Hey zebra cakes.

Just thought I'd sign your guestbook as I'm doing to a lot of peoples now.

Sign Back.

Black Darkness.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Most Poems rhyme.
But this one doesn't.

I dunno. Sign back and think up some completely moronic poem.


Hey, just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
just thought id sign you gb, simply out of the kindness of my heart.

Zero and X
I'm on a signing spree. Sign back or I'll have to cut myself.


I thought I'd come and sign your guestbook. I JUST noticed your custom title... "the Wii is for Mii". Thats worse than the Wii thingie I used... XD

well seeya around I guess.
i'm signing your'e guestbook (hope u could figure that out)hope u like the stamp
Haha nice stamp down there

It's been fun playing iSketch with you XD
*wishes she had a cool stamp*
I've seen u in the lounge a lot lately so i thought i would sign ur G-B. So here is my STAMP

Signed By:
I'm on a stamping Spree. No stopping me now! I'm stamping everyone I know before I pass out from exhaustion!(NO, really, I havent slept in two days)
Hey! I see you 'round Loungin' all the time.

And now, you get the great pleasure of aquiring my stamp right here in your very own Guest Book. ^^

See ya 'round!
I'm signin' back, dawg!

See ya 'round! And watch yourself around da forums!
Hey what's up dude, i always see you being all about the Loungin forum, so i thought that i would just come by and say hello, hello. Sorry no stamp, i'm too cool for those.

Love ya stamp, can wait for MetaKnight though...

Well, what now??? =O
What's suuup Cali-dwelling homeboi?! I'm just signin' your guest-book because you're a cool person who has their head screwed on strait. Sorry that I don't have a stamp, but I sure will re-stamp your G-book when I make one.

You're best online stranger on teh intehnetz,
We've been neofriends for a bit now, but we have hardly spoke. What's the *bleep*ing deal, you son of a bitch?

Have you ever seen the movie, "Zebra Cakes is an Orphan"?

Great stuff.

See you around, Oreo.
hello! ^^ I've seen you around the forums! Lets talk sometime! ^^

I;m a girl... NOT a boy
Hello Zebra cakes.
Its been a while since I signed your guestbook.

Heres my stamp.

Hope you like.

~Zero x201
dont got a stamp, but i signed ur book, now sign mine lol..

guess what i like pie

i like pie too

guess what

put ur gift siig in ur prof

random signing sign me back

*pets* *pets*

aww, you're the cutest little.. can I scratch under your chin?
hi just thought i would take a look at your guest book and stuff so i decided i might as well sign it while i'm here!so................see ya around!
Hey! I see you around Loungin' all the time and your a really nice guy. Then all the sudden a light bulb apeared about my head and I thought to myself, "You know, I should sign his guestbook."

Stamped with my new pwning stamp!

See ya 'round!
Happy Birthday, I guess. We should probably be friends since we go to the same forums and everything. lolz...Anyway, I'll see you around in The General Gamecube forum or where ever it is that you are and I'm there at the same time.