A Wanderer, I seem to get lost while I wander.I happen to be "Looking Out For" my little sister, "Kuki" (A member also) and her handy work. Even though I have lived and known her all my life I was suprised to hear about her work on Neoseeker. Anyway I tend to get lost so don't be suprised if I appear in your forum or guestbook. A few are Sonic games ( DX, Battle, Advance, Etc) Harvest Moon games (BTN, Wonderful Life, GBC, Etc), Yu-Gi-Oh games (Sacred Cards, Reshef of-, Eternal Duelest soul, Forbidden Memories,Etc) and a lot of other stuff.

Kuki: Your talking about me again aren't you!??!?!

Zen: Uhh....

Kuki: You jerk! I'm callin in my Waddle Army! *pushes a red button* ....

Zen: .... *watches one Waddle walk by* Is that it?

Waddle: *falls down* ...

Kuki: Where are my millions of Waddle?

Waddle: *points at Big The Cat playing with them*

Big: Gee this is fun!

Waddles: *having lots of fun*

Zen: Can I go now?

Tails: *under a pile of Waddle* Help!

Waddle # 120: *pours bleach in Tails' eyes*

Tails: It burns!

Zen: Aww man! Not Tails too...

Kuki: ...Uhh... Bye! *runs off*

Zen: See what I have to deal with?

Zen: *sigh* As you can see, My sister is.. INSANE! And so are her Waddle, Lemmings, and Gummi Cats!

Gummi: Gummi is not insane!

Kuki: *hugs Gummi* Yesh you are!

Lemon: *sigh* Hi Zen!

Zen: Lemon is my little sisters Bunny robot!

Lemon: *Waves to the people*

Zen: Anyway. I'm sure you all are wondering why I'm a Wanderer? Well, I'll tell you. Its because-
*truck drives by* -And thats why I'm a Wanderer.

Lime: *waves* And I'm Lime! His best friend! And I will bring honor to the Musk Dynasty!

Zen: Don't ask *sneaks off* I'll explain "Him" Later.

Lemming: .... Dig?

Zen: This is a Lemming... My sister must of left it...

Lemming: ... Turn?

Zen: Once again, Don't ask. *keeps walking* Umm... What else... Oh yeah! Meet my sword!
*draws sword* I love to use this! *slashes a tree* See! *tree falls over, crushes Lemming* ... Uhh... Oops... *walks faster* Anyway.... there are many of other people who seem to hang around me.... Like this cross dresser... Don't ask... a Voo Doo guy.. Don't ask .... Ghost Cat... Don't ask... this crazy docter.. Don't ask... not to mention that Hacker who lives in "Glitch City"! As you can see, I have a lot of stress.

Kuki: There he is! Attack! *thousands of Waddle run out*

Zen: I'm off for China! *runs away*

Zen: I am back! And have brought good news! I have found my Shaman Queen.. I mean Love of my life.. no thats not right.. Neo-Gf! there we go. Rheneas! *holds up Photo* Shes the best.. I'm so glad to have her.

Waddle: *hands Zen a sheet of paper*

Zen: Thanks. *reads* ... I have just been warned about a Friend of Rheneas' who is.... going to spy on me....

Waddle: *nods*

Zen: *sigh* This MilesGirl111 could be a problem. Then again, I could always hire Kuki.... Nah! I'll just ignore it, and hope she goes away.

Waddle: *sigh*

Zen: What? Are you saying thats what I do about all my problems?

Waddle: No I just want a snack.

Zen: Oh.... Then I'll just... go over there. *walks over to a tree* ... I need to think. *sits next to a Waddle* .... Wanna hear a story?

Waddle: ..... *walks away*

Zen: I knew that would-

Dai: *walks by* So this is your profile?

Zen: Well ... yes it is. Hey! Stay in yours!

Dai: *pokes a Waddle* ... Why?

Zen: Ugh! Just-

Dai: *continues to break Zen's stuff*

Zen: This could take a while....

Kuki: I'm Back!

Dai: ... You again.

Zen: Uh-Oh

Kuki: *points Tonfa Blasters at Dai* .... Jerk!

Zen: Put those away!

Dai: *jumps into the air* I will defeat you Kuki!

Zen: *runs away* .... Uhh.... Ignore the explosions behind me.

Sonic: ....... Hi...

Zen: Why are you here? I thought you hung out in Rheneas' profile?

