Up butt coconut Zeek
Jan 21, 12 9:35pm
I just wanted to say hi and hi again and sign this thing just to sign it
Melo Saccharine Zeek
Feb 15, 09 1:25pm
Happy Single Awareness Day to you too, though I'm a day late. Gaha.

See ya
GTA_Fanatic Zeek
Feb 06, 09 12:36am
Here's you a girl since you like 'em so much:

Ecto5 Zeek
Jan 19, 09 9:30pm
Hey, thanks for interviewing me! I know it's been a while, but it finally got put up!

shadowkittie Zeek
Dec 28, 08 1:20am
Ha! You didn't expect to sign it so fast, but I did!

Shut up, I know the stars are crooked! Anyways Happy holidays!
Stitch Zeek
Dec 23, 08 8:53pm
Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you, too!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new Year!
Have a nice day!
Marooned Chic Zeek
Dec 20, 08 4:50pm

Warm winter wishes to you GTAL.

Still wondering where your winky went?

Demonic Sword Zeek
Oct 01, 08 8:13pm
Fap away mate

Sign back!

BTW thats the ONLY picture I had worth using.
shadowkittie Zeek
Sep 23, 08 10:57pm
Hello!I've been plotting at ways to get you back since you've tricked me so consider this a warning

C U Later...for now.
I am what I am Zeek
Aug 22, 08 11:34pm
How childish of thee, trying to trick me by sending me the link.

techniq Zeek
Aug 16, 08 11:51pm
NeoBodyGuard Zeek
Aug 14, 08 12:24am
hello_master.k bai master, see you around.........
Bandito Zeek
Aug 05, 08 12:50am

Kevin Zeek
Jun 05, 08 1:23am
Hey what's up.

Character limit is really stupid. I mean, 125 character? What the hell is this. Let's see, I pass now?

Damn, how aboooout nooooow?
Neolord Zeek
Jun 03, 08 4:02pm
A maniac named GTA Legend is holding a gun to my head and is threathing to shoot me unless I sign this, so I decided to keep my head and sign this.

Amoena Zeek
Jun 02, 08 11:56pm
Thanks a million in my thread, you've been a great help. I'll be sure to stamp you for real once I get a stamp, it's a total work in progress. Later!

Lyrikal_Retorik Zeek
May 31, 08 11:42pm
Good seeing you around this evening.

Luigi 96 Zeek
May 17, 08 3:40am
You seem like a good guy i might as well post in your guestbook!!!

Sign back!!!
Tom Zeek
May 04, 08 7:38pm
Congrats on coming in 12th place in the GTA quiz 2008!

ButchSmudge Zeek
Mar 14, 08 8:40pm
.. and wanted to sign your Guest Book.

Sign back.
Feb 27, 08 12:38am
uh hi, uuh*humming* nice g-b or atleast the intro skript, i got a good 1 ill make though,well since i got 2 have like 125 txt ill just talk about some tings, that sig u have is 1 u makde yourself isnt it?
azure_knight Zeek
Feb 14, 08 3:21am
Hey GTA Legend, thanks for re-signing my guestbook, here's my new stamp.
ChiroVette Zeek
Feb 10, 08 11:22pm
Well, okay dude, you won this round of the Caption contest and I owe you a Guestbook signing so here it is. Consider yourself SIGNED!
Devils Demon Zeek
Dec 20, 07 8:34pm
And your final stamp.

Thanks for playing. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Mnmfan Zeek
Dec 20, 07 8:33pm
And here is your 5th Stamp.

1 more to come.

Damn character limit.