This news item from was a little old, but they did a

I would like some feedback and input on what I should do. I'm pretty well-versed in all the AD Carries (Minus Quinn and G

Earlier this month there was an article from OnGamers explaining that Team Curse and Cop mutually agreed to him http://www.on Just going to start off by saying that my group is always opened

guy has some pretty funny videos. I like the Randomvilles and the random fight scenes he does, but the video I linked you to

Some pretty big news I just read, SKT T1K have

Looks like has some interesting news. The PBE released a patch that

Hey guys, just had a friend introduce me to a sub-community for League of Legends called Essent

Has anyone ever heard of these "Journalists?" Either way, they wrote an

Hello guys, I saw a thread before where someone said they were interested in a tourney, had a few people that seemed to be ha

This series has been crazy. I don't know if you guys were watching, but there have been two backdoors and then a third ga

What do you guys like to run in your rune pages? I've found some that deviate from the original builds you see in all the

Hit a slump in ranked team, so this is partially a rant but also a cry for help. We play 5v5s and 3v3s, mostly 3v3s cause

One of the matches not too long ago, the one where Curse and Complexity went 80 minutes, made me really depressed. Not that t

Hello guys, I'm trying to get some more Pokemon content on my Youtube Channel for educational purposes (Team Building, an

Hello everyone, some of you might recognize me, some of you might not, but I'm the leader of the clan _Lunatic Soldiers_.

So I've noticed a lot of hate on people on the Victorious Gaming's facebook group who ask for a duo queue. If it'

Hey guys, I need some help finding a book I read way back in Elementary school almost 12 years ago. I wasn't sure if it w

Are gods. No really though, this is like the second time I've seen them hold off against impossible odds and come back to

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