Remedy Zebra Cakes
Oct 21, 05 10:23pm
Sorry that I don't got a stamped but im happy to sign your guestbook any ways. Enjoy.

trojanman (weird name ain't it?)
luigi jean Zebra Cakes
Oct 20, 05 3:41am
Here mister luigi jean reporting sir!!!

Here a stamp for my NeoBuddy!!!:
Brooklyn Zebra Cakes
Oct 16, 05 9:18pm
I've see you at the SSBM seem like a funny guy...glad you liked my sig and custom title. Here's a stamp:

Also, if you don't know who Magical Treavor is, go to this site:

I got a kick out of it...I hope you do, too. See you around the forums!

bobbyg2 Zebra Cakes
Oct 12, 05 1:58am
I kind of happy to see you replyed to my clann add, so I'll stamp you. Ohh danget I don't have a stamp. Ahh wahtever I'll create my own!

Roryje Zebra Cakes
Oct 7, 05 10:37pm
You came on this forum a newbie and you blew your status up becoming #7 of the top ten.I admire you for that! stamp back and never join football!!!!
luigi jean Zebra Cakes
Oct 3, 05 3:16am
Hi zebra cakes I'm gonna stamp you ok.Stamp back.

Bye neofriend.
The5thAvocado Zebra Cakes
Oct 3, 05 1:50am
I don't like you very much, but I figured I'd sign your GB anyway. I'm that kind of guy.

Signing back would be greatly appreciated.
SunnyDelight Zebra Cakes
Oct 2, 05 6:47pm
I thought I should sign your GB since you PMed me and said we have some things in common so here's my stamp.
gamerguy21 Zebra Cakes
Sep 30, 05 12:41am
hi, i'm signing you back!!!... now what... here's my stamp!
Nack the Weasel Zebra Cakes
Sep 27, 05 11:04pm
Here's a stamp:

Now, I shall fill in the extra space. observe-

my old banner-