Zelda Girl
Aug 18, 13 11:04pm
Zelda Girl
May 25, 12 3:34pm
is sexy.
Zelda Girl
May 25, 12 1:13pm
What are you fighting for?
Zelda Girl
Sep 12, 11 7:41pm
Zelda Girl
Jun 2, 11 11:26am
Trying to move to Arizona by July. I'll be closer to him, finally. <333
Zelda Girl blogged
Mar 9, 11 3:49pm

I guess that my copy of Black isn't going to come today, even though it was in Kansas City yesterday which is 3 hours from my home. Maybe I should have gone out and bought it, instead of having my dad get it off of ebay for me.

Whatever. With my luck it won't get here tomorrow either. ;-;
And of course I'm being forced to go to my dad's girlfriend's parent's home, with a VERY religious family. Not exactly how I want to spend my Sunday. I wanted to stay home and play Wii or DS. Maybe even sleep. ;A;

But noooo I'm being forced to go to some place that's an hour away from home. I really don't want to go, I just want to stay home and sleep. ;~; Maybe I can fake being sick.

And I guess I can't even say "crap" when I'm around that family, and I can't say "That's gay" instead of "That's stupid" which is what I normally do. I can't cuss or anything either, which is going to be so insanely hard for me, since I say "shit" or "*bleep*" in every sentence almost. saakjgkdj Maybe it will be good for me or something... =A=


Eating: Shortbread cookies. <3
Drinking: Water
Listening to: Mirror Mirror - Blind Guardian
Mood: Sleepy.


*Flies away to take a nap*

Zelda Girl
Mar 7, 11 4:28pm
I guess I'll try to be more active on here...
Zelda Girl blogged
Mar 7, 11 4:26pm

It feels good to tell someone why you truly hate them. My god. Memorized three damn pages on why I hated them, and said it to their face. I don't care if it was harsh, I'm going to be MOVING from this damn state soon anyways. Now I feel like I got 50 bazillion pounds lifted from my shoulders. Now I have to write something up for her sister, who isn't as bad. I estimate about a page and a half for her.

I honestly don't think any of my friends like them, I sure as hell don't. They have to be the most annoying people I've ever met in my 14 years of living. And I guess they think that I'm still their FRIEND. -___- How *bleep*ing sad. Even after I bitched the hell out of one of them. I guess they're doing that to be annoying, tbh. -__-;

And on a completely unrelated note, I guess I'll try to get on here more often. GTS and GPX has kinda slowed for me, along with my RPs and other writing shit, so I have time for other things. (FINALLY!) I guess my blog will be updated with some... Interesting stuff? XD

*Looks at her old blog posts*
I srsly wanna punch my 11-12 year old self in the face. I was so stupid back then. /rage

And a few more things.

Neeeeh I wanna change my username sooo bad. DX People from GTS won't recognize me here unless they saw me waaay back in '09. I wanna change my name to Inhuman Rampage or something. That would be so boss. ;-;

Aaaand being sick isn't fun. Of course I still have to go to school and stuff. Migraines. Errrgh. I guess it's the stress of moving right before high school, and the stress of being in Honors English next year. Boy, I'm going to be so damn busy. I better enjoy my summer, stay up late, wake up early. Maybe I'll go to bed at 2:30 and wake up at 4:30 like I normally do. |D

Nah, I don't wanna spend my summer like that. ;A; That would be boring, and I wouldn't get much sleep at ALL. XD


Listening to- Otherland - Blind Guardian (Such a good song. *v*
Drinking- Pepsiiii. c:
Eating- Nothing. c:
Mood- Mellooooow. *Shot*


I guess I'll update this when I feel like it, or when I can be bothered to. I'll try to keep my bitching to a minimum, I promise. DX

So yeah... :>

Zelda Girl
Mar 3, 11 12:17am
On the quest for Tanelorn, be back later.
Zelda Girl
Feb 26, 11 8:36pm
Zelda Girl
Feb 13, 11 8:36am
Just a couple more months!!
Zelda Girl
Feb 7, 11 7:53am
I love Mike. <3
Zelda Girl
Dec 10, 10 12:15am
Going to the danceeeee. :DDD
Zelda Girl
Oct 18, 10 11:19pm
Miss me, don't dismiss me.
Zelda Girl
Oct 6, 10 12:37am
Come back to me, it's almost easy.
Zelda Girl
Oct 6, 10 12:18am
Zelda Girl blogged
Jul 25, 09 4:59pm

Yay!I love going on trips!I get to go to Kansas City and stay in a nice hotel!It's going to be the best trip!Woot~I get to go to a baseball game and go to worlds of fun!I won't be back until tuesday! BYe~

Zelda Girl blogged
Jul 13, 09 4:54pm

This is my blog.
You can leave at any time.
But for some reason I think you'll stay.
I'm hungry.
No wait,then I'd have to warm it up.
No cheese makes me sick.
I know!
I could get my dad's gun and-
No wait that's illigal.
Or maybe-
Oh that's illieagal too.

Zelda Girl blogged
Jul 13, 09 4:48pm

I am typing this while eating ravioli and watching spongebob.Aww!I'm outt of ravioli! :( I Needz more!Oh well.I like oreos!I like the creamy filling but we are almost out of them so I should stop eating so much...



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