever read here on Neo.

The fun times we've shared will forever be embedded into my heart Eth, you've changed my life completely and you simply did that over the internet. Imagine how things would have been had I met you. Eth, it's real hard to not talk to you anymore, but I cherish our memories as if they were still happening. You've impacted this site forever, whether you believe it or not. People here LOVE you. Always have and always will. I'm sitting here crying, but not out of sadness, but out of happiness. You've given me some of the best memories in my life and I will never forget that.

Rest in Peace my brother. I hope someday I can meet you and we can jam out to some Aiden while watching a Shelton Benjamin match. I miss you man and I love you. Stay classy forever.
Feisar Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 22, 11 11:35am
I didn't know you very well, Ethan. I saw your name in Loungin' often and you were a nice guy.
It's a shame I had to come on Neo one day and find out that you had passed...
You'd best be chilling in heaven man.
Goodnight Ethan. Rest in piece, mate.
Matt J Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 19, 11 12:32am
RIP, ZTR. I'll always remember the good times we had on the Dynasty Warriors 5 forums. I hope you get to play DW7 when it comes out next month... wherever you maybe...

Province Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 18, 11 3:12am
It's been months and I haven't posted anything about you, and even now it's still choking me up. We're doing a magazine in your honour, you probably wouldn't have liked it but guess what? I still don't give a crap. I miss like you nothing normal mate, and I sure could use having you around for a laugh these dark days.

Just hope that wherever you are that you're happy and at peace. Thanks for all the times bro, and sorry this took so *bleep*ing long but I'm sure you understand. I never was one for the soppy crap...

Rest In Peace Ethan.
Province Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 18, 11 3:07am
It's been months and I haven't posted anything about you, and even now it's still choking me up. We're doing a magazine in your honour, you probably wouldn't have liked it but guess what? I still don't give a crap. I miss like you nothing normal mate, and I sure could use having you around for a laugh these dark days.

Just hope that wherever you are that you're happy and at peace. Thanks for all the times bro, and sorry this took so *bleep*ing long but I'm sure you understand. I never was one for the soppy crap...

Rest In Peace Ethan.
Pinkydarn Zhou Tai Rocks
Feb 3, 11 9:46pm
i heard what happened from a good friend of mine. you are a good friend to the world and always will be. you are not gone, but out of sight. not only were you a great person, but apparently a great friend.

RIP ethan. ILY
Kid Clutch Zhou Tai Rocks
Jan 24, 11 11:58am
There ain't a day when I don't think you, holmes. I wanted to do this a few weeks ago or so, but with this going back to school, work and all I never got around to it. Every time I go onto IRP there's this feeling of something missing, you were such a huge part of it. You and I had something, that sometimes I can't even believe how it happened. At first, you slightly annoyed me, and you knew it... but with your charisma and those weird-ass jokes and just... you, bein' you, that made me do a 180. You checked in on me when shit was going hard for me in life, just like I checked in on you when shit was goin in yours. We all put that aside to spend hours talkin about random things and just losin ourselves in it.

We cared for each other lots holmes, and I won't let myself take your departure as judgment. never again, patna. We got all demons, some of ours are bigger than others and we cope different ways with 'em. I hadn't talked to you a week before it all ended and I tell others that I wished I had talked to you once last time. I never knew how much neoseeker relationships would potentially mean to me, but some things along the way shook that notion and this one was a damn much big one.

We had some amazing times, everybody in the community was feelin it, people outside the community and more. Those 20K posts weren't wasted, you left something for someone out there to remember, and it just happened to be a shitload of 'em. The whole crew gonna miss you, man. I'm gonna miss you. So with this, I bid you goodbye. It was great knowing a guy like you, able to take life the way you did. You were more than a friend, you were a broham. You will be remembered, just like you wanted.

I'll leave here, your introduction in the mafia Hall of Fame. Every time I'll seriously think about you, I'll come take a look at this - others will come take a look at times - about the mark you left in our community, wrestling forums and around neo. You more than earned it, it ain't even a question. Mother*bleep*er, I still can't believe this happened. To this day.

Rest in peace and keep it safe, broham. One love.
Storm Zhou Tai Rocks
Dec 31, 10 12:02am
ZTR...I really and truly miss you, in the most non-gayest way possible, heh. We shared so many interests, it's a shame we didn't interact more outside of Neoseeker. I'm not into MSN, you weren't into AIM, etc.. :S

Your posts were always thoughtful and entertaining, more the latter than anything else, but hell even on my most stressful days posts like yours would cheer me up. Thank you for everything. RIP, Ethan. You'll never be forgotten.
ILUVCITY Zhou Tai Rocks
Dec 20, 10 6:08am
We didn't talk much but we had a mutual respect for eachother. Me, you, Dan, Dean had the best conversations. It's so empty now without you buddy. I miss your dark humour and love for T-Bone Benjamin. R. I. P Ethan, I hope your looking down on us. We miss you.
Perfect Hit Zhou Tai Rocks
Dec 4, 10 5:34am
I've been around since '06 and although not posting much, I used to browse the forums alot, especially Smackdown vs Raw 07. I spoke to you a couple of times there and in the music/gta iv forums. It's very sad to see you go going to miss having you about.