It was a pretty strange way to how i started on Neoseeker, i remember i was looking for a messageboard to basically post in, as i was stuck on Dynasty Warriors 5 getting a 4th weapon, and i was looking for a way how to do this from others on the baord, this was around June 2006.

The people in there where great, so from that i signed up under Zhaoyun88 (Not fully sure why now) which then lead to me to posting regular in the Dynasty Warriors forums, from DW 2-6, then the forums started dying down due to lack of information about a new Dynasty Warriors, so i decided to leave for a while

Then around January of this year, i randomly appeared 1 day to see how the Dynasty Warriors forums where getting on, people had left and still it was quiet.

This is then when i decided to move away from the Dynasty Warriors forum and see what others where like. This is then when i went around the Metal Gear Solid 2+3 forums as well as Resident Evil 4, Tenchu and Smackdown Vs Raw. I posted around these for a while, met some new people in the forums which then lead to the PS3 release.

When the PS3 was released in March this was when i was really starting to get into Neoseeker with me posting around Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 5 and the general PS3 forums, on a regular basis and thats basically where i am today

Along with the PS3 i tend to post in the PC forum for Command and Conquer 3 and FM 2007 forums, but i have met some great people in the forums who i clearly respect for either being kind, helpful or just a good laugh on Neo

Top 3 people on my time at Neo have to be Dynasty_Lewis, theiceman99 and Shinra999, there top guys, can speak to them about anything and there a laugh...

Not the best...but not the worst


Sports wise, playing such sports such as Football, Cricket, Snooker/Pool and Tennis

Also enjoy me weekend nights out with mates, whether its in town, at a bar, pub etc...

When Indoor wise mainly gaming on PS2/PS3 and PC

games am usually on and forums usually around are Command and Conquer 3, Footie Manager 07 (PC)Call Of Duty 3, F1 Championship, Resistance, Rainbow 6 Las Vegas (Ps3) Dynasty Warriors, Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, GTA, Mortal Kombat, Smackdown Vs Raw (Ps2)

Love me music as well, can vary really, Rock, Dance, anything really, depends what mood am in!!


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this asshole is getting his tires slashed when I get home tonight.

Might key his car for good measure too.

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