Sorry that I don't got a stamped but im happy to sign your guestbook any ways. Enjoy.

trojanman (weird name ain't it?)
Here mister luigi jean reporting sir!!!

Here a stamp for my NeoBuddy!!!:
I've see you at the SSBM seem like a funny guy...glad you liked my sig and custom title. Here's a stamp:

Also, if you don't know who Magical Treavor is, go to this site:

I got a kick out of it...I hope you do, too. See you around the forums!

I kind of happy to see you replyed to my clann add, so I'll stamp you. Ohh danget I don't have a stamp. Ahh wahtever I'll create my own!

You came on this forum a newbie and you blew your status up becoming #7 of the top ten.I admire you for that! stamp back and never join football!!!!
Hi zebra cakes I'm gonna stamp you ok.Stamp back.

Bye neofriend.
I don't like you very much, but I figured I'd sign your GB anyway. I'm that kind of guy.

Signing back would be greatly appreciated.
I thought I should sign your GB since you PMed me and said we have some things in common so here's my stamp.
hi, i'm signing you back!!!... now what... here's my stamp!
Here's a stamp:

Now, I shall fill in the extra space. observe-

my old banner-