Sakura Zero_Omega
Jan 23, 07 1:43am
1. You are really super hawt.
2. You are super sweet.
3. You are super nice.
4. You are super fun.
5. You are just super.
6. You would make a super good moderator.
7. You are super amazing.
8. You are super cool.
9. You are super awesome.
10. Your avatar is super amazing.
11. You are a super great edition to Neoseeker.
12. You are one of the super best people in the whole wide world.
13. You have super awesome hair.
14. You type super cool.
15. You have a super good vocabulary.
16. You are super smart.
17. You are superman.
18. You are super intelligent.
19. You have super cool super powers.
20. You are super fun.
21. You have super good taste in music.
22. You have a super personality.
23. You are super wonderful.
24. You are super talented.
25. You are super lucky to be on my super great, powerful, and wise master's super list of super people for me to sign their super guestbook (although he didn't tell me to use super this many times, he didn't say I couldn't).

My great, powerful, and wise master (Chaos Swordsman) was so kind to save me from the hands of Excalibur and Deathman48, and has sent me here to sign your wonderful guestbook.
Relmutsie AN Zero_Omega
Sep 12, 05 11:27am
This is my way of saying thanks for keeping the boktai forum alive. Oops...i have no stamp. Anyway, thank you and i hope you will keep replying. See you around!
Colt4 Zero_Omega
Jul 13, 05 5:01pm
Hey, just thought I woulld drop by your guestbook and say hi. HI. Ok, so since I did'nt get you a stamp last time I figured I would this time...I hope it shows up...oh and I hope you like it. I think it's cute.
Double Decker Zero_Omega
Jun 22, 05 3:53pm
Yo Zero_Omega,

I've seen you around the Pokemon forums and you really argue you're points well, giving evidence etc, I don't always agree, but Kudos anyway.

You also seem to have very good knowledge of Pokemon, and a good Pokemon strategy which is great in a modern day trainer, very few of my friends play Pokemon and they only think the best move that can be given to Mewtwo is Hyperbeam... but they are very wrong...

Anyway, I'm signing you're geeustbook:

(the character is from the Anime 'Irresponsible Captain Tylor'. If you like Anime I suggest you watchit )
Yugi Muto Zero_Omega
Jun 19, 05 11:24pm
I see that you like Pokemon, so I might as well sign your guestbook. THX. ^^

DareDevil5 Zero_Omega
Mar 05, 05 7:06am
If I didn't sign your gb already then here I am. Just tell me what you think of my new sig, which i'm using as a stamp now:

-Sign Back-
DareDevil5 Zero_Omega
Feb 19, 05 8:06pm
Hey. I'm on a signing spree due to the new stamp that I made. Here ya go!

- Sign mine too.
charade Zero_Omega
Feb 13, 05 6:06am

sign mine too!

thanx for helpin with all that poke crap.
Black_Dranzer Zero_Omega
Feb 13, 05 1:58am

How's it going? You give out great info. I hate how people keep dissing your font color. I think it's cool.

See ya in the threads!

DQ Maniac Zero_Omega
Feb 10, 05 4:55pm
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

teodortenchev Zero_Omega
Feb 05, 05 1:18am
WTF? I still haven't signed your guestbook? I've known you for two hours so it's time to show you my stamp now

dtimmy14 Zero_Omega
Jan 03, 05 8:40pm
Hey I've seen you around so I thought I would sign your Guestbook

Please sign my Guest book back:)

Sindrak Zero_Omega
Dec 21, 04 5:34am
Thank you for being a judge in the LeafGreen Graphics Contest. You're elite skills and experience made the LG forum a better place.

moocoweatsfire Zero_Omega
Dec 14, 04 1:21am
You seem like a cool guy. Hehehehehe, pickin' up mistakes in the

Better not pick up my mistakes:D

See ya in the forums;)

Colt4 Zero_Omega
Dec 06, 04 3:06pm
Hey, guess in! You said you wanted to be neofriends if I jioned so do you still wana be? Oh yeah almost forgot...this is FillyRose. Thanks for the help with my team...I havent been able to work on it yet cuz I lost my game. Please sign my guestbook...bye.
im_gonna_pound_you Zero_Omega
Nov 11, 04 9:09pm
I meant to say a dog. Not a cat.
Soraslight Zero_Omega
Oct 28, 04 2:54am

DQ Maniac Zero_Omega
Sep 28, 04 3:16pm
NightmareX Zero_Omega
Sep 20, 04 3:53am
Hey. Seen you around the BN3 Blue and White forums. And I live in California too! Sign back if you want too!

Here's the stamp omegae3000 made me!:

Sakura Zero_Omega
Sep 19, 04 3:10pm
I'm on a....

Signing Spree!


Please sign back!
Water_Pokemon_Master Zero_Omega
Aug 26, 04 12:46am
Hey Zero Omega! Just wanted to sign your G book.

See ya around.

Your Neofriend,
belowzero Zero_Omega
Jul 28, 04 1:35pm
hi Zero_Omega i guess i'm the first to sign your guest book besides youself heh heh and i guess your my first neofreind dude! take care!