So week 8 was pretty crazy. We saw a lot of... innovative picks and some major upsets. Let's start with the results, beca

So from a competitive standpoint, Riot's bots leave a lot to be desired. You can tell these were designed to be for begin held a tournament recently called &qu

Bringing back Theorycraft this week will be some discussion on the Sightstone. At the moment the item is in a pretty... un

So with talks about Shen being in an unhealthy spot as of late despite (recent-ish) buffs to his kit he is still in a rather

So I've been experimenting (and I emphasize experimenting) with a new Utility Support Gold/10 Runepage. Basically it r

While I lack the skills of an artist, I have a feeling many of us here are able to put a picture in our head onto paper. Or a

So in my league career I have found that I absolutely despise everything that is Solo Queue. It's like the attitudes of t So, the gis

Many of us can think back to when Top Lane was ruled by the likes of Shyvana, Trundle, and Renekton, where each played a sort

So every match it seems like all I ever hear or see is someone complaining that somebody is playing a "no skill champ&qu

So I come to you guys as an avid 3v3 player, I prefer the Twisted Treeline to Summoner's Rift on most days because I love So here are some facts I've gathered about this new cha

So we've all had some time to digest the game and see what happened, it was pretty clear who had control but it was also

So we all know that mechanics are a huge part to succeeding in LoL, but how do you accomplish your mechanics? Well, the easie

Hope you all are having a great Valentine's Day! :) We've grown into a nice little community here, so just know that

I decided to do things a little different this week. I got two of my friends together and we made a I honestly would be okay with the idea of an optional

So there is a reason why I chose Malphite specifically for this week's topic of Theorycraft. More like two: *He can be

Generally when it comes to itemizing correctly you tend to think of something along the lines of "If their AP carry is g

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