Just got a 5 IV Shiny Fennekin from the wonder trade and really don't like Fennekin and would like something else I'm

So I've got the requirements for the 3 dogs and Swords of justice but when I arrive at their spots and interact with the

I am looking for a few safaris. Steel: Metang, Magneton, Excadrill, and Ferroseed Fire: Charmeleon Water: Azumarill Plz h

I am looking for a Metang Safari and I will also add anyone else who asks Info in my Signature I have a Fairy Safari

I am looking for a Togepi Safari, I will also add others if interested. I have a fairy Safari. Ign: Chris FC: 3153 4279 812

As the title says, I need T-Tar's megastone and im willing to give Aggron's megastone for it.

Need a Destiny Knot Will give a shiny Ditto and The choice of a Houndoominite or a Kangaskhanite

Caught a Shiny Ditto :D

Im looking for eevee and ditto safaris but ill add others also My safari is fairy though i do not know what it consists of a

Ft Moltres Zygarde Yveltal Honedge Heracronite Lf Shinies Tyranitarite Pinsirite

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