MrsChrisBreezy21 Zeon I
Aug 13, 08 11:59pm
Hi! I'm on a signing spree so HERE!!!!

Sign Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SonicFire Zeon I
May 15, 08 2:23am

I like Diddy Kong.


Yeah me too.

I am spreading "Banana-phobia" now.

Why you ask?Well because people should fear Diddy Kong.

My goal is to...ummm...whats my goal?

I dunno either...

Well sayonara!
Vector Zeon I
Feb 17, 08 2:03am
I'm signing your guestbook for the hell of it. Get ready for the greatest thing to hit your face since the Elves/Short Shorts incident.

corsy101 Zeon I
Jan 12, 08 4:15am
what up dude have a good year from your mate connor
(not the most heart felt message) i live in nz which isint the best place to live and probebly home to some of the ugliest girls in the world second to ameirica, porto rico, india, paraguay and everything else!!
Relient K Zeon I
Dec 9, 07 4:24pm
Merry Christmas Zeon I! Have a nice Holiday Season.