thanks for the signage, wanted to sign back

in case you didnt know, im Bladefire21 on a different account. since no one knew me anymore i decided to start over
Hello and Welcome back to neoseeker, you haven't logged on for ages. I hope to see you around. Also MAG Fry's stupid question of the day: do you like borat
I have defected. I do not want a Wii anymore and wish for a Playstation 3. Wanna know why? THIS is why:



How come you are not replying my PMs, reply them damn it!

Answer them my friend.
Hey what's man we ain't talked in a while anyway just signing. Let The Stamp Do The Rest.

Stamping you in my new account, catch ya later mate.


It's been awhile since I blessed your guestbook =o so here I am! check out my newest stamp!

See you later mate ^^ |-Em8-|
zebra cakes? More like baby cakes. You are my best friend, after all. Let's be best buddies forever and ever! No matter what, I won't ever abandon you. I won't ever hurt you. I know what true friendship is, and we both share it.

Droppin' in making the daily stamp for a good comrade. How ya been? I see you've definatly been active, considering your post count doubled since the last time I've seen your post. I'll see ya in Loungin' or Aldecora(If you still go there).^^
Zebra + Jaw = Zebra's Jaw. LOL

Zebra + Cake = Pastry LOL

Zebra - Cake = Ass LOL

I will avenge you someday and we will begin the Zebra Knee Empire!
i was a crazy person with a crazy name!


zebras are so much better, as you said!

zebras totaly > horses

horses are pretty and you can ride them.

zebras are lovable, beautiful, cute, stripey, and much more pretty.

horse cakes > horsejo

you have been here longer and are much better.

but did you know, zebra cakes are really a type of cakes?

see you around!





regular and plain horses


deevel >
random signing rampage. if you dont sign back in 3 seconds, Matthew the Assassin will kill you.


2 signs in a row without a stamp. Cool. What a weird signing you had that you gave me. Well I just needed to say that here, see ya aroung the forums.
Hey I don't have any messed up poem or noticed any hot babes here but I just thought you know, I'd sign your gb and we could be pals. Oh and I don't have a stamp either.
I've been watching you around the forums... and I gotta say... your avatar pwns.

Chain Chomp wuz hear!! Sign Back!!

Haha, you clicked the link ^-^. Mwahahah!

See you around the Forums~

Thanks for signing. Always good to have friends sign. /////////////////////////// I gotta figure out how to kill the minimum thing.
hey ZC - ive seen ya around - thot id sign ya so here i am - hope ya like the stamps - sign back ok and maybe we can tlk sometime^_^

Have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night. Halloween is close! Better get out your costume!

I hope we can become great friends. AND that you can realize that Nutty Bars PWN zebra Cakes!

See you around, Em8
Zach and Zoey for life, my brotha.

Why aren't you taking PM's manHey take PM'S or else trouble
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
zebra cakes taste really good and you seem like you're good too. i really don't want to eat any pentagonal object of yours. i would give you a stamp but im too tired to go to photobucket.sorry.
Yo Zebra, I love your guestbook. It's full of hot babes.

Best guestbook ever? Possibly.

Well anyway your a cool guy, stay cool.

from Twilight.