I don't really care about IVs or where it's from, but 2 IVs would be nice. XD

Some things that I am looking for are Modest Latias and Groudon. my FC is 0688-5522-3456

I have a normal type safari with loudred, aipom and a third pokemon which I do not know. my fc is 0688-5522-3456 and I'm

Hi, I'm looking for Scolipede with speed boost. My friend code is 0688-5522-3456. My pokemon are loudred, aipom and an un

the stone will be held by a quilfish as I only have one Mewtwo. If that is ok with you my FC is 0688-5522-3456

I'm not sure what type my safari is, please forgive me if it's bad. My FC is: 0688-5522-3456

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