Sonic: Nah... I wanted to visit ya.

Zen: Oh... Thats cool.

Ash: I found you! *runs into Sonic* I will capture you!

Sonic: Dang! He found me! *runs away*

Ash: AHHHHHH! *follows*

Zen: *sigh* See what kinda things go on here?

Dai: *runs by* Your Sisters crazy!

Kuki: *Chases him* No! I'm Kuki! *keeps shooting*

Zen: ..... *sigh* ...... *runs after both of them* YOu'll destroy this place at this rate!
Zen: *days later* ....... Whos gonna clean all this up?

Waddle: *hands Zen a note* ...

Zen: ..... It says.... Well, it seems Miles Girl doesn't hate me.

Waddle: *takes Zen's wallet, walks away*

Zen: ... But she wants to rivals. Sounds good. I guess a rival won't be sooooo bad. Maybe fun

Dai: I'll be your rival too!

Zen: ...... You do that.

Dai: Sarcasm won't get rid of me!
Zen: I must regain my MEMORY!

Dai: Huh? What happened?

Waddle: Will used a warped Chaos control to change time and space.

Dai: Oh... Thanks. So then, Zen you owe me $20 bucks!

Zen: Really?

Dai: *nods* Really.

Zen: *gives Dai a 20 dollar bill* Here ya go.

Waddle: But he paid you 2 weeks ago...

Dai: You know that, and I know that. But he doesn't.
Zen: I am about to tell my greatest weakness.....

Dai: OH! Let me hear!

Zen: *snaps his fingers* Big, Tails. Show Mr. Devlin the door.

Tails: *wearing sun glasses* Yes sir.

Dai: What the-

Big: *In a black suit* Skip to a loo my darlng. *throws Dai out*

Zen: ... *sigh* I'm ScaredofoOmmo..chao..

Tails: Didn't catch that.

Zen: I'mscaredofofofoOmom.. Chao.

Big: What?

Zen: *Yells* I"M SCARED OF OMOCHAO! Whenever I see on I start slashing everything in sight!

Lime: Hes true.... he goes nuts when he sees Rheneas' OmoChao too.

Zen: But I will overcome this!!!!
Zen: Update! I have overcome.. MOST of my fear.

Neko(Shost Cat): Hey Zen!

Zen: Hey Neko....

Neko: ..... Wheres Kuki?

Zen: How do you expect me to know?

Neko: ........

Zen: What?

Neko: .....

Zen: ... Secret Base #74.

Neko: Thanks. *floats off*

Zen: And now my Family tree/How the heck I now people Tree:
Rheneas- Neo-GF
Kuki- Little Sister
Dai- Best Friend
Almond-Foolish young Cousin
Rascal-My Dog!
Bandit-My Farfetch'd
Neon-My Clefairy
Sonar-My Zubat
Taro- My Tauros
O Opal-Slight Fear
Miles Girl- Friend
Angel- Friend
Harvest Moon Girl-Friend
Ruby- Friend
Gary- Friend
Anna- Umm.... Friend
Kayo-^Evil^ Mother
John- Wandering Father
Tybalt- The Prince Of Cats
Ryoga- Friend
Bakura- Respect For.
Trace- Cousin
Arch- Cousin
Will- Cousin
Will, Clara, Kiwi-Friends
Big The Cat- Friend
Tails- Friend
Neko- Friendish
Kuki's Abra- Friend
Lime- Very Good Friend
Shadow clone #16-Friend
Gummi- Friend
Lemon-Fear.... Pure Fear
Knuckles- Friendish
Many. Many More


----Zen, A Wanderer By Choice----

Thats me, I Am Zen and this is a qucik run down of Random Facts about me.
Game Right now- Dunno...
Pokemon- Farfecth'd
Song- Kryptonite
Anime- Ranma 1/2
Animal- Cat (I Guess)
Weather- Rain
Person- They Know.
Attack- "A Thousand Strkes"

---Couples I Support---
*Many Of These Are Cross Overs*
Bakura X Rouge
Koga X Kagura
Koga X Yukina
Kagome X Ash
Sango X Miroku
Opal X Zen
Lime X Ruby
Kuki X Tsusbasa
Dai X Kuki
Sonic X Amy
Espio X Bunny
Metal X Tikal
Gamma X Tikal
Zen The Wanderer X Rheneas


---Zen, A Wanderer By Choice---
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