Kudzuka Zero and X
Dec 1, 08 10:18am

Its that special time of year, when I post a pic of D's left hand in your guestbook!

Enjoy. =]
Mindgames Zero and X
May 23, 08 8:26am
Lack of originality eh? I see, yes I must lack absoulte originality and you must be flowing with it with a name like "Zero and X". God that name screams original. So uh yeah, just wanted to drop by and say....

*bleep* YOU

Have a nice day young padawon.
Hezzyone Zero and X
Feb 14, 08 7:06am
Have stamped u in a long time so heres my new stamp!
Mario 13 Zero and X
May 29, 07 4:26am
Your a great friend and a wonderful person to talk to so I present you my stamp!Hope you like it!
neto_360 Zero and X
May 14, 07 4:38am
I finally have a KK stamp man! I hope you lke it

Cya later.
DenniseA Zero and X
Jan 26, 07 12:07am
Signing Spree! (:

Yes, it's that time of the year again. xD

Sign back or else.... you don't get a cookie! O:


Balambgirl Zero and X
Jan 23, 07 8:53pm
hmmmmmm i think i might of signed this already. ah well never mind. have a stamp. aint seen ya round for a while
SunnyDelight Zero and X
Nov 11, 06 2:46am
I got a better stamp that you should see.

Why did you stop PMING me anyway?
SunnyDelight Zero and X
Nov 9, 06 4:47am
I'm wearing a skirt..

I got a new stamp and I wanted to share it with you. So here you go..

Ragnarok352 Zero and X
Nov 1, 06 3:43am
Hey , ive seen u on alot of forums i go to .hack especily.Srry i dont have a stamp right now , ill sign it when i make one xD

Well cya round the forums!
Midnight Cat Zero and X
Oct 8, 06 7:26am
hey dude! come to sign your gb. Friends for life homie!

You know u want to sign back with her face right?
Memory of Eileen Zero and X
Oct 1, 06 11:02pm
Hey buddy!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with your friends and familes lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!

Love always,
Memory of Eileen
Final Fantasy Angel Zero and X
Sep 20, 06 1:39am
<img src="http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a377/skondalski/tidusstamp.jpg">

Thanks for signing my GB, I love the stamp!
Balambgirl Zero and X
Aug 31, 06 8:46pm
Heylo! i only just realised i had a guestbook so only just checked it thanks for the stamp, it was amazing! anyway you rock! lots! and you love family guy! which makes you rock more. Lv ya dudexx
cheesekiller Zero and X
Aug 26, 06 7:13am

Kick ass custom Stamp. Pm me me sometime dude ttyl

the Cheese
MaisyDog Zero and X
Aug 11, 06 1:39am
Hellooo!! Just stampin ur guestbook Thanx for being my neofriend, ur cool

canderson Zero and X
Aug 9, 06 11:06pm
Hey Zero and X, thanks alot for signing. I'm just returning the favor. I don't see you too much on the forums. Thanks again and I hope to see you around on the forum.

See you later.
The Chickmagnet07 Zero and X
Jul 31, 06 8:58pm
Thnx for signin my GB. So i´ll sign back wit my new STAMP

And she is pretty for a drawin

Peace in
Miss Razz Zero and X
Jul 22, 06 12:43pm

Thought I'd finally get off my lazy ass and sign some people's guestbooks.

Thankyou for signing my guestbook. I'm making sure to sign back with the most sexiest signing ever! Wooo-hooo!

Have some Gackt -

Heh heh. Nicked these from Shuyu.

Gackt says "Hi!"

Mmmmm he's so full of sex. RAWR!

Well I'll be off now. Tata!

spyhawkwarrior Zero and X
Jul 20, 06 11:19pm

hey just signing back,btw nice pic...]
prince69 Zero and X
Jul 18, 06 12:12am
thanks for signing my guestbook I also like
many of the things in your profile also
you should try noir
jk lol
curious Gourge Zero and X
Jul 15, 06 11:40pm


Just a Shadow Zero and X
Jul 2, 06 7:41pm
I apreciate that you signed my guestbook, so I came to sign yours, hope you like my stamp
CrystalLaser Zero and X
Jul 1, 06 12:18pm

When the comics are done Dr. Wily is SO fired....
neto_360 Zero and X
Jun 30, 06 4:31am
Hey. Thanks for signing my GB again. I don't have a new stamp, but here are some FF chicks for ya;).

Enjoy man! lol.