I just wanted to say hi and hi again and sign this thing just to sign it
Happy Single Awareness Day to you too, though I'm a day late. Gaha.

See ya
Here's you a girl since you like 'em so much:

Hey, thanks for interviewing me! I know it's been a while, but it finally got put up!

Ha! You didn't expect to sign it so fast, but I did!

Shut up, I know the stars are crooked! Anyways Happy holidays!
Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you, too!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new Year!
Have a nice day!

Warm winter wishes to you GTAL.

Still wondering where your winky went?

Fap away mate

Sign back!

BTW thats the ONLY picture I had worth using.
Hello!I've been plotting at ways to get you back since you've tricked me so consider this a warning

C U Later...for now.
How childish of thee, trying to trick me by sending me the link.

hello_master.k bai master, see you around.........

Hey what's up.

Character limit is really stupid. I mean, 125 character? What the hell is this. Let's see, I pass now?

Damn, how aboooout nooooow?
A maniac named GTA Legend is holding a gun to my head and is threathing to shoot me unless I sign this, so I decided to keep my head and sign this.

Thanks a million in my thread, you've been a great help. I'll be sure to stamp you for real once I get a stamp, it's a total work in progress. Later!

Good seeing you around this evening.

You seem like a good guy i might as well post in your guestbook!!!

Sign back!!!
Congrats on coming in 12th place in the GTA quiz 2008!

.. and wanted to sign your Guest Book.

Sign back.
uh hi, uuh*humming* nice g-b or atleast the intro skript, i got a good 1 ill make though,well since i got 2 have like 125 txt ill just talk about some tings, that sig u have is 1 u makde yourself isnt it?
Hey GTA Legend, thanks for re-signing my guestbook, here's my new stamp.
Well, okay dude, you won this round of the Caption contest and I owe you a Guestbook signing so here it is. Consider yourself SIGNED!
And your final stamp.

Thanks for playing. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
And here is your 5th Stamp.

1 more to come.

Damn character limit.