Cosmic Latte Zero_is_just_cool
Feb 14, 12 1:12pm
--and there is nothing you can do about it.

Happy Hershey's conspiracy day. (>'-')>
Corruption Zero_is_just_cool
Feb 28, 11 7:42am
GODS OF THE JUNKFOOD ALLIANCE...LEND ME YOUR EARS. And also, preferably, the rest of your bodies and powers as well.

There is a certain faction within the alliance that is faltering and resenting my incredibly amazing leadership. The Rocky Road Rebels, headed by Tiger of Wu and Rust are now our enemies.

We shall fight. We shall never give in! We shall never relent! This is a battle for the Cake of Dreams, a Junk Food so holy and great, not even Gods can make it! So now, we march! For great justice! And great cake!

Take up your arms, prosthetic or real, and teach these rebels what it means to cross the Goddamn Cookie God!

Act now and you'll also receive a free Maxwell tattoo! (see avatar)

Corruption Zero_is_just_cool
Dec 25, 08 9:54am
In the interest of being politically correct, I am not wishing anyone a Merry Christmas nor any other holiday. In the words of a famous Spartan: TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL CELEBRATE...[spoiler removed]

Yeah. The December Holiday season is about spending lots of money on a lot of people you don't like, and spending twice as much money on people you actually do like (fortunately, there is more of the former than the latter) and faith. Well now the holiday is REALLY about faith, because you have no idea what you're celebrating. You just have to have faith that you're celebrating something.
Yes, I am making this all up without thinking it through even once. This is completely off the top of my head, so odds are, it makes no sense whatsoever.

So...yeah. Again.

I suppose you'll be wanting stamps, then. To explain how this new holiday started and what exactly it is.

Well, it all started on the morning after today (today being the 24th).

L was psyched for the receiving of gifts.

His elf, known as Bernard, approves of haz gifts.

After that, Satan's Fondue Party took over the plot and the holiday season, and we're not really sure what the hell happened after that, but somehow, this resulted:

The creation of Kwannukahmas. It's like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas combined, except without the religious/racial attachments. Also, it's funner to say than the other three by themselves.

From this point onward, this will be the only holiday I celebrate come the December Holiday season.
Also, the words happy and merry, or any other previous prefixes used in conjunction with Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, are not allowed. Thus the pleasantness.
Chroma Zero_is_just_cool
Feb 22, 08 7:54am
It's valentines day. (LIES! XD)

Well, Lei is a firm believer that V-Day is a state of mind. (that, and she was too lazy to come up with a stamp on the actual date. )

Yesh. It's today where we're supposed to look at the TRUE meaning of love... Massacre and torrents of blood. ((Meh. The truth is the truth. No amount of chocolate will ever change that. )) .... Though I still want that chocolate. FORK IT OVER.

Sooo... Lei cherishes you as a friend, yadda yadda yadda, sentimental crap. XD
Who cares? Today is another excuse to get jacked up on sugar, so cherish the moment! >=D I mean, you can only have an excuse to do so on Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's day, Kwanzaa, Leif Erickson's Day, Presidents Day, International Candeh day, Lei Day (I assure you that someday, Lei's birthday will be a holiday. ), Martin Luther King day, Ramadan--

So, you know... Play match-maker for some muffins, or something.
Max out their love-points for the "good" ending.
((Yeah... She just compared love to a dating sim. Buy the girl what she wants,
and she'll undoubtedly fall head over heels for you. It's fool proof. ))

So There. >=P

Talk to ya soon,
Chroma Zero_is_just_cool
Nov 1, 06 8:30am
Happy Halloween! …. And if you don’t celebrate Hallow-whatsit, Then go out and buy yourself some candy, you poor, poor soul Anyway, due to all those complaints from The Christians—I-I mean, “Minorities”! *cough* Due to all the complaints from the MINORITIES, I will always call this holiday…. International Candeh day. (FTW!) Ha ha ha! So, put on a Richard Simmons exercise video, and be terrified! >=O My Corneas still hurt from the last encounter…. ;_;

Well, because I officially “creep people out” when I go trick-or-treating (who said getting older was fun? ;_; ) I, Will be sitting on my arse… watching cheesy horror flicks… sobbing over my lost youth… and eating Reeses.

….. How do you eat YOUR Reeses?? Answer quickly, for at this very moment, a deadly nerve gas is filling your room. You only have 36.2780 seconds to live. *Evil laughter* …. Just kidding! It’s only a SEMI-Deadly nerve gas! We’re gonna be okay!! *steals your candy while faking happiness* ~_~ (( That was a SAW reference, by the way…. I need a cool nick name, like “Jigsaw” did! >=O ooo! Just call me…. Crossword!! )

Y’know, this year, I was gonna go as a serial killer. I mean, they look JUST LIKE everyone else! 0_0 It’s the perfect costume! I mean, did they ever suspect Mister Rogers of being a serial killer?? NO! Not until that last moment, when He snapped poor little Donkey Hodie…. ;_; But I even had my first victim planned out! >=o Behold!

Magically Delicious my Ass!! ((she’s got them slogans messed up…. ))

Sigh…. Well, I guess this spastic message is coming to an end… So I have one final thing for you—


h-a-p-p-y c-a-n-d-y d-a-y!!! *hugNkisses*

~~Mucho quiero,
Yo dude, i'm here to wish you a happy Summer and what a better way to show it than a stamp?

P.S-thanks for keeping the Riddle and Letter Game threads alive!

SquallX Zero_is_just_cool
Jul 5, 05 9:29pm
Gotta Agree with you, Zero is the coolest isn't he? I'm a huge fan of his games. Sorry no stamp YET. I plan to make one soon so I may sign again(If thats allowed)and give you it.
Hey! I'm just going around stamping all the people I know. Thanks for the cool megaman Zero stamp!

You've been stamped by GSF!
Felix Issac Zero_is_just_cool
Jul 2, 05 4:35am
Will guess you are second in my gustbook.
But I added you in to my PM. I added igloooooooooo to my friend list too. Also CONGRADULATIONS (TRIMUPH) you are the 2nd person to sign my guest book
modestmiroku Zero_is_just_cool
Jun 25, 05 10:09am
Thanks for the stamp.I got a new stamp too.It's my only one so far though.Here you go:
modestmiroku Zero_is_just_cool
May 1, 05 11:21am
I'm the fist one to sign your guestbook?Dang, and I don't have a stamp for you either.Oh well, maybe next time then.Saw you on the almost deserted Dark Cloud 2 forum(underrated game isn't it?) and I thought I'd say hi.