I tried searching for a thread about using the "honeing". Where you can boost attack, defense, or health. Can anyon

I have many competitive pkm. and some shiny competitive ones. good amount of events: 6 different natures of fancy viv, Walm

Does anyone have the movie event darkrai with phantom force move? I have legendaries and competitive pokemon to offer :D

Looking for anyone who can help me finish up my pokedex I only need 25more pokemon see list below. Kanto: #52- Meowth #5

Hello I am looking for someone that can touch trade my porygon magmar and dusclops. after the trade I also have the dubious d

looking for someone reliable that will touch trade my seadra, electabuz, slowpoke, rhydon. they are all holding their evoluti

I am looking for poliwhirl (swift swim) ♀ with 3+ perfect IV's aron or lairon, or aggron (heavy metal) ♀

Looking to fill pokedex. I will trade away a legendary for regigigas or just a touch trade(preffered) is fine too just lookin

FC: 3282-1756-6471 IGN: Mark add me and post your fc's here ill add everyone if you get the chance pm me or post back

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